What is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging.

For the last few days many people are asking about event blogging. Some bloggers don’t know what is event blogging and how can make money through it.

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Event Blogging.

We can also called Event blogging as micro niche blogging.We can say that blogging is done on very rare niche or topics which are rare or just announced and there is very less content available on internet.

For an  example Whenever a company announces it new product like car,smartphones,camera etc.

Just after announcement people will start searching about it hence the product is just announced there is no much content about product.

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hence you can have a blog on that product so that due to lack on content you will get easy google page ranking and can get high numbers of visitors in very short span of time. 

So some bloggers blog about product features, specification , quick reviews.These bloggers also take help of social media like twitter, facebook and even Youtube.

Youtube videos also help in getting large numbers of visitors.

Like Now days bloggers are blogging about New year they have bought domains like happnewyear2k16(.)com, or 2k16messages(.)com etc so you can also have a blog for smartphone like motogturbo(.)com etc.

Make sure that your blog is highly specific  keywords rich and don’t think long earning from these types of blogs.

The rate is of decrease in traffic is directly proportional to rate of increase in traffic hence these types of blogs don’t have long time span.So use your sources accordingly.

Event Blogging.

WE have take advised of many experts according to them is there is no problem of google ad sense on these types of blogs so you don’t need to get worry.

I would like to suggest you to be original, not to copy any thing. Build more and more links, it will help you for sure. In my point of view you can also take help of facebook, twitter etc also.

You can also have your facebook page or twitter account for there you can easily get visitors. You can even run ads campaign i know it sounds silly that before earning.

I m asking you to spend money but believe me it will surely multiple your traffic and now days  facebook is providing some really good offers. 


So i hope now you know What is event blogging for any queries please contact us we will clear all your doubts …. 

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