Lord of the Rings Party Ideas


Throw a fantastic Lord of the Rings party for young fans of the famous trilogy. Invite your guests to go on a journey around the Middle Earth to Mordor to destroy the Ring…

Just follow ideas from this page and your party planning will be a breeze! Good luck!


For Lord of the Rings party invitations, download and print pictures of characters from the movie. Glue the images on the front of the cards. Write “You have been chosen to become part of the fellowship…” Then include detailed party information.

As a variation, you can use an image of the One Ring on the front of the invitations. Write “One ring to rule them all” under the image. Ask the guests to wear Lord of the Rings character costumers. Tell them that the costumes are preferred, but not mandatory.

Remember to send your invites 3 weeks in advance!


Choose green, silver, gold and blue colors for Lord of the Rings party decorations. Mark the spot by tying balloons near the entrance to the house. Mount a banner that says “Entering Middle Earth.”

Lord of the Rings

Put up posters of characters on the wall inside the house. Add pictures of Mount Doom, Helm’s Deep, the Shire, etc. Hang golden leaf shapes from the ceiling on clear fishing lines.

If you have extra time, you can create Lord of the Rings character standees. Glue enlarged images to cardboard, and then create a base to stand them up. Fill the space with crepe paper streamers in theme colors.

Cover the party table with gold tablecloth. Sprinkle glitter green stars on it. Place a toy goblet or flute at each setting. Play soundtrack from “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Lord of the Rings Mural: Before the party, tape several sheets of butcher paper on the wall at kids’ eye level. At party time, provide the kids with paints, crayons, markers, and get them to create their own theme mural.

*Watch the Movie: Plug in one of the trilogy films into your DVD player, and play an episode from the movie. It’s a great way to entertain the kids while they’re waiting for the guests who are running late.

*Picture Time!: When everyone has arrived, take a group photo. Tip: Have wigs, masks, and other props for the kids who don’t have a costume.


Hand out such Lord of the Rings party favors as movie posters, metallic gel pens, note pads, theme figurines, stickers, bookmarks, and so on.

Lord of the Rings Party Games

*Find the Rings: Before the party, purchase fake “gold” rings from party supply store. Hide them around the scene.

At activity time, invite the kids to find as many rings as they can. Offer clues to young children.

*Mines of Moria: Set up a theme obstacle course in your backyard. Place various objects around the area: hoops, trash containers, boxes, buckets, character standees, and so on. Spread out additional Halloween decorations that you might have.

Have the kids race around the course jumping over, crawling through, and running around the obstacles. Time them with a stopwatch to determine who can go the fastest.

*Lord of the Rings Trivia: Divide the group into 2 teams. (Ask the kids whether they watched the movie recently or know the plot well, so you can make the teams balanced based on children’s knowledge of the film.)

Have a trivia game where you ask questions about the movie, and the players work as a team to answer them.

You can ask “Who is Frodo’s best friend? (answer: Sam)”, “Who is Legolas? (An Elf)”, “True/False – Sam marries and has kids with Arwen. (False)”, “What kind of creature is Shelob? (A spider)”, “Who do Merry and Pippin befriend? (Treebeard)”, and so on.

To make it even more fun, the person asking the questions can be dressed as Lady Galadriel or Gandalf.

*Ring Toss: Get 4 or 5 dowel rods and 10 plastic rings. Draw a line on the ground. Insert dowel rods into the ground at various distances from the line. Give each dowel rod a value number in points depending on its distance from the starting line.

Have the kids toss the rings on top of the dowel rods from the line for points. The person with the highest point total after 10 throws, is the winner.

*Volcano Making ActivityHere is a great theme activity that guarantees to leave a lasting impression on the kids. Click on the link and follow the instructions!

*The Fellowship vs. the Ringwraiths: Divide the children into 2 teams – the Fellowship and the Ringwraiths. Players from the Fellowship team have 60 seconds to hide. Then the Ringwraiths head out to find members of the other team. Once the Fellowship team member is found, he must be tagged to be “wounded.”

All wounded players must go to a designated area, Rivendell, for healing. Wounded players must stand with their legs sprawled. They can be revived when one of their team members crawls through their legs. The game, or round, ends when all the Fellowship team members are tagged.

Play a second round, but this time switch the names of the teams. That way the players who were hiding, now have a chance to chase.

*Destroy Orcs: Before the party, print or draw large images of Orcs. Tape them to the fence. Fill balloons with water, and place them in buckets. On the command “Attack,” have the kids throw their water balloon “bombs” at the Orcs.

*Archery Contest: For younger Lord of the Rings party guests, this game would work very well. Get a toy archery kit from a dollar or party store. Put an archery target on the wall, and have the kids take turns shooting at it.

*Lights, Camera, Action!: Search imsdb.com website for Lord of the Rings script. Choose 2 or 3 short scenes from it, and print them off.

At activity time, invite the kids to pick a scene they like the most, and have them recreate it. Give the children some time to rehearse and then perform. Provide costumes, wigs, swords, and other props.

Food and Drink

Lord of the Rings Birthday Cakes:

*Lord of the Rings Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Frost the cake using the frosting color of your choice. Place Lord of the Rings character figurines on top of the cake. (You can get the figurines from a party store.)

*Castle Cake: Follow the link to learn how you can create a castle cake using ice cream cones.

Lord of the Rings Party Food Ideas:

*Gondor Special: Prepare chicken (beef, or any kind of meat) with potatoes and gravy for a traditional medieval feast.

*BBQ Swords: Mix Italian dressing and minced garlic in a pan, and set aside. Cut up pineapple, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini into bite-sized chunks and spread out in the pan. Marinate for about 30 minutes.

Heat up a grill. Thread food onto soaked skewers leaving about 3″ space on each end. Cook on the grill. (If the skewers don’t cool enough for the kids to hold them, then remove the food from the skewers and put it on the plates.)

*Lord of the Rings Mix: Mix up raisins, pretzels, chocolate chips, cereal and nuts to create healthy snacks.

*Hobbit Hotdogs
*“Lembas Crust” Pizza
*Ice cream
*Doughnuts (and other ring-shaped food)

Lord of the Rings Party Drink Ideas:

*Aragon’s Ale (ginger ale)
*Orc Brew (root beer)