Monster Truck Birthday Party Ideas


Most boys love Monster Jam Show – so having a monster truck birthday party would be a great idea.

However, boys don’t get to have all the fun! By all means invite the girls your child plays with over to get greased up! Some of them could turn into real auto-mechanics.


You can print your monster truck birthday invitations on red card stock and use truck clip art. Add race theme stickers and your own drawings.

The wording for your invitations can say “Let’s get it in gear to celebrate (your child’s name) __th year! You are invited to his (her) Monster Truck Birthday Party! We’ll play some games and eat cake too. We look forward to spending this special time with you!” Include the rest of monster truck birthday party details.

As a variation, make your invitations in a shape of a monster truck.

Simply outline a picture of a truck onto the invitation cards. Get help from your child in coloring the invitations.

Lastly, you can make a picture of your child wearing car racing gear. (You can rent a racing costume for the party.) Make several copies of the picture, and place them on the front of your monster truck birthday party invitations. Ask the kids to bring their monster truck toys or any other racing theme accessories.


You can transform your backyard into a race track with monster truck party decorations.

Place checkered flags and streamers along the backyard fence, and attach signs or drawings onto it. Make black and white balloon arch and position it near the entrance to the driveway. (Tie balloons to a kite string about 12″ apart.) Use red, yellow, and green balloons as “traffic lights” to mark your house.

Make “Start” and “Finish” lines on the driveway by writing with chalk or placing cut out paper letters. Attach masking tape onto your driveway to mark the road. Check if you can borrow old tires from tire recycling store and put them onto the driveway. Place orange cones on both sides of the driveway.

Pile up some sand or dirt in the yard and add some obstacles (old toy cars, tires, etc.) in close vicinity to make it look like Monster Jam obstacle course. Attach a sign near the front door that says “Welcome to (Family Name) Monster Jam!”

Decorate with balloons and paper streamers inside of your house. Attach monster truck theme posters to the wall. Hang a personalized Monster Jam birthday banner in the area.

Cover your monster truck birthday party table with a checkered tablecloth. Place a toy monster truck for a centerpiece. Tie blue, green, and yellow balloons to the backs of the chairs. (Have Monster Jam Mylar balloon tied to the birthday child’s chair.)

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Monster Jam Tattoo Station: Greet your monster truck birthday party guests as they arrive. Invite them to a station where one of your helpers can have removable monster truck tattoos ready for them to stick on.

*Monster Truck Mural: For this monster truck birthday party activity, you’ll need wide sheet of butcher paper, paints, markers, crayons, stamps, etc.

Tape butcher paper on the lower portion of the wall so the kids can reach. Have picture samples of monster trucks for the kids to get ideas from.

Provide painting accessories and get the kids to paint monster truck mural while waiting for others to arrive.


Fill goody bags with monster truck birthday party favors such as tattoos, “flying disks”, watches, green slime, bounce balls, sticker sheets, silly putty, and pull-back trucks.

Monster Truck Party Games

*Pin the License Plate on the Truck: Paint or purchase a monster truck poster. Cut out license plate shapes for all your party guests. (Mark them so the numbers and letters are unique to their names. For example, for a boy named John the plate could say – “JHN011”.)

At game time, blindfold the kids one by one, spin them around twice, and get them to stick their license plates onto the truck where they belong.

*Monster Jam Hunt: Before the monster truck birthday party, hide toy cars, stickers, or Monster Truck snacks around the yard or party room. Get the kids to hunt for the items. (Have a limit set for the number of goodies the kids can collect – so everyone has a chance to find items.)

*What Truck Am I?: Before the monster truck birthday party, write the names of monster trucks on strips of masking tape. (You can get the monster truck name list from official Monster Jam site. If the majority of the kids at your party are not familiar with Monster Jam trucks, then write various car makes, such Chrysler, GMC, Toyota, etc.)

At game time, attach the strips to kids’ backs. They must guess the name of the truck on their back by asking “yes” and “no” questions. Your guests will have a blast trying to identify what kind of truck they are.

*Truck T-shirts: For this activity, you’ll need white t-shirt for every guest, fabric paints in variety of colors (available at craft, fabric or art stores), paintbrushes, sponges, cups for water rinsing, newspapers to protect surfaces, pictures of Monster Jam trucks.

Make sure you check the care information on the fabric paints and let the parents know the drying time and washing instructions. You can also ask the kids to bring old clothes with them that they can change into while painting.

