Skateboard Birthday Party Ideas


Host a skateboard birthday party in your neighborhood park or driveway. Let the kids show off their skateboarding or in-line skating skills.

Teach them a few tricks, play a few games, and everyone will skate away happy!



For your skateboard birthday party invitations, cut out pictures of skateboards or skates and write the party details on the back side. Punch holes in the skates and lace them up with thin red or black strings. For the skateboard, tape on Lifesaver candies for the wheels.

As a variation, get a picture of Tony Hawk and make photocopies for all the guests. Write the skating party details on the backs of the pictures and mail the invitations to the kids.

The wording of your invitations can say: “It’s (your child’s name) Skateboard Birthday Party! Strap on the skates, grab your skateboards, and head for the (your last name) rink for a rolling good time.” Then add all skateboard party details.

Remind the guests to bring their skateboards or rollerblades along with knee and elbow pads, helmets, and other skating equipment.


If you’re at the park, playground, or on the front sidewalk, add a few decorations to give your location a party atmosphere.
For example, decorate the pavement with some sidewalk chalk, which will wash away with a hose or the next rain.

Play upbeat skateboard party music in the background. Hang posters of Tony Hawk (or other skateboarders or skaters) around the skating party area.

Borrow old skates from the skating rink and set them around. Also borrow vintage skateboards from older neighborhood kids to use as props.

Hang skateboard birthday party balloons and streamers. Decorate your skateboard party table with a theme cloth. Place a skateboard for a centerpiece. Hang personalized “Happy Birthday” banner in the background.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Skateboard Decals: As skateboard birthday party guests arrive, let them make their own skating decals. Have them draw designs on small squares of white tag board using felt-tip pens.

Cover the drawings with a sheet of clear Contact paper that is cut a little larger than the white squares so the edges will be sticky. The kids can then stick their new decals on their skateboards or skates.

*Design Your Own Skateboard: You can get a Skateboard Design Kit from a party supply store. Have the kids decorate their skateboards with various paints.


Give your skateboard birthday guests such favor items as glow sticks, skateboard keychains, removable tattoos, sticker sheets, sunglasses, bandannas, etc.

Skateboard Birthday Party Games

*Musical Skates: Make a large circle using cardboard stars (enough stars for all but one skater). Have the kids skate around the stars while music is playing.

When the music stops, the kids must race to one of the stars. The player who doesn’t find an empty star is out. Remove a star and play again. Repeat until one player remains.

*Follow the Leader: Have one skateboard birthday party guest skate around the area anyway he or she likes, while the others follow.

When two minutes are up, blow a whistle and have the leader touch another player. That skater becomes the new leader, and he or she then leads the group in a creative skate.

*Blind Skate: Have the kids close their eyes and try to skate one at a time across the designated area. Set up obstacles and have a partner guide them around.

*Skateboard Finals: Design a series of skateboard stunts, and have the kids play follow-the-leader. If someone messes up a stunt he or she is out of the game.

Play until there is only one skater left. Possible stunts include skating down a ramp, over a board, up a sidewalk, down a step, and so on.

*Skater’s Olympics: Set up a series of obstacles for the skaters to maneuver around, such as a chair, a series of cones, through a large box, under a table, and so on.

Time the skaters as they go through the course one at a time. Award prizes to the skaters with the best times.

Boy Rollerblade

*Skate Race: Divide the skating party guests into two teams lined up in two rows.

On the word “Go!” have the first two players race from one side of the skating area to the other side and back again, then tag the next players to continue the race. The team that finishes first wins.

*Skate for Money: Stand on the edge of the playground with a handful of play money. As the skaters circle the playground, on each round they must (without stopping) try to grab fake dollar bills (e.g., from Monopoly game) from your extended hand.

Set a time limit on the game, and when the game is over, have the kids count how many dollars they made. Then let them exchange the money for small prizes.

*Skate Tag: Play a game of tag on skates!

*Watch the Show: Get Tony Hawk’s live show on DVD. Let your skateboard birthday party gang watch the show while they are waiting for their rides.

Food and Drink

Skateboard Birthday Cakes:

*Skateboard Cake: Bake a sheet cake. When cool, round the edges with a knife. Bake four cupcakes. Frost the cake and cupcakes with different-colored icing.

Add skateboard decorations and details to the cake with tubes of icing, sprinkles, and small candy. Slice the cupcake tops off and press them into the sides of the cake to make wheels.

*Skating Rink Cake: Bake a sheet cake. Frost the cake with white frosting. Add little plastic skating figures available from cake decorating shops or bakeries.

Write the name of the birthday child in cursive. Attach a skater at the end of the name, to make it look as though the skater just etched the message.

Skateboard Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Salad Grind with Vert Ramps: Cook 1 lb ground beef on medium heat until brown. Drain and cool. Add 2 cups grated cheddar and 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheeses. Add one 10-12 oz package of salad greens.

Toss with Italian dressing. Mix in 4 cups of Fritos® Corn Chips (for “vert ramps”).

*Trail Mix (or other nut mixes)
*Power Bars
*Candy-Filled Micro Skateboards

Skateboard Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

Since your party guests will be moving a lot, make sure they are well hydrated with liquids.

*Sodas (in plastic bottles)
*Energy Drinks (e.g., Gatorade)
*Bottled Water