Jennifer Harman Net Deserving, Personal Biography, Win and Losings


Highlights of Jennifer Harman Salamander Vocation

If you are in a hurriedness to acquire all some Jennifer Harman, so, this foreground bequeath mind of that. This portion takes a passing take her salamander calling outset ahead loss into details.

Natural in November 29, 1964, Jennifer Harman is an American master salamander musician who has won two dissimilar Man Serial of Salamander bracelets sol. She was natural in Reno, Nevada and she is one of the solitary trey women to suffer won two Humans Serial of Salamander bracelets.

She won her get-go always Humanity Serial of Salamander watchstrap in the class 2000 when she played at the No Demarcation 2 to Septenary Underestimate upshot. The concluding tabularise of the result had about top pro salamander players thereon, including Steve Zolotow and Lyle Berman. It is crucial to citation that Jennifer had ne’er played this gamey ahead the case. All she had was a fin transactions tutoring seance with Howard Lederer ahead she played at that mesa. She frustrated every early participant, including pro salamander players, at the mesa and went forrader to win her get-go wristband at the result.

Her sec Humanity Serial of Salamander watchband was won in the yr 2002 when she participated in the $5,000 Restrain Texas Hold’em result. She had otc pro salamander players, including Humberto Brenes, and Allen Cunningham, and Mimi Tran, at the mesa with her. She won the result and took dwelling her secondment wristband. Jennifer Harman was the beginning char to e’er win two bracelets at Earth Serial of Salamander out-of-doors events. Two over-the-counter distaff salamander players afterwards united her to go holders of two WSOP bracelets. In 2012, Vanessa Selbst won hers and in 2015, Loni Harwood linked them.

She played her kickoff salamander tourney gage in January of 1994 at the Queens Salamander Classical IV in Las Vegas. She played at the $500 + 30 Boundary Hold’em result and set 8 th with a victorious of $3,052. In the yr 2004, she took off from salamander for a unanimous twelvemonth to birth her endorsement kidney transplanting. Do to quotation that Harman has problems with her kidneys, which was incisively the like unhealthiness that killed her sis and engender. Jennifer was hardly 17 days old when her generate and babe died of the sickness. She too has been transaction with the trouble since her puerility.

She returned to the humankind of salamander a class after and since her regaining to salamander tourney, lap, she has ruined quartern at the Earth Salamander Spell Fivesome Adamant Reality Salamander Authoritative, s in the Man Serial of Salamander Circle Backup Effect, and one-fifth at the first Pro Salamander Go outcome.

In increase to existence a salamander musician, she is likewise an generator. She wrote the chapter on Boundary hold’em for Ace Scheme II . She is the just womanhood that regularly plays in the Big Back of Bobby’s Board. This is gamey wager cash gamey at Bellagio. Jennifer Harman was too an fighting appendage of The Corp, a grouping of gamey wager master salamander players who booked Andy Beal for Limits capable $100,000 and $200,000.

Jennifer has made appearances at the Heights Wager Salamander of GSN and Salamander Abaft Darkness of NBC. She won the 8 th workweek tourney on Salamander Afterward Iniquity establish. In the yr 2007, she ruined in the sec spot at the initiatory Mankind Serial of Salamander Europe (WSOPE). She baffled to Thomas Bihl in the H.O.R.S.E. Harman was erst an alive extremity of Squad Full-of-the-moon Rock at the Wide-cut Sway Salamander chopine. Complete $1 gazillion USD of her totality salamander remuneration are from cashes she won at the Earth Serial of Salamander. As of Grand 2019, her amount subsist salary from tournaments outstrip $2.7 jillion USD. Jennifer has experient succeeder at assorted tournaments. Still, well-nigh of her profits and recognitions came from her participations at eminent bet cash games.

Harman has too made appearances in a brace of TV serial. E.g. she featured in the American realness TV serial, Sin Metropolis Rules , on TLC. She likewise made an appearing in the Warner Bros pic of 2007, Favourable You . In the yr 2015, Jennifer Harman was inducted into the esteemed Salamander Dormitory of Celebrity. Having presumption a abbreviated backcloth into the earth of Jennifer Harman, let’s dig deeper and fulfill this iconic salamander players who has made a immense gremlin in the humankind majorly henpecked by men.

Who is Jennifer Harman?

Jennifer Harman took a yearn route from acting at kitchen tabulate salamander in Reno journey to the Big Stake at Las Vegas and to the aspect off of salamander roar and ultimately to the far-famed Salamander Dorm of Renown. She didn’t commencement with the humans of salamander at her feet but gradually, she reinforced a figure and recess for herself and nowadays, Jennifer Harman is one pro salamander actor that can grasp her own in the earth of salamander. Course, it wasn’t loose at all, but she made it nonetheless.

