Soccer Birthday Party Ideas


Soccer has always been a great team sport for boys and girls – so throwing a soccer birthday party for a soccer player or fan alike will be met with tons of enthusiasm!

Here I put together everything you need to know to plan a great soccer party!


Cut out soccer party invitation cards out of construction paper. Next fold them in half. Take a picture of your child in his or her soccer gear. Make copies of that picture and put them on the front of your invitation cards. You can decorate the invitations with soccer ball stickers, or draw some soccer players scoring goals.

Soccer Kid

The wording of your soccer birthday invitations can say “We’re kicking up some fun! Come join us for (your child’s name) Soccer Birthday Party! Parents and fans are welcome! Kickoff: (time), Stadium: (address), RSVP to coaches (parents).”

You can also make your soccer party invitations look like soccer balls. Simply draw and cut out soccer ball shapes out of poster board. Draw black and white lines on one side, and decorate the balls to the best of your ability. Include all soccer birthday party details on the back side of your invitations.

Invite your birthday party guests dress in their soccer gear. They may also bring their ball, towel, and a change of clothes.


For your soccer party decorations, line up two rows of plastic cones to form a path leading to your front door. Spread out as many soccer balls as you can in your backyard. Tape balloons and sports pennants to the door.

Dress up a large stuffed toy animal in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, and place a pennant or a toy soccer ball in its hands. Sit the stuffed toy in a chair near the front door to greet soccer birthday party guests as they arrive.

Cut out giant paper balls from large sheets of construction paper or poster board. Then decorate the balls in a soccer pattern, and hang them in the party room. Fill the walls with various soccer memorabilia. Place pennants from various teams, posters of soccer players, jerseys, hats, and other soccer related items.

Cover the soccer birthday party table with a green tablecloth. Arrange soccer-themed paper plates and cups. Hang helium or Mylar balloons in bunches near the table and from the backs of chairs. Place streamers on the table or draped from a string hung above the table. Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday!” sign near the table area.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Design Your Own Ball: Why not involve the kids in designing their own soccer balls. Simply purchase a decorative kit from a party store and get the children to use paints and brushes to create their own soccer ball designs.

*Soccer Coloring Pages: Provide young soccer birthday party guests with coloring pages. Give them pencils and crayons so they can color their pages.

*Ball Player Craft: Outline each child using large sheets of butcher paper. Let them color or paint their outlines as soccer players.


Have white party bags, glitter glue, puffy paints, markers, and stickers available for guests as they arrive. Get soccer birthday party guests to write their names on the bags and decorate them with available materials. Children can fill their bags with treats and prizes throughout the party.

Your soccer party favors can include such items as whistles, soccer sticker sheets, key chains, pencils, regular-size and stuffed soccer balls.

Soccer Birthday Party Games

*Blindfolded Soccer Goal: Before the soccer birthday party, draw a large soccer net on a poster board. Draw and cut out soccer balls out of construction paper. Blindfold the kids, and then have them pin a ball on the “net.” They get certain points for different plays: if they pin their ball in the center of the net – one point, at very top or bottom corners of the soccer net – three points, etc. Play several rounds: the player with the most points wins.

*Circle Dodge Ball: Have the players form a circle. Choose one child to stand in the middle. Give one of the players in the circle a soccer ball and have him or her throw the ball at the player in the middle. If the ball misses, the player who gets the ball on the other side of the circle gets a turn. If the ball hits the player in the middle, that player comes out and the kid who threw the ball gets a turn in the middle.

*Super Soccer: Play a game of soccer using a tennis or beach ball instead of a soccer ball.

*Sporty Visors: Purchase plastic visors at a local craft or party store. Have fabric paint, soccer stickers, sequins, and glue available for children to decorate their visors.

Soccer Party

*Training Camp: Everyone needs to get in shape before the season – this soccer birthday party activity allows the guests to do just that.

Start the game with doing jumping jacks, pushups, crunches and some sprinting drills. Then move to passing the ball between players, dribbling it around the cones, and shooting it in the net. Be sure to have some stopwatches and whistles handy.

*Crab Ball: Before the soccer birthday party, mark a large play area in the shape of a square.

Choose two or three players to be “crabs.” Place them in the center of the play area, and tell them they can only “crab walk” (with their feet and hands on the ground, stomach up, hands behind the back). The remaining players, the “dribblers,” form a line outside the play area.

