Lilo and Stitch Birthday Party Ideas


Invite kids to have some fun at your child’s Lilo and Stitch party. Bring out some grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, coconuts and leis – it’s going to be a great time!



For Lilo and Stitch party invitations, you can type all your party details on tan paper. Burn the edges to make it look old and worn. Roll the invites and tie them with raffia. When done, place them in clear bottles filled with sand and seashells. Deliver your Lilo and Stitch birthday party invitations or mail them in padded envelopes.


As a variation, make regular 5×7″ invitation cards out of white cardstock. Then put theme stickers all over the cards. Write your Lilo and Stitch party details inside.

Lastly, you can take a picture of the birthday child in his or her bathing suit (or wearing Hawaiian shirt/grass skirt along with a lei). Next, print the copies of the picture on the front of the invitations.

You invites can say something like “Come on over to Lilo and Stitch party to celebrate (your child’s name) __th Birthday! Day/Time: ___ Island Location: ___. Please wear Hawaiian style clothing or bright colors. Please RSVP to (phone number). We hope to see you there!”


Use bright tropical colors for your Lilo and Stitch party decorations. Play Hawaiian music or movie soundtrack in the background.

Place cutouts of bananas, mangos, papayas, and other tropical fruits on the fence. On the driveway, use colorful chalk to draw flip flops leading up to the front door.

As a variation, you can put Tiki torches on both sides of the driveway. Hang “Aloha” sign near the entrance.

Tape Hawaiian posters on various fixtures outside. Spread out beach chairs and umbrellas along with palm tree blowups around the yard. Place several colorful pails around the play area. Put a pile of sand near one of the trees in the front yard. Borrow a surfboard, and place it in the sand leaning against a tree.

Inside the house, you can spread out beach mats and towels. Decorate the entry way with dark blue, light blue, turquoise, and teal colored streamers to give the room an “ocean feel.” Mount Lilo & Stitch posters on the wall. Hang some Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and leis around the area.

Cover your Lilo and Stitch party table with orange theme cloth, and scatter around small seashells and plastic fish. Use Lilo & Stitch Mylar balloon as a table centerpiece. Tie helium balloons to the chairs. Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday” banner nearby.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Hawaiian Hello: When each Lilo and Stitch party guest arrives, let the birthday child present him or her with a plastic lei to set the mood. Don’t forget to greet each person with a welcoming “Aloha!”

*Coconut Decorations: Use coconuts for this Lilo and Stitch party activity.

Point out the two dark circles that form the coconut “eyes”. Next, give the children puffy paints, regular paints and felt-tip pens to decorate “coconut heads.” Give out small prizes for the funniest, craziest, scariest “coconut face”.

*Sandy Candy Activity: You can get Sandy Candy Activity kit from a party store and get the kids to make colorful candy concoctions while they are waiting for others to arrive.


Fill your Lilo and Stitch party favor boxes with sticker sheets, candy necklaces, sunglasses, silk flower leis, and other Hawaiian theme items.

Lilo and Stitch Birthday Party Games

*Lilo Limbo: Before the Lilo and Stitch party, decorate a limbo stick (bamboo pole, broom stick, PVC pipe, etc.) with colored crepe paper, tissue paper or streamers.

At game time, have two helpers hold the limbo stick. Line up the kids, and have each one pass under the stick feet first while bending backwards. Once everyone has had a chance to pass under the limbo stick, lower it and have everyone pass under again. If the players touch the stick or fall, then they go out of the game and receive a prize.

*Sand Castles and Treasures: For this Lilo and Stitch party activity, you’ll need a sandbox (or kiddie pool filled with several bags of sand), treasures (small party prizes, craft gem stones, jewelry or sea shells) and sand tools (pail, shovel, sand fork, etc). Hide treasures in the sandbox underneath the sand. Try to have a couple of small prizes per guest.

At game time, announce that there are hidden treasures in the sand box, and watch as the guests dig to find their prizes. Pair up the kids and have each pair build a sand castle, or other sand creation. (Hint: Wet the sand the night before, so it will be easier to make sand castles.)

*Hula Contest: Hand out some hula-hoops. Play Hawaiian music and have all the kids practice with hula-hoops. Start the contest with two guests going at the same moment, and time them. Award a prize or a ribbon to the person who keeps the hula-hoop in the air the longest.

*Escape from Captain Gantu: Explain that all the guests are Lilo and Stitch and they must escape from Captain Gantu who is hot on Stitch’s tail. To escape, the kids must follow the leader’s instructions.

Act as a leader and instruct the kids with the following commands: “Quickly run in place,” “Jump on your surfboards and surf away,” “Jump off your surfboards and start swimming on your stomachs,” “Jump up and run in place again, we’re running across the beach, “Freeze! It’s time to hide – Pick up one leg – Stand still on one leg like a flamingo,” “A crowd of dancers is passing by, quick, start hula dancing to blend in with the crowd.”

*Coconut Relay Race: To organize the race, you’ll need two brooms, two coconuts, crepe streamers, two chairs and two leis. Tape a crepe streamer on the ground at one end of the party area, and place two chairs at the other end.

Divide the Lilo and Stitch party guests into two teams. Have each team line up behind the crepe steamer across from the chairs. Explain to the players that they must put on lei, grab the broom and push the coconut with the broom around the chair and back. Then they must tag the other player in line to do the same. The team to finish first, wins.

