Shrek Birthday Party Ideas


Invite your child’s friends over for a Shrek birthday party. They can play at the “Swamp” and have dinner at the “Castle”, and most importantly have a “Shrektacular” time!



For your Shrek birthday party invitations, download a picture of Shrek characters and print copies on the front of blank invitation cards. The invitations can start with: “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! You’re invited to a Shrektacular party to celebrate (your child’s name) __th Birthday!” Then include the rest of your Shrek party details.

As a variation, print a picture of the birthday child on the front of the invitation cards. Then decorate the invitations with Shrek theme stickers.

Lastly, you can write your invitations on cream colored paper and use old English font. Then burn the edges of the invitations to make them look old. Finally, roll them into scrolls and tie with ribbons.


Start your Shrek party decorating by downloading and printing pictures of Shrek and other characters from the show. Enlarge the images, and tape them to the fence to mark your party spot. Hang a bunch of green balloons near the driveway entrance. Play Shrek theme music in the background.

Split your Shrek birthday party area in two parts: The Swamp and The Castle. To create Royal Castle atmosphere, set up two or more tables outdoors banquet style. (You can do the same inside the house if the party takes place indoors.) Instead of using regular chairs – use long wooden benches. Cover the table and benches with golden-colored plastic cloth.

Make sure to set your table with elegant tableware and utensils. Wrap each fork in a napkin and tie with golden wire ribbon. Place pretty plastic flutes at each setting. You can decorate the table with extra flowers. This should do the trick! The ‘castle area’ will be used for cake, food and drinks during your Shrek birthday party.

For the “Swamp” area, bring out as many Shrek theme items as you can, and spread them around. Hang Shrek posters on the walls or trees. Paint or borrow a mural of a forest with abundance of trees.

You can create Shrek’s house by decorating a large appliance box (using movie as a guide). Make a sign “Beware of Ogre!”, and stick it in the ground nearby. Place an inflatable donkey (from ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ kit) in the area as well.

Set up a couple of extra picnic tables in the party area. Put some snacks on them that the kids can munch on in between activities. Cover the tables with nice theme cloths, and hang some balloons around them. Tape a personalized “Happy Birthday” banner nearby.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Greet your guests as they arrive, welcome them to your Shrek birthday party, and provide them with Shrek ears.

*Shrek Jig Saw Puzzle: Download and print Shrek’s image from the internet (Shrek wallpaper would work great). Then enlarge it, if you need to. Next, glue it onto a piece of cardboard. (Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.) Draw jigsaw puzzle shapes on the back side, and cut them out.

At party time, spread out jigsaw puzzle shapes on the floor, and invite the kids to put the puzzle together while they are waiting for others to arrive.

*Create Your Own Slime: This activity requires that your Shrek birthday party guests are above the age of 5.

Assist the kids in creating their slime. Mix 2 cups of white glue and 1 1/2 cups of water in a large bowl. Add a few drops of food coloring. In a separate container, dissolve 2 tsp of Borax in 2/3 cups of warm water. Mix well.

Combine the Borax solution with the glue solution and watch what happens to the mixture. Distribute to the Shrek birthday party guests for exploration. Tell the kids not to eat the slime!

*Shrek Coloring Pages: Have the younger group of kids color pages of Shrek theme activity books with crayons and markers.

*Sandy Candy: You can get “candy creation” kit from a party store. At activity time, have the kids create colorful candy concoctions that they can eat after dinner.


Fill Shrek birthday party goodie bags with such favor items as candy necklaces, mini goblets, sticker sheets, Shrek ears, and so on.

Shrek Birthday Party Games

*Pin the Tail on the Donkey: For this classic party activity, you’ll need a poster or picture of donkey, construction paper and blindfold. As a variation, you can get a pre-maid kit from a party store to save time.

Draw and cut out tail shapes from construction paper. Write kids’ names and put double-sided tape on the tails. Mount the poster of donkey on the wall. To start the game, blindfold children one by one, spin them around twice, and get them to stick their tails on the donkey where they belong.

As a variation, you can play Pin the Ears on Shrek instead: use a picture of Shrek and cutouts of Shrek’s ears.

*Cat, Cat, Copycat: Have the kids seat in a circle. Starting player makes a body movement such as clapping his hands, pinching his ears, shrugging his shoulders, etc. The next player repeats her movement, and adds a new gesture. The third player must copy the first two movements in the right order, and add another movement.

Play continues this way around the circle. If a person can’t remember a gesture or mixes up the order, he sits out. Last remaining player in the game wins.

*Escape the Dragon’s Lair: Pick one or more players to be the Dragons and the rest of the players will be “Shrek Team.” When Dragons hear the command “Fry ’em”, they must try to catch as many players from “Shrek Team” as they can. If players get caught, they must go to a designated area called “dragon’s den” where they must stand still with their legs spread apart.

To be rescued, one of the untagged players has to crawl through the captured player’s legs. Keep playing the game until everyone has been caught, or it’s time for a new activity.

