Justice League Party Ideas


Boys and some girls do love Super Heroes. If your child is one of them, then throw a great Justice League party using ideas from this page. Children can choose their unique Superhero identity, and save Metropolis as a team!


Use manila envelopes for your Justice League party invitations. Write “For Superhero Eyes Only!” on the envelopes. Use A1 format paper.

The invitation wording can say “Calling on all the Super Heroes! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gather on (Date) at (time in 2400) in Metropolis (write your address).”

For a different idea, you can print an image of Justice League characters on the front of the cards. Then take a picture of your child wearing a Superhero costume, and “glue” that picture in the middle. So it looks like he or she is a member of the “league.” This would look very cool!

Lastly, you can create your invitations in a shape of Superman or Batman emblem. Get the birthday child to help you color the emblem with markers, and then write party information on the blank side.


For Justice League party decorations, use balloons and streamers in colors of Justice League characters. Tape a large poster to the fence or your gate to mark the spot. Mount a sign that says “Welcome to Metropolis!” Play soundtrack from the show.


Make an effort to use as many Justice League pictures and/or posters as you can. Decorate the walls with them.

Use theme toys, masks, or other costume accessories to spread around the area — on the floor and furniture.

You can also create character standees by cutting out poster-size pictures and gluing them to sturdy cardboard. Then create a base for it (e.g. attach the cardboard to a stick and dig it into the ground).

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Superhero Transformations: As your guests arrive, provide them with paper masks, capes, superhero T-shirts, and so on. Place some removable tattoos on their shoulders, and put on some “warrior” face paint.

*Coloring Pages: Spread theme coloring pages and dot-to-dots on the floor, and invite the young guests to color them with crayons and markers.

*Super Hero Mural: For a slightly older group of children, tape some butcher paper on the wall at their eye level. Provide them with paints and markers, and get them to paint their favorite Justice League (or other Super Hero) character.


Fill bags with such Justice League party favors as glow bracelets, bounce balls, theme stickers and removable tattoos, cool hats, masks, wrist bands, and other costume accessories.

Superhero Party Games

*Saving Metropolis: Before the party, print and laminate pictures of various villains (e.g. Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Parasite, aliens, and other creepy characters.) Hide the pictures around the party area. When all the kids arrive, get them to go on a “hunt” to free Metropolis from all the villains.

*Superheroes in Training: To fight enemies, Justice League members have to be in top physical shape. Have the kids spread out and do a quick round of jumping jacks, squats, push ups, lunges, stretches, and so on.

*Who am I?: Print pictures of characters from the show (Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern). Tape the pictures on kids’ backs without them looking. Get them to determine who they are by asking “Yes” and “No” questions. For example, “Do I ware a cape?” or “Am I from outer space?”

Hint: review the characters and their super powers before the activity.

*Secret Identity: Fill a bag with extra-large clothing items (the larger and the more outrageous the clothes are — the better).

Have the kids sit in a circle. Play music, and get them to pass the bag with clothes around the circle. As the music stops (do it every 20 to 30 seconds), the person holding the bag must reach out without looking, pull one of the items and put it on. Keep playing until all the clothes are gone!!

*Stomp the Villains: Blow up balloons placing some stickers, removable tattoos, or other prizes inside them. Draw scary faces on the balloons, or tape pictures of villains. Store the balloons in large garbage bags.

At game time, tell the kids that villains are threatening Metropolis again and they have to rescue the city. Release the balloons and invite the children to stomp on them to reveal their prizes.

*Follow Superman: Play a theme version of Follow the Leader. Select one person to lead. Put on some upbeat music, and get that person to come up with his or her unique dance moves, as other children follow. Switch leaders after about half a minute.

*Super Powers Test: Before the party, pre-record sounds of different things: teapot boiling, car turn signal blinking, garage door opening and closing, etc. Plus, take pictures of various items and enlarge or reduce them dramatically.

At game time, play the sounds and get the kids to raise their hands or call out what they think the sounds are. Then show them pictures and have them write down what they think the pictures represent.

Finally, invite them to test their tasting abilities. Bring out a tray of various food items (covered with a napkin or towel). Blindfold the kids, get them to taste the items and guess what they are. Keep feeding them until everyone had a chance to guess. For older kids, keep score, and reveal who got the most items right after the game.

*The Flash Dash Relay: Divide the group into 2 teams, and organize a relay race. Get the kids to race hopping, crab walking, running, moving sideways, etc.

*Watch the Show: Invite the children to watch an episode from Justice League at the end of the party.

Food and Drink

Justice League Birthday Cake:

*Justice League Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Find a good quality picture of one of the Justice League characters on the internet, and print it out.

Frost the cake with white frosting. Use toothpick to outline the image on the cake. Then frost sections in the appropriate colors.

Justice League Party Food Ideas:

*Power Sandwiches: prepare sandwiches using various fillings. Place them on a tray with a sign that says “Power Sandwiches.”

*Flash Wraps: Spread peanut butter on tortillas. Invite the kids to add other ingredients, such as granola, raisins and chopped apples. (Place these ingredients in separate bowls beforehand.) Roll up the wraps tightly, and serve.

*Bats in a Blanket: Slice hot dogs lengthwise about halfway through, without cutting them apart. Cut cheese into strips.

Unroll refrigerated crescent rolls (from a tube) into separate triangles. Put a hot dog, with a slice of cheese inserted into a cut, onto a crescent roll. Roll-up crescent and bake as directed.

*Justice League Fruit Treats: To make these tasty treats, you’ll need peeled and chopped bananas, berries of all kind (fresh or frozen), lemon water (mix 1 Tbsp of lemon juice with roughly 1 quart of water), chocolate and/or caramel sauce.

Dip bananas in lemon water and place in freezer bags. If you’ve got fresh berries, then rinse them and place on a cookie sheet. Put all fruit in freezer overnight. (Once the berries are frozen, store them in plastic bags or containers until the party.)

Not too long before serving, mix fruit together, and place it in bowls. Drizzle with sauce(s) and serve.

*Green Lantern Jell-O Jigglers

Justice League Party Drink Ideas:

*PowerHero-Sippers: Mix 6 oz frozen orange juice concentrate with 2 cups of cherry juice. Just before serving, slowly add carbonated water (from 34 oz bottle), and mix well.