One at a time, dribblers must dribble the ball into the square and try to get the ball past the crabs. The ball must stay on the ground and be dribbled, not kicked.

If a player dribbles the ball out of the square, he or she gets in line to try again. If a crab kicks the ball out of the square, then the dribbler becomes a crab.

Continue the game until there is only one player left dribbling the ball.

*Soccer Bowling: Set up bowling pins on the grass or pavement. Line the pins up in two rows: two pins in the front and tree pins in the back.

Have your soccer birthday party guests kick the ball and knock down as many pins as they can. Give one point for each pin knocked down. The player with the most points wins.

As a variation, divide the kids into two teams. Players from each team take turns knocking down the pins. Have the point system in place, which will give teams some friendly competition.

*Obstacle Dribble: Make an obstacle course in your yard out of cones, chairs, and other items.

Have soccer birthday party guests form a line. Then they take turns dribbling the soccer ball around the cones, chairs and other items. Kids dribble to the end of the obstacle course and back. You can add silly activities, such as kicking the ball through a cardboard box and then crawling through it.

*Soccer Blocker: This soccer birthday party game works best with a group of at least ten children.

Have players stand in a circle, with one child (“Soccer Blocker”) in the middle. One player standing on the edge of the circle kicks the ball to a player on the other side. The Soccer Blocker tries to intercept the ball. If successful, he or she takes a place at the edge of the circle, and the child who kicked the ball becomes the new Soccer Blocker.

*Air Ball: This soccer birthday party game is similar to playing hacky sack. Everyone stands in a circle and tries to keep a small ball (or a hacky sack) in the air using their feet and other parts of the body (except arms and hands). If the ball hits the ground – then the person who kicked it – is out. The last person left remaining – wins.

*Sports Cards Mementos: Before the soccer party, write each guest’s name on the top of separate piece of 3″x4 1/2″ card stock. At the bottom, write “(your child’s name) Soccer Birthday Party” and a date. Take a digital (or Polaroid) picture of each kid wearing the soccer shirt and holding the soccer ball.

After the photo is printed (the photo should be about 2 1/2″x3 1/2″), glue it onto the 3″x4 1/2″ cardstock. Lastly, glue the photo and card onto 3 1/2×5″ piece of cardstock. You can send the photos with “thank you” notes after the party.

Food and Drink

Soccer Birthday Party Cake:

*Soccer Ball Cake: Bake a sheet cake, and frost it with green frosting. Set the cake aside.

Mix batter according to package directions. Grease Pyrex bowl and pour in batter. Bake a little longer than recommended baking time. Flip “soccer ball cake” onto the sheet cake.

Sprinkle around the cake with green-tinted coconut to form the playing field. Ice the soccer ball cake with a thin layer of white icing. Draw the soccer ball design with a toothpick, outline the design with black icing and fill in with white icing.

Soccer Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Soccer-Ball Pizza: Split English muffins in half. Spread spaghetti sauce on top of each half. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over the sauce and top with pepperoni. Bake muffins on a baking sheet at 425°F for 10-12 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Top each pizza with a plastic soccer figurine.

*Corner-Kick Gelatin: Pour 2 cups of water, 2 packets of unflavored gelatin, and a box of fruit-flavored gelatin into a pan. Stir and heat mixture until all granules are dissolved. Remove from heat and add 2 cups of cold water.

Pour into an 8″ square dish and refrigerate until firm. Cut into 2″ squares and place on a plate. Make tiny flags out of paper, attach them to toothpicks, and insert a flag into each gelatin square.

*Fruit-o-Luscious Bowl: Cut large oranges in half. Carefully cut out the flesh of the oranges, leaving the peel to serve as a bowl. Save the orange pieces for the fruit mix.

Cut melons (watermelon, honeydew, etc.) in half and spoon out the seeds. Scoop out melon balls using a melon baller. Mix the melon balls and orange pieces together and spoon the mixture into each orange half.

*Sporty Trail Mix: You can buy this popular mix from a grocery store or mix it yourself.

Simply mix together 5 cups of cheese puffs, 2 cups of pretzel sticks, 2 cups of Crispix or Corn Chex cereal, and 4 cups of popcorn in a large plastic bowl.


Soccer Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Power Punch: Combine 3 cups of orange juice and 5 cups of Fierce Melon Gatorade (or fruit punch) in a large pitcher. Chill until ready to serve.

*Bottled Water