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Cake Submitted by Sheila D. from Dayton, Ohio.

Sleepover Cake

My daughter had a slumber party for her 9th birthday, and this sleepover cake was a lot of fun to personalize to the 4 girls that were there!

What you need:
1 baked 9x13x2 inch cake (any flavor)
6 cups frosting (pink and white or colors of your choosing)
4 Twinkies (or the same number of girls attending the party)
4 Large marshmallows
4 Vanilla or chocolate wafers
Tube icing (black, yellow, brown, & white)
Mini M&M;’s (for eyes)
Bubble Tape (for bedskirt)
Small icing or candy flowers (for bedspread print)

I made this slumber party cake with a boxed white cake mix (any type will do – so let your child pick their favorite!) Use a 9×13 rectangular cake pan, and be sure to grease and flour liberally (I picked up a mixture of shortening, butter and flour called “cake release” that was made at a local cake decorating shop – I used a lot of it and it worked great!) Mix batter, pour into pan and bake the cake according to the directions on the box.

Once cooled, turn cake upside down onto a covered tray or whatever final surface you want the cake on (I used the Wilton 3 in 1 Cake Carrier, which worked well.) Take the same number of Twinkies as there are girls (I had 4, but you can do up to 5), cut them in half lengthwise and put them cut side down next to each other with space in between.

Frost the top 1/3 of cake (above the Twinkies) with white icing (I used 1 tub of vanilla frosting). Frost a pink “bedspread” over the Twinkies and the rest of the sleepover cake (I used one tub of Pink Vanilla frosting). Ruffle Bubble Tape around the edge of the cake as the bedskirt, and use it to trim the top of the bedspread at the top of the Twinkies (You can cut it in half lengthwise if it is too wide for your liking.) I actually messed up and didn’t trim the top of the bedspread until after I had done the pillows, faces, and hair – big mistake!

I used tube icing and it was very hard to try to trim across the top of the bedspread trying to avoid the hair that came down further than that point. I would recommend using the Bubble Tape cut in half laid on the top edge of the bedspread – it should be much easier!)

Take each vanilla (or chocolate) wafer, and decorate the face by making 2 white dots with the tube icing and the small round tip, and press the mini M&M;’s into the dots as eyes (“M” side down, and match the eye color to look like each girl). Make a smile with black tube icing and the small round tip. Set aside to dry for a minute or two.

In the meantime, take the marshmallows and place them at the top of each Twinkie as a pillow. Then take each decorated vanilla (or chocolate) wafer and place it on top of the marshmallow just at the top of the Twinkie (if it won’t stay, use a little bit of icing to make it stick). Now you are ready to do the hair to match your guests at the party. I used brown tube icing, still with the small round tip, for brown hair, and yellow for blond hair. You can make the hair the length and style you want, according to each girl’s hair.

As the finishing touch, you can space the candy or icing flowers sporadically or in a pattern along the top and sides of the bedspread.

Slumber Party Cake

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