Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas


Invite kids to a Spiderman birthday party to test their crime-fighting superhero skills! This theme will be a huge hit among boys.


Use postcards to make Spiderman party invitations. Print a picture of Spider Man swinging from his web on the cards. Then write “Swing on over for web-slinging fun at (your child’s name) Spiderman birthday party.” On the back side of the invitations, write: “Join us on (date/time) at our “web-site” (address). Call us to say that you’ll hang out with us at (phone number).” Then decorate the cards with Spiderman stickers.


Secondly, you can use a comic book strip for your Spiderman birthday invitations. Simply scan comic book page onto your computer.

Then use Photoshop (or similar software program) to edit “conversations” inside speech bubbles. Then type your own message inside the bubbles creating dialogue between Spider Man and other characters about your party.

Lastly, you can take a picture of the birthday child wearing Spiderman costume. Put that picture on the front of the invitation cards. Then write all the Spiderman birthday party details on the inside of the cards. Next, tape a plastic spider or two to the invitations.


Best colors to use for your Spiderman birthday party decorations are red, blue, green, yellow and black. Print images of the Spiderman characters, and tape them to the fence. Make a balloon arch by tying red and blue balloons to a kite string about 12″ apart. (Alternate balloons so you have a nice theme pattern.)

Make lots of spider webs out of cotton in your backyard, and attach plastic spiders. Play Spider Man theme music in the background.

Mount a sign on the front door that says “Welcome to Spiderman birthday party!”, and hang a plastic spider from the door.

Continue decorating with cotton cobwebs around the house. You can also hang a black fish net shaped into a spider web.

Attach an image of Spider Man in the center of the web, and scatter more plastic spiders around him. See if you can get Spiderman character standees and place them in the party room.

Draw a large cobweb on a piece of white plastic tablecloth, and hang it on the wall. Bring out as many theme toys and memorabilia, and scatter them throughout the area. Hang one or more Spiderman posters around the house.

Cover your Spiderman birthday party table with a theme tablecloth. Have a Spider Man mask or Mylar balloon in the middle for a centerpiece. Tie colorful balloons to the backs of the chairs. Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday” banner nearby.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Superhero Mask Craft: Before the Spiderman birthday party, cut out oaktag paper masks in blue and red. (Use a picture of Spiderman mask as a guide.)

When the kids arrive, direct them to a party area where you have a table set up with crayons, markers, craft foam, scissors, glitter glue, feathers, etc. Get the kids to decorate their superhero masks! (FYI: This activity may take some time to complete.)

*Spiderman Mural: Tape an extra-wide sheet of butcher paper on the lower portion of the wall, so the kids can reach. Provide the guests with paints, markers, etc., and get them to paint their Spiderman mural! (Lay photos of Spiderman, Green Goblin, pictures of other characters and buildings for inspiration. Explain that it’s OK to have more than one Spiderman!)


For Spiderman party favors, have such items as sticker sheets, Spiderman launchers, hi-bounce spider balls, plastic spiders, removable tattoos, blowouts, sticker sheets, crayons, and so on.

Spiderman Birthday Party Games

*Crime Wrap: Divide the kids into teams of threes or fours. Hand each team a roll of toilet paper. Give the kids a minute to decide who, in each of their groups, will be the criminal. To start the game, call “Wrap ’em”, and watch the teams race to wrap up their “criminal mummy” using every bit of toilet paper. The first team to finish wins!

*Spider Catch: Hide plastic spiders throughout the party area. Leave some completely visible, so they act as Spider Man party decor. At game time, explain to the kids that some of spiders have gotten loose from a research lab. Instruct the party guests to search for and collect the spiders.

*Web Threads: For this Spiderman birthday party game, you’ll need 20-foot pieces of yarn (1 per guest) and small toys or favor items.

Before the party, attach a small toy to the end of each piece of the yarn. Hide toys in cupboard, drawers, under sofa pillows, etc. Next, create a super massive web by stretching each length of yarn throughout the room, wrapping it around furniture and intertwining with other pieces until you’ve used them all. Attach guests’ initials to the end of each yarn piece.

At game time, invite the kids to find their initials and follow their web threads to discover a prize at the end.

*Fearless Crawler Course: The kids can get a taste of what Spiderman deals with using a creative obstacle course. Set the course up, so the children have to: walk along a narrow board, jump over a pile of trees, run around chairs, etc. (If playing indoors, use such objects as small table, stack of books, wastebasket, pile of toys, etc.)

Line the kids up in single file. One by one, have them run through the obstacle course while you time them with a stopwatch. The fastest child wins!

*Spider Web Escape: Have all the Spiderman birthday party guests assemble in a circle. Have each extend their right hand into the circle and grab the right hand of another party guest.

Have them extend their left hand into the circle and grab the left of any party guest, except the one whose right hand they are already holding. Explain that they are now in a human spider web and must escape by untangling the web while still holding hands.

*Photo Fun: Divide the kids into two teams. Explain that they are all photographers for The Daily Bugle, just like Peter Parker. They must go around taking pictures of the party area to document the event. Hand out a single-use camera to each team, and make sure the guests pass the camera around so all children get a chance to take photos.

*Green Goblin Freeze Tag: Define the boundaries of a square shaped area. Elect one child to be Green Goblin to stand in the center. Have all the other guests line up at one end of the square area.

The players try to run across to the other side of the play area as Green Goblin tries to tag them. If tagged, the guests become Green Goblin servants, and they must reach out and tag the other Spidermen running by while keeping one foot planted. The game continues until all Spidermen have been caught, and the last Spiderman can be the new Green Goblin.

*Super Power Test: Before the Spiderman birthday party, tape-record different sounds, such as a car turning on, a bicycle bell, teapot boiling/whistling, etc. Take pictures of everyday items, and have them greatly enlarged or reduced.

