Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties

Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties
Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties

Are you looking to throw a perfect birthday party for your kid? Want to make the party activities fun? Consider throwing Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties. They will surely bring life to the party and will help the kids burn off all that sugar. 

With the proper execution of detective scavenger hunt at a birthday party, you can easily entertain the kids and teach them the work skills. 

So, take down a paper and pen and list the things from the article below to plan a perfect scavenger hunt birthday party. We assure you that this will be the best surprise full of adventure, learning, and fun.

Mall scavenger hunt birthday party ideas

Here are the top 5 birthday scavenger hunt ideas for kids that are sure to entertain them.

1. Information Mall scavenger hunt

Do you think you know everything about your local Mall? If not, you will know all about it after this cool Mall scavenger hunt.

 For this scavenger hunt game, the teams are required to find out the Mall’s unknown facts from the scavenger hunt list given to them like, how many booths does the food court has? How many buttons are there in the elevator? How many stairs are there on the lower floor and many others. 

The questions can be customized, see who is playing the game kids or adults.

2. Ultimate Mall scavenger hunt

In this scavenger hunt game, the teams are required to find the crazy items to complete the scavenger hunt task to finish their hunt list. 

All the members of a team must be in each picture except for the one clicking photographs. Make them click pictures lying on a bench, trying to hide behind a tree over the salesman. 

To spice things up, give each team a customized list for a separate scavenger hunt or combine some of the items. Ahead in the article, and we have provided some of the excellent team scavenger hunt ideas that you can include in your list to make it more interesting.

3. A to z Mall scavenger hunt

In this scavenger hunt game, other teams are required to search for an item beginning with a particular letter or alphabet. You can provide the teams with a list of just the alphabets and make them choose what to use for the letters. 

However, as the game requires the uses of a video digital camera, you must confirm with the Mall if they allow taking pictures inside the Mall. If not, it can be modified to a cheap scavenger hunt game.

4. Rainbow

Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties
Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties

For this scavenger hunt game, every team is required to find as many items as they can that have rainbows on them. This birthday scavenger hunt ideas for kids can be customized for adults too.

 Make The hunt parties search for a character or symbol like a cloud, stars, or figures for the birthday girl or boy’s name. This cool scavenger hunt idea can fit easily into any birthday party theme.

5. Salesperson Mall scavenger hunt

This scavenger hunt involves the team members asking the Mall’s salespeople for the items they can give them for free. 

These items can be anything business cards, old hangers, trash, or pricing tag. However, the salespeople must sign the checklist to ensure that no two items are obtained from the single Store. 

Thus, this makes the game more interesting.

Scavenger hunt birthday parties-How to prepare?

Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties
Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties

First of all, you need to come up with a scavenger hunt theme for your kids’ birthday parties and prepare for the scavenger hunt task. At the party, before initiating the game, you need to divide the large group into small teams of 3-5 people.

Provide each team with the list of items they need to find around the party area or at a particularly assigned location. The first team who finds all the items listed in the list in a designated amount of time wins the game.

 If none of them find every item on the list, then the team, which finds the most, is the winning team.

Scavenger hunt theme ideas

There are many options for a scavenger hunt theme like it can take place indoors or outdoors, or have a particular theme like Mall scavenger hunt, at the beach or around the neighborhood and can be effectively conducted using clues, pictures, camera, and various other things.

Winning team 

At the end of each scavenger hunt game, there will be a winning team that has effectively fulfilled all the scavenger hunt tasks in the given amount of time.

 Alternatively, the winner can be decided by the amount of point carried by the item mentioned on the birthday party scavenger hunt list. The team with the most score wins the game.

What to include in the scavenger hunt list?

To spice up the game, come up with the customized scavenger hunt list of the items that each team actually needs to collect and the things that can be photographed or recorded with the camera. 

Also, make the team members aware that they need to collect the items but not by them.

1. Scavenger hunt list ideas

Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties

Here is the list of some of the items you can include in your mall scavenger hunt list-

• A shopping bag

• A picture of taking out a menu from the food court

• A bag full of trash (collected from the trash bin of a particular floor)

• A fortune cookie (extra points to the team if the fortune cookie has a note mentioning love)

• A price tag

• A piece of gift wrapping paper

• A buy one get one free coupon

• A sample of any perfume

• Three business cards collected from different shops

• A picture of the catalog of a store

• A gift box

• A picture of the map of the Mall

• An old receipt

• A napkin collected from the food court with the restaurant logo on it

• A straw from a restaurant

• A packet of ketchup from the food court

• Anything broke the Store was going to throw away

• A piece of tissue paper

• An autograph from a stranger (extra points if his or her name is the name of the birthday girl or boy)

• Any certain amount of money found on the floor

• A piece of a French fry (you can’t buy, ask for it)

• A clearance sticker

• A clothing hanger

• An old receipt of someone which totals more than the prescribed amount

• A loose sequin or bead

• An empty video, DVD or game case

• A sample of men’s perfume

If you wish to make things harder for your birthday scavenger hunt ideas for adults, then to the above-given list at a specific color, sound, smell, touch, or other characteristics.