*I’m Stitch: Have the guests sit in a circle. Get the birthday child to start the game by completing the phrase “I’m Stitch, I’m going to Hawaii and I’m going to bring…” The next guest must complete the phrase, but must also include what the birthday child is bringing. The third guest must add to the phrase, while including what the first two guests are bringing. See how many things the little “Stitches” can bring before the giggling begins.

*Totem Pole: For this Lilo and Stitch party craft, you’ll need construction paper (one or two pieces per guest), markers, crayons, and other decorative items (e.g., sticky foam pre-cut into fun shapes, glitter glue, googly eyes, etc.)

Hand each child a piece of construction paper and tell them that they are to make a face or any other design that will become part of a totem pole. When all the kids are done creating, lay the pieces of construction paper in a column down the center of the party table to create the totem pole.

*Musical Mats: Lay beach mats (or beach towels) in a large play area, enough for all but one player. Play some Hawaiian music as the kids march around the mats. When you stop playing the music, the kids must scramble for a mat and sit down. The player who does not find a mat is out of the game. Remove one mat and continue playing until only one player remains.

*Steal the Coconut from Sleeping Alien: One player (Sleeping Alien) sits on a chair in the middle of the room, with a coconut which he is defending, at his feet. Players line up at one end of the room.

On a signal “Go”, players stalk in attempt to pick up coconut without being caught. Sleeping Alien catches players who have made noise by pointing at them. A player pointed at must retire and start from beginning. Two tries for each player. You can have two aliens seated back to back if the group is large.

Food and Drink

Lilo and Stitch Birthday Cakes:

*Lilo and Stitch Cake: Bake a round or rectangular cake according to package directions. Get an image of Lilo and Stitch, and cover it with a piece of waxed paper. Trace the outline with a toothpick and frost different sections of the cake accordingly.

*Sandy Cake: Bake and frost birthday child’s favorite kind of cake, or purchase undecorated cake from a local bakery. Use crushed graham crackers or cookies to create “sand,” and frost part of the cake top blue to make the “sea.” Decorate the “beach” with shell candies, a mini pail or shovel, a tiny surfboard and other miniature beach items that you can find.

Use gummy fish or goldfish crackers to decorate the “sea.” To complete your sandy cake, top it with Lilo & Stitch figurines.

Lilo and Stitch Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Hawaiian Luau Roasted Pigs in a Blanket: For this Lilo and Stitch party recipe, you’ll need hotdogs, cheese and refrigerated crescent rolls in a tube.

Slice hotdogs lengthwise about halfway through, making sure not to cut apart. Cut cheese into strips. Unroll crescent rolls into individual triangles. Place a hotdog, with a slice of cheese inserted into cut, onto roll. Roll up crescent and bake as directed, or until golden brown.

*Tropical Fruit Kabobs: You’ll need a selection of tropical fruit (pineapple, melon, star fruit, kiwi, banana, mango, papaya and seedless grapes), lemon or lime juice, honey and kabob sticks/skewers.

Cut fruit into large pieces and slide onto kabob sticks. Sprinkle with lemon or lime juice and then brush with honey. Grill for a few minutes. For older guests, serve the kabobs on the sticks, but for younger guests push the fruit off the sticks onto their plates.

*Festive Luau Pineapple: You can spice up your Lilo and Stitch party table with this decorative pineapple centerpiece.

Cut a thick slice from the top and bottom of an unpeeled, fresh pineapple. Remove the pineapple center in a single cylinder, leaving only about 1/2″ of the fruit inside the rind all around.

Cut the center cylinder in quarters lengthwise, remove the core, and cut it into 8 spears. Replace the bottom piece, fill the shell with the spears and replace the top. When it’s time to eat, take the top off the pineapple and serve your Lilo and Stitch party guests a juicy piece!

*Coconut Chips: You’ll need chips (or other favorite snack food) and a coconut. Slice the coconut in half, pour out the milk, line with a paper towel and fill with chips or snack food.

*Gelatin Graham Cracker Island: For this Lilo and Stitch party recipe, you’ll need blue gelatin mix, graham crackers, gummy fish and a clear bowl.

Crumble graham crackers, and sprinkle some crumbs in the bottom of the bowl to look like a sandy ocean bed. Prepare blue gelatin according to package directions. Mix in gummy fish before gelatin completely sets. When the gelatin has set, add the remaining crumbled graham crackers to the top to form an island.

*Hawaiian Pizza
*Grilled Chicken
*Goldfish Crackers
*Ice Cream (served in ‘new’ sand pails)

Lilo and Stitch Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Tropical Punch: To make this Lilo and Stitch party drink, you’ll need a punch mix, 1/2 gallon of pineapple (or other tropical fruit) sherbet, 2-liter bottle of ginger ale and a punch bowl.

Make punch mix according to directions, then freeze. Take out several hours before the party and break up the frozen punch mix in a bowl. Add ginger ale and sherbet. Mix until it has a consistency of a slushy. Keep in refrigerator until serving time.

*Sunset Punch: Combine a quart of cranberry juice, a quart of pineapple juice and some ice in a punch bowl. Add maraschino cherries and thin pineapple slices. Serve in clear glasses, and garnish each drink with a slice of pineapple, tropical flower, or mini umbrella!