*Think Donkeys, Think: Here is a great Shrek birthday party game to test memory of your guests.

While the kids are in another room, place various objects on the party table (arrange them in any way you want). Make sure the kids don’t get to see what’s on the table until you’re ready to start the game.

The kids sit down at the table. Next, they take a good look at the small items, and remember what they are. A chosen player then turns his back and closes his eyes. While his eyes are closed, point to another player and have that player quietly take one of the toys or treats off the table, and hide them from view. The first player can then face the group again – he must determine which item is missing from the table, and who snatched it. Allow him or her a few guesses and then have the culprit confess and show the stolen item.

Return the item to the table before beginning the next round. The player who snatched the item leads the next round, closing his or her eyes and facing away from the group. Select another player to snatch an item. Play continues until everyone has had a chance to snatch and guess.

*Swamp Hop: Cut lily-pad shapes out of green construction paper. Tape the lily pads on the floor in a circle, using one fewer lily pads than the number of guests.

When the music starts, the kids walk in a circle from one lily pad to another. And when the music stops, the child left without lily pad goes out of the game, but receives a small prize. Remove one lily pad, and continue playing the game until there is only one player remains. Award a small prize to the winner as well.

*Swamp Secrets: Have the kids sit in a circle. Help the birthday child think of a message related to your party theme, such as “The silly, sloppy ogre-slayer was seen sleeping on the sofa” or “The princess keeps candles in the corner of her cold castle.”

The birthday child whispers the message to the person on his or her left. It travels around the circle, until it reaches the person on the birthday child’s right. That person states the heard message out loud, and then the birthday child states the original message. Watch the kids giggle as they compare the two messages. Keep playing the game with new players starting the communication.

*Save the Swamp: Before Shrek birthday party, make 2 buckets of swamp water using green food coloring (both buckets should have an equal amount of water).

At game time, place two buckets of “Swamp water” on one side of the play area. Line the kids up into 2 equal teams on the other side of the area. Place two empty buckets near the lineups. Give 2 identical cups to each team.

On the command “Go”, first players on each team should run with their cups to the buckets, draw water with their cups, and transport that water to the empty buckets as fast as they can. Then they pass the cups to the next players in line, who continue in the same fashion. The first team to transfer their water to the other side wins. (For added fun, put plastic lizards, frogs, etc. in the buckets – so the kids have to “save them.”)

*Candy Necklaces: Fill several bowls with doughnut-shaped candies and favorite “O’s” cereal. Provide the kids with necklace strings and let them create their own edible necklaces.

*Birthday Cake Search: For this Shrek birthday party activity, you’ll need the help of at least a few family members, friends or neighbors.

Separate your party group into teams or pairs, and give each team a set of clues and party favors to find. Give each guest a bag to put the favors in, and make sure that each guest has at least one favor (so nobody feels left out). The clues and favors should lead the children to the location of the cake. Keep the cake under the adult supervision at all times.

The first team to locate the cake gets served first.

*Watch the Show: Since there are several Shrek movie sequels, have the kids vote on the one they want to see. Have them watch part of the show, so they can unwind at the end of the party.

Food and Drink

Shrek Birthday Cakes:

*Castle Cake: Bake five 8″ square cakes. Arrange 4 baked cakes side-to-side in one big square. Place the fifth cake on top of the center of the other 4 cakes. Frost the cake structure with white icing.

Sprinkle 4 sugar waffle cones with edible glitter and set them on the castle at the four corners. Decorate the cake with various candies and sprinkles. Add gel icing for a fun effect.

*Shrek Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Print Shrek’s face image off the internet and place it on the cake. Then carve around the paper to shape the face. Finally ice the cake green and decorate Shrek’s eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows.

Shrek Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Green Ogre Goo: Slice hard-boiled eggs in half. Scoop out the yolk. Mix yolk with green food coloring (or two parts blue food coloring, one part yellow food coloring). Add 1 tsp mustard and 1 tbsp mayonnaise, then mix until smooth. Scoop yolk mixture back into each egg white half.

*Leeches on a Log: Here is a great Shrek birthday party snack that can bring out an “eeeww!” or two. Cut celery in 5″ slices and fill with peanut butter. Spread raisins (leeches) along the length of the celery in an uneven pattern and serve.

*Down & Dirty Cupcakes: Bake chocolate cupcakes (or your child’s favorite flavor). Cover with green frosting and chocolate wafer cookies that have been crushed to the consistency of “dirt.” For a fun touch, add a couple of gummy worms to each cupcake.

*Donkey Snacks: Make Rice KrispiesĀ®. Shape them into small uneven blobs and dip in melted chocolate. Let the kids dig in!

*Chips & Dip
*Grilled Sandwiches
*Baked Potatoes
*Chicken Wings
*Meatballs & Pasta
*Ice Cream

Shrek Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Swamp Juice: Add lime sherbet to lemon-lime soda and watch it transform into a swamp juice.

*Root Beer
*Chocolate Milk