 Also, you can come up with more exciting add-ons to make the game fun and exciting. 

2. Birthday scavenger hunt ideas for kids

Here are some of the questions for birthday scavenger hunt ideas for kids

• How many restaurants are there in the food court?

• How many entrances are there to the Mall?

• How many vending machines are there in the Mall?

• How many stocks give out free samples?

• How many women restrooms are there in the Mall?

• How many trash cans are present on the first floor?

• How many buttons does the elevator have?

3. Funny birthday scavenger hunt ideas

Here are some of the funny birthday scavenger hunt ideas to make the game more interesting

• A picture of a team member hugging a stranger

• A picture of team members playing a video game at the Store

• A picture of a teammate holding hands of a cute girl or a boy

• Picture of the whole team wearing a hat

• Picture of the entire team sitting with an unknown family at the food court (extra point for each family member smiling for the picture)

• A picture of the teammate helping someone with their bags

• A picture of the entire team jumping with excitement

This was some of the cool birthday scavenger hunt ideas for kids and adults. However, you can customize it as per your requirement and scavenger hunt theme.

 Also, don’t forget to give out treasure hunt birthday party clues to make things easier for them.

 Scavenger hunt game- Things to keep in mind

Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties
Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties

People usually get confused, seeing a lot of information about how to plan a scavenger hunt game. However, there is nothing to worry as it is quite easy ones you have taken into account the following things-

• Let the guests at the party know ahead of time that there will be a scavenger hunt game at a mall. You can mention the information about the same in your scavenger hunt invitations, or by calling or texting each of them. 

• Don’t forget to remind them to wear comfortable shoes.

• Make sure to have an adequate number of drivers readily available to take the scavenger hunt inside the Mall so that each of them in the vehicle can wear a seatbelt.

• If possible, come up with a prize for each team. This will make winning a lot trickier for some scavenger hunters. Also, be ready for a tie between two teams.

• Have a considerate amount of pens available for each team to mark the items from the funny Mall scavenger hunt list. 

• Decide in advance as who’s phone or camera will be used to take the photos of the scavenger hunt items. It should be the same one for all the team photos.

• An hour or half an hour is plenty of time to complete most of the birthday party scavenger hunt list. 

• Don’t forget to make your players aware of when and where to meet at the end of the game.

Scavenger hunt games- Rules to follow

Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties
Mall scavenger hunt birthday parties

Here are some of the basic rules everyone must abide by to ensure everyone’s safety.

• Each team playing the game will be dropped at the same location at the Mall. They need to find as many as possible items from the scavenger hunt list in the given amount of time. 

• All the team members must stay together and not split up while finding the items.

• Your time begins as you walk through the doors of the Mall.

• Each of the team, by the end of time, has to meet at the starting place by the Mall’s doors. 

• If you find a team late, then 5 points can be deducted from the total team points as a penalty.

• Make sure as no one runs down the mall hallways or inside any of the stores.

• Greet the clerks of the Store at the Mall and everyone you meet with respect

• Some of the items on the scavenger hunt less will require taking a picture on a cell phone. Make sure to include at least one team member who can take photos of the same.

• When inside a mall store politely ask the clerk if you can take a picture of a particular item. Show respect towards them and be polite.

• If you move an item of a shelf or rack, put it back carefully where you found it

• Make one team member responsible for checking of each item you find from the list

• The team that earns most of the points from the birthday party scavenger hunt list wins the game.

In addition to these rules, you can add or deduct regulations as per your requirements or according to your scavenger hunt theme

After party- Summary

Once the game is over, gather everyone to have a scavenger hunt viewing party. Make them meet at your home or a place where each team can connect their video camera on a TV to enjoy the funny scenarios of the game together. 

Order a few refreshments and pizzas for everyone to enjoy.

When the scavenger hunt party is over, it will be great to make a scrapbook for all of the pictures taken on the mall scavenger hunt or come up with a small video showing some funny scenes film during the mall scavenger hunt game. 

You can send these pictures to the guests with a thank you card to make their experience more memorable.

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