Earlier her ascending to celebrity in salamander, she got her workforce grime stressful to subsist ilk any formula challenging missy succeeding doorway. It took her respective eld but she didn’t abandon. She touched from serve cocktail in wait uniforms to doing much of otc odd things. When she distinct to wade into the mankind of salamander, she fagged age detrition at tables to acquire her salamander scheme to the highest stratum earlier she started to turn at high-pitched stake cash games. At about item, she nigh went insolvent with thousands of salamander fries blinking pile on her and acquiring raked outside, but she got binding on her feet. She was too plagued with wellness crisis that she had to hatful with but altogether of these, Jennifer Harman remained focussed and ne’er gave abreast her rage at the matt-up tabulate. So, it was a farsighted, grating route, but she walked it with her drumhead held her and she is what she is now, thanks to her perseverance and perseveration.

Jennifer Harman and Her Kidney Graft and Fraud ID

Jennifer began her biography in Reno, Nevada, which is the largest piddling metropolis in the mankind for any lass who would afterward realize the deed of the biggest pro salamander thespian in the niggling township. She got knotty in her offset salamander deal at the age of octad. She was at a tabulate with her founder and all she was thither to do was to picket the execute at the even dwelling games involving her founder. From this postpone, she began to discover some salamander and got more concerned in the punt. She learnt so often that her sire new casino offers began to put her in the gage whenever he wasn’t capable the punt. In many cases, she would advance plenty money for his beginner to gaolbreak case.

From an other age, she started to maturate her calling as a pro salamander pro, albeit, a fry salamander pro. Alas, her wellness didn’t devote her the sentence and get-up-and-go to genuinely prosecute the gage at this other stagecoach. She started battling with inveterate wellness shape and she had to suffer a kidney graft. Abaft her intervention, she returned to cultivate and continued playacting cards.

At the age of xvi, Jennifer got a impostor ID, which augmented her age and she began to caper cards in the salamander suite. page Her launching into the humankind of cassino games very brought her realism into her wide-cut horizon. She began to realise that she hush had lots to acquire some the plot. She started performing with more pro and tougher opponents. Near multiplication at tables, she over up losing at games.

Abaft her commencement from high, she enrolled at the local University of Nevada and took up a form in biota. She started her field at the university and in fiat to shuffle ends fulfil, she took up a contribution metre jobs functional as cocktail wait. Her parting clip job gave her the chance to lookout respective players at the salamander board. Whenever she got off obligation, she would takings her arse at the board to turn a twosome of men. Her fetching at these tables helped to augment her tip money and this importantly increased her appetency for more games and more win.

Jennifer Harman and the Found of her Salamander Calling

Although many salamander pros started acting salamander as a by-line but the lawsuit is rather dissimilar for Harman. For her, the plot was more barely a pursuit. She loved the stake and had the mania to go a pro thespian. At a really unseasoned age, she was already a bright salamander actor. She wasn’t hardly acting at tables. She complimented her many thousands of hours at tables, acting add-in with perusing extensively on salamander scheme. She likewise invested clock in observation her opponents and contender gambling at tables. With this, she was able-bodied to meliorate her skills and scheme, and likewise larn the manpower of her opponents.

Afterward her commencement from the university and armed with her grade, Jennifer Harman distinct to antecede the habitue nine-to-five job and affected out of Reno and resettled to Los Angeles. She started to workplace as a mixologist at a hotel. She worn-out her beginning deuce-ace years intermixture drinks for customers and aft the thirdly day, one of her friends informed her almost the Wheel Cassino and the awful salamander games she could caper at the cassino.

She distinct to cheque the cassino and she rattling liked what she saw at the billet. She made up her judgement to cease her employment later functional just for fivesome years. She stirred to turn a wide clock salamander instrumentalist at the Wheel Cassino. It is significant to quotation that at low, when Harman started acting salamander, it was more of a fun way to brand money. She wasn’t cerebration she would give her biography to playacting salamander as a vocation. When she made up her head to turn a wide clip master salamander participant, she distinct to inform her beginner. Naturally, this didn’t aspect near to her forefather but Harman went forrader anyhow. This discrepancy ‘tween the sire and girl caused a good air on their congress to the head that her beget was not in speechmaking damage with Jennifer Harman for geezerhood.

Two geezerhood of performing salamander in Los Angeles, Harman made up her judgment to forget salamander for a hale twelvemonth and she took the endangerment and started her own line. She touched to Maryland, Washington D.C. and started a calling as an enterpriser. As you mightiness bear expected, this wasn’t a impudent decisiveness at all. Inside one yr, Harman had kaput skint with debt dangling round her shoulders. She tested to puff herself off the debt and returned to her beginning dearest. She began to gambling salamander again.

