Spa Birthday Party Ideas


If you’re looking for ideas for girls-only party, then spa party theme fits the bill perfectly.

Theme ideas on this page are more suitable for teens. But with some minor changes, you can easily adapt them for pre-teens and younger kids as well.

You can take the girls to a spa. For a less expensive alternative, you can invite a student from a local beauty school.


For spa party invitations, print a picture of a girl with a facial mask on the front of invitation cards.

Below the image write “It’s a Spa Birthday Party! Your appointment is at ___ o’clock.” Then write party details inside.

As a variation, get brochures or flyers from a local spa. Then fold them in half, and write your party information on the blank side.

Remember to tell the girls to bring towels, robes and slippers.


When your guests arrive to the party, they have to feel that special relaxing atmosphere. All your spa party decorations have to add to it.

So it’s better to have less decor items, than to have something that won’t work with the overall theme.

Set up several trickling fountains. Place aromatherapy candles, beauty products, and similar items around the room. Spread out women’s magazines on the coffee table.

Fill a glass bowl with water, and have a pretty flower floating in it. Place some facial tissues and extra towels around the scene.

Light candles and dim the light during the party. Play new-age relaxation CDs.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Have a helper (“hostess”) meet your guests, offer green tea or mineral water, and then escort them to a changing room.


For your spa party favors, have such things as cremes, bath lotions, gels, scrubs, soaps, lip gloss, hair clips, nail polish, and so on.

Spa Party Games & Activities

Set up several “stations” around the house. It would be ideal if you invite your guests to arrive in equal groups.

For example, if you have 10 guests and 5 stations, then split them in 5 groups of two. Invite girls from the first group about 15 minutes ahead of everyone else, and so on. This will guarantee a smooth transition for the guests from station to station.

*Manicures: For this station, set up one or a couple of tubs with warm water for soaking the hands in. Have a nail polish remover handy, in case the girls have polish on. Have small containers of hand creme along with scissors, buffers and nail files.

Have adult manicurist perform her magic on girls’ hands.

*Pedicures: Have a foot tub, lotion and nail polish. Hand teen and women’s magazines to the ladies to browse through during the procedure.

*Facials: Offer your guests a facial treatment such as exfoliation or an application of a facial mask. Ask a beauty consultant for her recommendations on best procedures.

*Cucumber Treatment: Cut English cucumbers and place them in several bowls. Have the girls take a couple of cucumber pieces and put them on eyes for a soothing effect.

*Massage: Have the guests lay down on bed, sofa, or anything else comfortable. Have a masseuse give them relaxing massages.

*Make-up Application: Have an experienced beautician put on make-up on ladies’ faces. Ask her do something different for each person: apply different products on eyes and cheeks, various colors on lips, etc. That way every girl feels unique and special.

*Movie Time: At the end of the party, invite the guests to watch one of the popular girls movies and relax.

Food and Drink

Spa Birthday Party Cake:

*Spa Cake: If you opt to have a cake at your party, then get creative! There are many things you can come up with.

First, you can bake a round cake and decorate it so it resembles a bathtub or Jacuzzi with bather in it.

Or, you can bake a rectangular cake. Place a mask on top of it, and create a “make-up” for it out of fondant. Then add other decorations with a cake decorating tip.

Spa Party Food Ideas:

*Grilled chicken
*Fettuccine Alfredo
*Fruit platter
*Strawberries dipped in chocolate
*Ice cream

Spa Party Drink Ideas:

*Sparkling grape juice
*Mineral water
*Virgin cocktails