Teletubbies Birthday Party Ideas


Teletubbies birthday party theme works extremely well with toddlers. Create a festive celebration using the following Teletubbies party ideas.


For your Teletubbies party invitations, print a photo of the birthday child holding a Teletubby toy on the front of your invitation cards. Then print the party information inside the cards. Put on theme stickers and mail to your Teletubbies birthday party guests.

As a variation, download images of Teletubbies characters: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. Print them on the front of the invitation cards. Then paste an image of your child in the middle of the “group” as if he or she is surrounded by Teletubbies.

Finally, you can put your invitation cards into boxes for mailing along with a theme item (e.g., small bubble-solution container, Teletubbies beanbag, etc). Kids will be glad to receive a small gift via mail.


Best colors for your Teletubbies party decorations are red, green, purple, yellow and blue. Use an abundant amount of balloons and paper streamers in those colors. Play Teletubbies theme music in the background.


Download, enlarge and print images of Teletubbies. Tape them to the fence to greet your guests. (You can also use theme poster, if you like.) Make a balloon arch by tying balloons to a kite string (about 12″ apart). Then secure the ends of the kite string to the ground using dowels.

Ask the birthday child to draw on the walkway with colorful chalk. Tape footprint cutouts leading to your party area, so the guests know where to go. Tie a bunch of balloons to the mailbox. Hang a large banner that says “Welcome to Teletubbies Birthday Party!” near the front door.

Inside the house, let the blue helium balloons float around the ceiling to represent the sky. Hang Teletubbies poster on the wall.
Spread out any theme toys that you might have around the party room. Draw sun, clouds and rainbows on poster board, and hang those pictures on the walls as well.

Cover your Teletubbies birthday party table with a theme cloth. Put Teletubbies Mylar balloon in the middle of the table for a centerpiece.

Use store-bought placemats or make your own by printing and laminating images of Teletubbies. Tie balloons to the back of the chairs. Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday” banner nearby.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Coloring Pages: Spread Teletubbies coloring pages along with crayons and markers. Invite the kids to color the pages while waiting for others to arrive.

*Play-Doh Activity: You can purchase Play-Doh cookie cutter kit from a party store. Have the kids develop various shapes using the tools provided. (Helpers can assist really young kids with the process.)

*Teletubbies Mural: Few kids resist a chance to draw on the wall. But don’t worry – you won’t have to repaint the room! Just tape a wide sheet of butcher paper on the lower portion of your wall so kids can reach. And provide crayons for your budding mural artists.


For Teletubbies birthday party favors, give out such items as blowouts, coloring pages, crayons, cookie cutters, candy necklaces, posters, and so on.

Teletubbies Birthday Party Games

*Eh-oh!: Turn on music, then invite the kids to take turns calling, “Eh-oh!” Next, demonstrate a special move or funny face and ask everyone else to follow. When it feels like a good time to switch players, announce “Time for Teletubbies to switch.”

*Hot Po: Play Teletubbies birthday party version of classic “Hot Potato” game. But instead of passing potato, the kids get a chance to pass Po plush doll (or other toy).

*Big Hugs: Teletubbies love hugs, and everybody gets hugs in this game! Write guest names on separate slips of paper and put them in a hat. Seat everyone in a circle and have them pass around the hat while music plays. When music stops, the child holding the hat must pull out a name and give that person a hug. (Ask adults to help young children read the names.) Continue until everyone’s had at least 2 hugs.

*Laa-Laa Train: Put on lively music, and find a volunteer to play Laa-Laa (the leader), and invite guests to sing “laa-laa-laa-laa,” and form a “human” train that moves from room to room, in time to the music. Encourage Laa-Laa to make creative moves that the rest of the line can follow (crawling, flapping arms, twirling, etc.). Pick a new Laa-Laa every few minutes. Play until the kids are ready for a new activity.

*Teletubbies Duck Pond Surprise: For this Teletubbies birthday party game, you’ll need a waterproof marker, rubber or plastic ducks (1 per guest), prizes in separate paper bags, plastic tub or kiddie pool filled with water, and colander with handle.

Using a marker, draw a different number on the bottom of each duck. Then write matching numbers on each prize bag. Set out the tub filled with water. Let the kids take turns to scoop out a duck using the colander. Match the duck’s number to bag’s number for the child’s prize.

*Dipsy Says: Pick an adult to be Dipsy. Follow the rules of “Simon Says” game with Teletubbies party twist.

*Noo-Noo Pick Up: Set out a bunch of building blocks and other toys for kids to play with. When it’s time to switch to a new activity, encourage the children to be Noo-Noo, the friendly vacuum cleaner, and pick up all the toys.

*Teletubbies Story Time: Select a picture book and sit everyone together to hear a tale. Toddlers may not understand all the words, but they’ll enjoy looking at the pictures with friends and family all around.

Food and Drink

Teletubbies Birthday Party Cake:

*Teletubbies Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Print a picture of Teletubbies off the computer, and place it on the cake. Then outline around the paper using a toothpick to create a Teletubbies image on the cake. Finally, ice various portions of the cake with butter cream icing.

Teletubbies Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Tubby Toast: For this Teletubbies party recipe, you’ll need bread slices, chocolate spread or creamy natural almond butter.

Cut the corners of each bread slice with a butter knife to form circular slices. Cover one side of each slice with a thin layer of chocolate spread or almond butter. Next, create a smiley face with the banana: 2 round slices for eyes and 1 long strip for the smile. Serve open-faced.

*Tubby Custard: Mix the following ingredients in a saucepan: 5 cups milk, 1/2 cup sugar, 3 egg yolks and 3 tbsp potato flour. Heat on low, whisking continuously until thick consistency. (Do not boil.) Remove from heat and whisk in 1 tsp vanilla. Cool and serve, or refrigerate until snack time. Serve in small bowls or cups.

*Tinky Winky Sundaes: You’ll need sliced purple grapes, blueberries, blackberries, chocolate sauce, blueberry- or blackberry-flavored yogurt or a purple ice cream.

Alternate layers of fruit and yogurt in bowls or clear cups. Finish with fruit and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Have the children eat and share tongue colors.

*Po Pops: For this Teletubbies party recipe, you’ll need 24 oz of red juice, 1 banana sliced into 8 thick pieces, 8 small paper cups, 8 Popsicle® sticks, foil (cut into small squares to cover tops of cups) and a baking pan.

Fill 1/2 to 3/4 of each cup with the juice. Drop a banana slice into each cup, then insert Popsicle stick into banana so that sticks stand up. Make a slit through the center of each foil square. Cover cup with foil, allowing stick to pop through slit.

Place cups in the baking pan (to create a level surface and catch spills) and put in freezer for at least 4 hours, or until solid. Before serving, peel away the paper cup and foil.

*Miniature Hotdogs
*Chips & Dip
*Fruit Salad
*Ice Cream

Teletubbies Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Dipsy Drinks: Fill a large punch bowl with ginger ale. Add lime sherbet at serving time and invite the kids to watch it fizz.

*Freshly-Made Orange Juice
*Iced Tea