To settle into the salamander gig, she took a cushy loanword from one of her friends to roll her gamey. She returned to Las Vegas to beginning her play vocation.

Jennifer Harman’s Homecoming to Las Vegas

According to Jennifer Harman, big salamander players get their know compensate in Vegas because it is the address where the veridical heap in the humankind of salamander happens. It is where the toughest of games and contention boom. For many geezerhood abaft reverting to salamander, she remained in the heart demarcation games. She sometimes aimed at higher stake of $50 to $100 games. With clip, trust, and a larger roll, she upped her bet to $75 and $150 and with meter, she touched to $200 and $400 games. Harman’s games were extremely fickle. She oscillated ‘tween levels of gambling, unpredictably losing, and redress consume to falling stake.

In the class 1993, Harman nigh hit the behind with her roll. She nearly went whole skint again aft expiration done a losing yr of playacting at $50/$100 salamander games at Mirage. She took a vast measure and took a lend of $50,000 from one of her friends and got rear into the fulfil. Thanks to the loanword, she got rear to her feet and the loanword actually helped her get amply binding and saturated on her games, since she didn’t sustain to trouble concluded roll anymore.

Harman was utterly sold bent cash games at the betimes leg of her salamander calling. Nonetheless with metre, she began to pee-pee her rounds at tournaments. Her outset salamander tourney was in 1994. She began to get telling fetching in pentad figures from the class 1995. She participated in the Antechamber of Celebrity Salamander Definitive in Las Vegas in 1995. She set 6 th in the $1,000 + 60 Boundary Hold’em consequence and won $12,320.

Her kickoff Reality Serial of Salamander was at the 27 th anniversary in 1996. She played in the $2,500 Hold’em Pot Boundary upshot and set 6 th again. She made a victorious of $15,750 at the end of the case. In the 1999 issue, she situated 13 th in the $1,500 Boundary Hold’em effect of the Humanity Serial of Salamander. She likewise won the Mercantilism Cassino No Restrict Hold’em backing consequence and the Demarcation Hold’em upshot during the Orlean Clear. Altogether, Jennifer Harman has enjoyed roughly telling profits at dissimilar tournaments she participated in.

Jennifer Harman at Mankind Serial of Salamander

Harman participated in her outset WSOP upshot in 1996 where she played in the $2,500 Hold’em Pot Restrict consequence. She located 6 th and won $15,750 at the outcome. Her arcsecond taking came a few years late when she situated 16 th in the $2,500 No Restrict Hold’em upshot and won $5,340 USD. Her big win came in 2000 at the 31 st Humanity Serial of Salamander issue. Harman played in the $5,000 + 100 No Restrict Two to Heptad Lot and ruined earlier. She won her kickoff watchstrap at this issue with a thou cash booty of $146,250 USD. It is authoritative to cite that Harman had ne’er played the gage of No Demarcation 2-7 Haulage earlier. As a topic of fact, she lone had a 5 transactions tutoring anterior to the gamey and she went forward to frustration otc master salamander players at the mesa, and emerged the succeeder of the issue.

Her irregular bangle came two geezerhood afterwards when she located outset at the $5,000 Restrict Hold’em issue of the 33 rd Mankind Serial of Salamander case in Las Vegas in the twelvemonth 2002. She ruined kickoff and made a larger fetching of $212,440 USD. She was roughly fetching the trail again at the 2007 Humanity Serial of Salamander Europe. She played in the £2,500 + 150 H.O.R.S.E issue. She set sec and made a fetching of $81,935. She likewise set tierce in the $10,000 Septet Plug-in Constellate Hi/Lo 8 Championships consequence at the 2010 Mankind Serial of Salamander. She won $173,159 at this upshot. All the net bear contributed importantly to Jennifer Harman net deserving. Her biggest taking was at the Man Serial of Salamander Tour Principal Upshot in the twelvemonth 2005. She situated sec in the $10,000 + 200 WSOP Circumference Patronage Consequence –No Limitation Hold’em result in Rio Las Vegas Salamander Fete. She made a fetching of $383,840 at the case.

Jennifer Harman at Humanity Salamander Go

In the row of her calling, Jennifer Harman has too made considerable win at the Mankind Salamander Go. Her get-go WPT engagement earned her $45,338 where she located 18 th at the $10,000 No Restrict Hold’em Title result at the Los Angeles Salamander Authoritative. Few weeks posterior, she bought into the $5,000 + 100 No Limitation Hold’em of the Mankind Salamander Go Backup Case at the 2003 Man Salamander Dispute in Reno. She ruined in the 7 th berth and made a taking of $14,726.

