Laser Tag Birthday Party Ideas


If you decide to throw a laser tag birthday party for your child, he will absolutely love it!

This page will help you create a great party atmosphere: from designing your invitations to choosing theme appropriate games. Happy planning!


For your laser tag birthday party invitations, you can take a photo of your child wearing dark clothes and holding a laser gun. Then use image editing software to create a cool backdrop by adding laser light effects, pictures of aliens, and so on.

Print the image on the front of invitations cards. Write “Join our Laser Tag team at (child’s name) __th birthday party!”

Have the birthday child decorate the cards with theme stickers, drawings, and so on. Place the invitations in envelopes, and add glow-in-the-dark stars.

As an alternative, you can make a brochure similar to the one from Laser Tag arcade. Use your graphics computer program to create laser blazing lights, alien figures and spacecrafts, and so forth.

Ask the guests to wear dark shirts and pants.


For laser tag party decorations, use red, yellow, and neon green colors. Play a soundtrack from a science fiction movie.
Create a banner that says “It’s a Laser Tag Birthday Party”, and hang it near the front entrance. Hang balloons in bunches around the yard. Fill empty space with paper streamers.

I recommend that you opt for creating darkness inside the house. Drape black fabric or sheets over the windows. Use Christmas lights with white bulbs to illuminate the area. Tape alien and science fiction posters on the walls. Hang neon light items around the posters, and tape glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.

It would be great if you could rent a fog machine. Set it up in one of the corners, and let the fog fill the room. The kids will think of it as the coolest idea!

Cover the party table with dark colored table cloth. Scatter metallic stars and confetti around the table. Place toy laser gun in the middle of the table for a centerpiece.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Give glow-in-the-dark necklaces to the guests as they arrive to the party. Have them pick a name that they will use during the event, for example Jedi, Flash, Space Explorer, and so on. Provide them with name tags.

*War Paint: Get the “laser tag warriors” into the party mood by painting their faces with “war paint,” as each one arrives. You can come up with your own face paints or get face painting kit from a supply store.

*Sandy Candy: Get a “candy creation” kit from a party store. Invite the children to make their own colorful creations that they can eat after dinner.

*Laser Puzzle: Have the children put up a jigsaw puzzle while other guests are trickling in.


Hand out such laser tag birthday party favors as glow-in-the-dark necklaces, pens, flashlights, sticker sheets, theme keychains, small plastic aliens, temporary tattoos, and so on.

Laser Tag Party Games

*Moon Rock Hunt: Before the party, spray rocks with silver paint and let them dry completely. Hide the rocks all over the play area.

When everyone arrives, get the children to search for the rocks. At the end of the party, they can take the moon rocks home as souvenirs.

*Laser Tag: Give the guests toy laser guns, and let them have a laser battle.

Split the group into 2 teams. Give time for one of the teams to hide, and have the other team locate the group and challenge them in a laser gun fight.

*Balloon Battle: Before the party, blow up balloons enough for all the guests and put them in large bags. (Have spare balloons just in case.)

At activity time, have each child tie a balloon to his or her ankle leaving about a foot of string between the balloon and the ankle. Have the players stomp on each others’ balloons while trying to keep their own balloons intact. The last person with his or her balloon holding up, wins.

*Shooting Gallery: For this laser tag birthday party game, you’ll need one or several toy guns with bullets and such targets as empty plastic bottles, toy soldiers, and so forth.

Set up the targets, and have the kids take turns shooting at them from a distance.

*Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course in your backyard. Use chairs to crawl under, cardboard box “tunnel” to crawl through, pile of leaves to jump over, cones to run around, tires to jump through, and so on.

Have the guests complete the course one by one. Time the players to see who finishes the course the fastest.

As a variation, you can make 2 identical courses and have the group split up into 2 teams to race one another.

*Spin Art: For this activity, you’ll need an open rectangular cardboard box with high sides, a nail, a wooden cork, and a slightly-watered down poster paint.

Pin a nail through the middle of the bottom of the box so it goes through. Then push the cork onto the nail from the other side. Cover the work area with a newspaper.

Cut a piece of paper to fit the box. Staple or tape the paper inside the box to hold it in place. Put paint all over the paper. Then hold the cork, and spin the box. The paint will fly towards the sides of. Then remove the paper and let it dry.

*Video Game: At the end of the party, let the kids play a short video game to unwind.

Food and Drink

Laser Tag Party Cake:

*Alien Cake: Bake a cake in a heart-shaped pan. Trim the upper edges to create an alien’s head.

Frost the cake green. Place red diamond shaped candy for eyes, two small black licorice strings (placed vertically) for nostrils, and one tiny licorice piece for mouth.

Laser Tag Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Hot dogs
*PB&J; sandwiches
*Corn chips & salsa
*Fruit Salad
*Trail Mix
*Ice Cream

Laser Tag Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Alien Punch: Before the party, scoop lime sherbet into balls, and then refrigerate. Purchase and refrigerate pineapple juice and lemon-lime soda.

At serving time, place sherbet pieces into a punch bowl. Add soda and juice, mix well and serve.

*Ginger ale
*Iced tea