Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party


Invite young kids to have some fun at your child’s Littlest Pet Shop birthday party. The following ideas will help you make it a party to remember. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Invitations

Start by taking a photo of the birthday child holding several Littlest Pet Shop toys (or stuffed animals). Print enough picture copies so they equal the number of the invites. Design your invitations so the picture ends up on the front center of the cards.

Put theme stickers (you can get inexpensive ones at Walmart) all over. Use the same font as on the LPS logo to write “Join us for (child’s name) Littlest Birthday Party!”

Don’t forget to mention that the kids should bring their own stuffed animals. (Just be sure they get them back at the end of the party.) Then provide other party details. For an extra touch, hole punch the cards and tie a pretty ribbon.

As a variation, you can draw dog houses, paw prints, bones, etc. on white cards, and then add dog stickers.

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Decorations

When it comes to decorations, use your creativity to the fullest.
Start with basic balloons and streamers. Spread them around the party area. It would be fantastic if you can find some Dalmatian spotted decor items — they’re ideal for Littlest Pet Shop theme.

Make a colorful sign that says “Welcome to Littlest Pet Shop,” and hang it near the front door. Draw and cut out black “paw prints” and place them all around the scene. Create large flower shapes and tape them to the wall. Spread out stuffed animals on the floor.

You can design a “dog house” out of a large refrigerator size box. This would be a perfect place for the kids to play in during the party.

Or, if you like, you can get Color-your-own Dog House kit and use it as one of the party activities. The kids would love the idea of decorating a dog house themselves!

Cover the table with theme cloth. Place some “dog food” (cookies that look like dog biscuits or Cocoa puffs) at each setting. Place a toy puppy in the middle for a centerpiece.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Invite your child to greet the guests and their parents as they enter the door, and welcome them to Littlest Pet Shop birthday party!

*Littlest Pets Transformations: Invite the arriving guests to the Puppy Transformation station. Transform children into little puppies using face paint, and offer a toy dog collar to each child. Or, if the kids prefer, you can transform them into other animals.

*Color the Pets: Spread out theme coloring pages, and get the kids to color them as they wait for other guests to arrive.


For the Littlest Pet Shop party favors, have such items as puppy ears, cute animal bracelets, blow outs, candy necklaces, miniature stuffed toys, theme notepads and sticker sheets.

Littlest Pet Shop Party Games

*Dog Bone Hunt: Cut out dog-bone shapes out of cardboard. Hide them around the area. At game time, get “little puppies” to track the bones on their hands and knees.

*Littlest Musical Animal: Have the children sit in a circle. Hand out an animal plush toy and play fun party music in the background. Get them to pass the toy around the circle.

Stop the music after about 20 to 30 seconds of playing, and whoever has the toy at that moment goes out of the game and receives a prize!

*Best Bark (Meow) Contest: One at a time, invite the little party goers to demonstrate their best puppy barks or kitty meows.

Award prizes to all the participants. Have ribbons for the silliest, loudest, funniest animal sound. Be sure that you have enough categories for all the contestants to win!

*Dog Trainer Says: Play fun theme version of “Simon Says” game.

*Bubble Station: Get the kids into a spacious area (preferably outside). Provide bubble-blowing containers to all the party guests. Allow them to blow and chase their bubbles.

*Hop Frog: Put some upbeat music and have the kids hop around and dance to the beats. Or, you can put on “Five Little Speckled Frogs” song and get the kids to hop like frogs and sing along.

*Littlest Tea Party: Set extra place settings for the stuffed animals kids brought to the party. Have some toy cups and tea accessories. Let the kids serve tea to their little friends.

*Storytime: At the end of the party, read a story to the children so they have a chance to unwind.

Food and Drink

Littlest Pet Shop Party Cakes:

*Puppy Cake: Bake two round 9″ cakes and two cupcakes. Stack the round cakes on top of each other (for dog’s body). Place the cupcakes at the bottom of the round cake slightly apart (to make paws). Frost the cake with white frosting.

Then place blue M&Ms; for eyes, round chocolate candies for nose and Dalmatian spots, and black licorice string for ears.

*Littlest Pet Shop Cake: Bake a regular round cake, and then add cute theme cake toppers (available at most party outlets.)

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Littlest Pet Shop Sandwiches: prepare miniature sandwiches
*Hot dogs
*Corn dogs
*Dog Biscuits (bake some cookies that look like biscuits and place them in small bowls)
*Fish Food (Gummy Worms)
*Cat Food (Mini Wheats)
*Fish Crackers
*Dalmatian Milk Shakes: combine milk with Oreo cookie crumbs