In September of 2003, she set 7 th in the $5,000 + 150 No Demarcation Hold’em Title Terminal Tabulate at the 2003 Borgata Salamander Unfold – Earth Salamander Go in Atlantic Metropolis. She won $29,375 at this outcome. The undermentioned yr, she besides made it to the WPT events. In April of 2004, she played in the $25,000 Humanity Salamander Enlistment No Boundary Hold’em Patronage Last Day result at the Bellagio Five-spot – Adept Earth Salamander Definitive/WPT Title in Las Vegas. She located 47 th and won $33,266 USD. In the like twelvemonth, she played in the $5,000 + 150 No Restrict Hold’em Title Net Day – Humanity Salamander Hitch of 2004 Legends Salamander in Los Angeles. She located 29 th and won $11,570. Her biggest WPT remuneration came in December of 2004 when she situated 4 th at the $15,000 + 300 Earth Salamander Spell Title – No Bound Hold’em at the Phoebe Rhombus Mankind Salamander Graeco-roman upshot in Las Vegas. Her quaternary office earned her $299,492 USD.

In the class 2005, she played at her close WPT effect heretofore at the $25,000 + 500 Master Upshot (Humankind Salamander Hitch) – No Limitation Hold’em Backup. She ruined in the 65 th spot and won $30,000. In amount, Jennifer Harman net deserving from her aggregate victorious from her WSOP and WPT participations outperform $1 zillion USD.

Jennifer Harman Early Salamander Events

Asunder from Humanity Serial of Salamander and Salamander Man Enlistment, Harman has likewise participated at another events. In July of 1998, she bought into the $230 Limitation Hold’em issue of the 1998 Orleans Outdoors in Las Vegas. She won the upshot and leftover with the thousand award of $33,600. She too set commencement at the $100 + 20 No Bound Hold’em result of the 1998 Celestial Hold’em in Los Angeles. Her kickoff position finish earned her $18,480 at the end of the consequence. In Border of 2007, she participated in the $20,000 Hebdomad 8 Salamander Later Colored variant in Las Vegas. She ruined 1 st and made a fetching of $120,000. One class after, she played in the $9,600 + 400 No Confine Hold’em – Patronage Effect at the Bay 101 Shot Stars in San Jose. She ruined in the 3 rd post and won $330,000. These win all contributed to Jennifer Harman net deserving.

In maliciousness of all the profits at tournaments, Jennifer didn’t bid her goodbyes to Bobby’s Way. She continued acting at the salamander board in the Bellagio, Las Vegas. Serve to quotation that this is the salamander board where the biggest cash stake pro players strike caper for one of the highest wager. Harman systematically played at tables with approximately of the top shots in the industriousness, including Check Reese, Daniel Negreanu , Doyle Brunson , and Phil Ivey . She has competed at gamy bet, including $3,000/$6,000 limits. In the row of her vocation at Big Punt, she has been byzantine in games that brought both vast win and brobdingnagian losings her way. According to her, she has absolved some $1 jillion USD spell performing quadruplet nights in a hebdomad at the Bellagio.

Jennifer Harman as a Phallus of the Pot

Roughly of the biggest win of Jennifer Harman came at cash games. She has made approximately astonishing profits at one of these tables. Her biggest win came when she went wide-awake with the billionaire, Andy Beal, when she was playacting as a phallus of The Pot. She won a banging $9 meg USD from Beal at a 1 seated. It is all-important to quotation that Harman was one of the get-go members of the aggroup of top pro salamander players who pooled resources unitedly to vie at wide-awake Hold’em against this Texas banker.

Harman has had a duo of experiences with Brunson patch performing at Bobby Board and at The Corp. These experiences deliver led Texas Doll to charge Harman to publish the chapter two of the Sup/Organization on Bound Hold’em. This wasn’t foreign because everyone that has encountered Harman knows that Limitation Hold’em is one of the deary of the salamander pro and she has won systematically at this gamey. According to Brunson , Harman is not equitable the topper well-rounded distaff salamander histrion animated but she too ranks among the top elect salamander pros crosswise the mankind.

Herman wrote the s chapter of the hold in the class 2004. This was the like twelvemonth she had her indorsement kidney graft. Afterward her recovery, she went backrest to tables and continued to turn. Her receive with kidney stipulation had touched her into promoting and sponsoring harmonium contribution. She founded Creating Harmonium Contribution Knowingness (Finale) and the destination of the innovation is to ascent sentience for harmonium donations and to besides climb money to push the causa.

Jennifer Harman and Salamander Vestibule of Renown

Jennifer Harman has incessantly played at cash games than tourney events. Since she stepped into the mankind of salamander, Jennifer Harman net deserving from her totality experience pay is roughly $2,765,348 . Still, she has made more from cash games. She was a pro histrion for Wide-cut List Salamander until the chopine went subaquatic in the arouse of the Lightlessness Friday. In 2015, she was inducted into the honored Salamander Vestibule of Celebrity with her champion, Toilet Juanda.