Indiana Jones Costume


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Costume submitted by Ciran Marie H. from Pasadena, CA

Indiana Jones Costume

My son loves Indiana Jones and the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. These were the inspiration for him choosing Indiana Jones for his Halloween costume this year. All items, except the hat were items we had at home! It was very simple and authentic (more so than the store bought ones). To do it yourself, find these items at home or easily at a second-hand store.

Here is what we did:

Shirt: Mom’s basic beige buttoned, collared shirt. Shirt tucked in pants and several top buttons left unfastened.

Pants: Navy green cargo pants from cub scouts.

Belts: Canvas belt for pants, and black belt that hung lower for hanging whip, knife, etc.

Boots: Snow boots.

Jacket: Grandpa’s old Army canvas-type jacket, sleeves rolled up. (My son would have preferred a leather jacket, but the ones we had at home were the wrong style. So we improvised.)

Satchel: Mom’s leather sack.

Whip: Dad’s braided leather belt wrapped in a coil with a braided leather piece attached, to look like the tip of a whip. To make the tip, we took a remnant leather swatch, cut four long, thin strips, and then braided them in a camp-style lanyard. Belt buckle was concealed with a piece of the remnant leather swatch. The whip hung off of lower belt.

Hat: Felt wool hat with a brim that was purchased from Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost store. The store had several styles, materials and sizes available.

Snake: Toy bendable, wooden snake hung out of the satchel (and elsewhere).

Machete: Plastic toy knife hung off of lower belt.

Journal: Dad’s small pocket-size travel log in top jacket pocket.

Tip: Don’t worry about getting the exact colors; any browns, greens, and grays will do.