At party time, have all the players sit in a circle. Explain that their super powers are about to be tested.

First, test their super hearing abilities by playing the pre-recorded sounds one at a time. Either have the children yell out their guesses to the names of the sounds, or have them write answers on pieces of paper.

Second, test their super abilities to see. Reveal the enlarged and reduced pictures of everyday items one at a time. Have everyone guess the items.

Finally, test their super tasting abilities. Blindfold one of the guests. Bring out a bowl full of items to eat. Make sure to cover the bowl with a napkin so the other kids can’t see all of the food items. Take one food item out and let the blindfolded child taste that food. Keep feeding the child different food items until the child guesses correctly. Then move on to the next child.

*Mr. Freeze: Before the party, get Spiderman theme music. Explain that everyone must dance while the music plays, but must freeze when the music stops. (Those who don’t freeze – go out of the game.)

Start the music and then stop it. When all the children have frozen, start the music again. Keep repeating this, letting the music play for different lengths of time.

*Watch the Show: At the end of the Spiderman birthday party, invite the kids to watch a fragment of Spiderman movie to unwind after active games.

Food and Drink

Spiderman Birthday Cake:

*Spiderman Cake: Bake two 10″ and two 9″ round cakes, plus a sheet cake.

During preparation, you’ll be icing cakes in crusting buttercream. To make buttercream: use 1 1/2 cups Crisco® shortening, 1/2 cup cake flour, 2 pounds powdered sugar, 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup hot water, 2 tsp clear vanilla. Cream shortening and flour with mixer. Add vanilla, then sugar and hot water. Keep adding water until smooth.

Spiderman Cake

Take one of the 9″ cakes and fourth it. Stack the slices together (secure with toothpicks) to form a Spiderman’s shoulder, and then attach it to the left side of the 10″ cake using buttercream as glue. Do the same with another 9″ cake and attach to the right side to form the other shoulder. Ice shoulders in buttercream.

Purchase a Styrofoam head (that holds wigs) from a beauty supply store. Stick a skewer or Popsicle® stick into the bottom of the head, and then push the head down into the 10″ cake (using the skewer) to secure the head on the cake. Add toothpicks around the sides of the head to attach it solidly to the cake. Then ice the head.

After icing the crusts, smooth out buttercream icing. Cover the entire cake (using red spray food color) until it is desired shade of “Spiderman red.”

Decorate the cake to make it look like Spider Man. Find a large picture of Spiderman, enlarge it (using image optimization software). Then print the image and cut the eyes out. Outline the eyes onto Styrofoam head using black icing (from a tube that looks like toothpaste). Fill them with more white buttercream. Finally use the same black tube icing to create spider webs all over the Spiderman cake.

*Cake Image & Idea: Courtesy of Minnie Broughton*

Have a look at Spiderman cake submitted by one of our visitors.

Spiderman Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Peter Parker’s Pizzas: For this Spiderman birthday party recipe, you’ll need packets of pita bread, pre-sliced pepperoni, grated cheese, jars of spaghetti sauce, olives, peppers and any other favorite condiments.

Enlist the birthday child to decorate labels for the topping containers with names like “Peter Parker’s Pepperoni,” “Spidey Sauce” and “Doc Oct’s Cheese.” Preheat oven to 350°F, while children pick a pita circle, spread on the sauce and add the toppings. Place pizzas on foil or cookie sheets and bake until the cheese is gooey.

*Crackernids: Spread peanut (or almond) butter on a round cracker. Lay 4 pieces of black string licorice across the peanut butter. Trim licorice if necessary – so each Crackernid has 8 evenly sized legs.

Spread peanut butter on a second cracker and sandwich both crackers together. Add 2 raisins for eyes on top of the cracker, helping them stick with a little more peanut butter. The Crackernid is ready to be served.

*Green Goblin Eggs: Slice hard-boiled eggs in half. Scoop out the yolk. Mix yolk with green food coloring (or two parts blue food coloring, one part yellow food coloring). Add 1 tsp mustard and 1 tbsp mayonnaise, then mix until smooth. Scoop yolk mixture back into each egg white half.

*Cobweb Cakes: Bake cupcakes and frost them red. Make a spider web design using decorator gel. Top each cupcake with a plastic or candy spider for finishing touch.

*Spider Pops: For this Spiderman birthday party recipe, you’ll need 12 oz cherry juice, 12 oz white grape juice, 1 banana (sliced into 8 pieces), gummy spider candy, foil (cut into small squares to cover tops of cups), 8 paper cups and 8 Popsicle® sticks.

Mix cherry and grape juice together and fill about 1/2 to 3/4 of each paper cup with the mixture. Drop a banana slice in each cup, and then insert Popsicle stick into banana so that the stick stands up. Put in a few gummy spiders. Next, make a slit through the center of each foil square. Cover cups with foil, allowing sticks to pop through slits.

Place the cups in a baking pan (to create a level surface and catch spills) and put in freezer for at least 5 hours, until solid. Before serving, peel away the paper cup and foil.

*Chips & “Goblin” Guacamole
*Doc Oct’s Hotdogs
*Veggies & Dip
*Chicken Wings
*Fruit Kabobs
*Power Bars®

Spiderman Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Spider Man Sippers: Fill several ice cube trays with apple juice, and drop a plastic spider into each section. Freeze for about 5 hours. Plunk at least 1 ice cube into every cup and pour in white grape juice. Next invite the kids to add 2 drops of food coloring (use red, green or blue color), stir and sip away!

*Green Goblin Soda Slushy: Mix green sherbet and lemon-lime soda together.

*Genetic Modification Drink (Powerade®)