At game time, provide children with painting accessories and the pictures of trucks for ideas. Have them design their own Monster Jam T-shirts which they can take home after the party.

*Grave Digger® Dash: Monster trucks rip up some dirt, and this game allows the kids to race for some dirt.

Divide your monster truck birthday party guests into two teams. (Let the kids choose the team name.) Line the teams up. Give first person on each team a large spoon or a shovel, and put a small empty pail in front of each line. About 40 feet away, at an equal distance between teams, place a large pail filled with dirt.

When you announce “Grave Digger Dash!” the first players race to the large pail, scoop out some dirt with their shovels, and race back to the their lines to fill their empty pails. The game ends when the large pail is empty. The team with the most dirt wins!

*Hot Wheels: Change “Hot Potato” game to fit your monster truck birthday party. Sit children in a circle. Play music in the background. Have them pass toy truck or car while the music is playing. When you randomly stop the music, the person holding the toy goes out of the game but receives a small prize. Play until everyone has a prize.

*Pull-back Truck Race: Provide each guest with a pull-back truck (see Favors). Set up a “racetrack” on the floor or table by making a straightaway and surrounding it with books or other objects. Get the kids to race their trucks in a duel match. Have a round-robin competition first (where children have to race against each other once).

Keep track of victories. Then have championship playoffs, where top-victories getter has a chance to go against the person who has the least wins. Continue playoff races until you have two people dueling in the final.

Be sure to explain to the kids that there is luck involved in this competition and that winning or losing is not determined by their ability. (For younger kids, don’t have the competition at all. Just allow them to play with their pull-back trucks.)

*Red Light, Green Light: Before the monster truck birthday party, draw two parallel chalk lines a good distance apart on the play area. Choose one player to be the Race Official and have him stand in from of one line. All the other players stand behind the opposite line.

The game starts with the Race Official facing away from the other players. He yells, “Green light!” and counts to five out loud as quickly as he can. The other players must walk quickly toward the Race Official while he counts. When the Race Official has counted to five, he shouts, “Red Light!” and the players must freeze instantly.

The Race Official whirls around to spot any players who are still moving. Anyone who moves must return to the starting line. Play continues until one of the players crosses the line while the Race Official’s back is turned. That player then becomes the Race Official.

*Tire Toss: Put an old tire in the backyard. Have the kids toss tennis balls inside the tire from various distances for points.

Food and Drink

Monster Truck Birthday Cake:

*Monster Truck Cake: For this monster truck birthday party cake, you’ll need 1 package of instant pudding mix, 16-20 oz of Oreo® cookies, 1/2 cup of melted butter, gummy candy bugs and worms, 12 oz of whipped topping, 8 oz of cream cheese, and a pan.

Prepare and refrigerate pudding. Next crush cookies (to look like dirt).Set aside a cupful. Pour melted butter over the rest of crushed cookies. Press mixture into the bottom of the pan. Add a few gummy bugs and worms. Stir half of whipped topping and all of cream cheese together, then spoon on top of cookie layer.

Take pudding, stir in a few gummies and spoon on top. Finish off with the rest of crushed cookies, top with a monster truck cake topper (available from a party store), and chill.

This page will provide you with more monster truck cake ideas.

Monster Truck Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Monster Truck Taco Bar: For this recipe, you’ll need hard taco shells, shredded lettuce, salsa, chopped tomatoes, sliced olives, onions, grated cheese, etc.

Pre-warm tortilla shells in the oven. Invite the kids to walk around the taco bar stuffing shells with delicious fillings.

*Grave Digger® Mud Cones: You’ll need ice cream cones, gummy worms, chocolate instant pudding, oblong-shaped cookies, thin-tipped tube of icing.

Mix the pudding according to package directions, then cool. Mix in gummy worms. Spoon into cones. Using the cookies as gravestones, decorate the upper portion with the names of your guests, or ice with the words “Grave Digger Rules.” Insert gravestones partway into pudding.

*Monster Ham Sandwiches
*“Tail Pipe” Macaroni Salad
*“El Loco” Baked Beans
*Grilled Tires (hamburgers)
*Bolts & Screws Salad (add raisins and nuts to the salad)
*Tires (Oreo® cookies, doughnuts, etc.)
*Monster Jam Fruit Snacks
*“Monster Jam” Ice Cream

Monster Truck Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Prowler® Punch: Fill a large punch bowl with ginger ale. Add orange sherbet at serving time and invite the kids to watch it fizz. Serve with an orange slice on the rim.

*Orange Juice
*Root Beer