Incredible Hulk Party Ideas


Hulk party theme is ideal for boys who love comic book Superheroes. This page will guide you through planning all your party details: from invitations to party games. Let’s get started…


To make fast and easy invites, download and print an image of Incredible Hulk on the front of the cards. Then write “Calling All Superheroes” below the image.

Next, add “You’re invited to (child’s name) Hulk birthday party!” Don’t forget to provide party details including date, time, and location. Then get your child to stick Hulk theme stickers around the cards.

As a variation, you can take Hulk comic book pages and scan them onto your computer. Then use graphics editing program to change character phrases inside speech bubbles. Your goal is to create a dialog between Hulk and other characters about your party.


It goes without saying that green is the best color to use for Incredible Hulk party decorations. Use as many balloons and streamers in that color as you can. Play soundtrack from the film.

Incredible Hulk

Hang enlarged movie posters and pictures of Incredible Hulk characters on the wall.

Spread out test tubes, beakers, DNA molecule structures, microscope cell images, and other science related items. Enlarge Hulk comic strips and fill the empty space with them.

Cover the table with a green cloth material. Print and laminate pictures of Hulk. Use them for placemats at each setting. Create and mount “Welcome to Incredible Hulk Birthday Party” banner in the area.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Hulk Mural: Hang some sheets of butcher paper on the wall low enough so the kids can reach.

When the children arrive — give them paints, markers, crayons, etc.

Get them to paint Hulk theme mural. Tell them it’s OK to have more than one drawing of Incredible Hulk. (Tip: For a group of young kids, have an adult supervisor to make sure they don’t draw on the wall.)

*Coloring Pages: As an alternative to the previous activity, you can spread out Hulk coloring pages for the children to color while they’re waiting for other guests to arrive. This activity works especially well for younger kids.

*Watch the Show: Plug a copy of Incredible Hulk movie in your DVD player, and invite the kids to watch a portion of it.


Fill favor bags with such Hulk party favors as comic books, Play Dough, cool pens, crayons, sticker sheets, blowouts, masks and Incredible Hulk XL “smash hands.”

Incredible Hulk Party Games

*Pump up Your Muscles: Hulk is known for his extraordinary strength. Here is a perfect activity to get the kids into shape so can be as strong as Hulk.

Have the kids spread out. Get them to do pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, and other exercises.

*Which Superhero am I?: Before the party, print out images of various Superheroes: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Hulk, Wolverine, the Flash, and so on.

Tape Superhero pictures on children’s backs without them looking. Get them to ask each other questions that can be answered “yes” and “no”, to determine who they are.

*Bomb the Villains: Enlarge, laminate and print images of various comic villains. Mount the pictures on the fence. Prepare water balloons and get the guests to throw the balloons at the villains from a distance.

*Tug of War: Split the group into 2 teams, roughly the same size in weight. Label a 120-foot rope at center with tape. Mark the rope with 2 ribbons tied 15 feet on each side from the center line.

Draw a line on the ground. Have the teams take their positions, holding the rope. (Have the rope center label set directly above the line on the ground.) On the command “Go”, the kids start to pull trying to get the other team’s ribbon on the rope over the line on the ground.

*Mr. Freeze: Play some upbeat party music and stop it randomly. The children must dance while the music plays and instantly freeze when it stops.

Start playing the music. Stop the music. When all the kids have frozen, play the tune again. Repeat the process letting the music play for different lengths of time.

*Hulk Obstacle Course: Set an obstacle course in the backyard. Create obstacles out of cardboard boxes, hula-hoops, chairs, pillows, garbage cans, sports equipment, and so on. Walk the kids through the course and show them where they need to jump over, run around, or crawl through.

Let the children go through the obstacles one at a time. Play Hulk theme music. Every time a player completes the course, he or she will get a small prize or a toy. Time the kids with a stopwatch to see who can be the fastest to the finish line.

*Who Said It?: Before the party, write several lines from Incredible Hulk movie on index cards. At game time, invite the kids to take turns picking the cards, reading the lines out loud, and trying to guess the character who said the line.

*Stomp the Villains: Blow up balloons placing a candy inside each one. (You should roughly have 2-3 balloons per every guest.) Then draw scary faces or write villain names on the balloons.

Announce that the kids will get a reward for bursting the balloons. Finally, let them have some fun stomping on the “villains.”

*Photo Shoot: At the end of the party, take a picture of each guest having on Incredible Hulk mitts (available at Toys ‘R Us) and masks. Then take a group photo of all the children. Send pictures along with ‘Thank You’ notes after the party.

Food and Drink

Hulk Birthday Cake:

*Incredible Hulk Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Download an image of Hulk off the internet. Frost the cake using the picture as a guide.

Hulk Party Food Ideas:

*Power Sandwiches: Prepare peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Make an announcement to your guests that you’re serving “Power Sandwiches.”

*Hulk Wraps: Spread peanut butter on one side of whole wheat tortillas. Then sprinkle some granola, raisins, and chopped apple pieces. Roll up tightly and serve!

For older group of kids, you can place bowls with the ingredients, and let children make their own wraps.

*Green Jello Jigglers: Purchase green colored Jello-O packs, and prepare them according to the directions on the package.

*Monster Cookies: Bake the birthday child’s favorite cookies. Make them extra-large “monster” size.

*Ice Cream
*Power Bars

Hulk Party Drink Ideas:

*Green Punch: Mix 7-UP and lime sherbet.

*Genetic Modification Drink (Powerade)