How to Have the Best Kids Birthday Party


Throw a fun and memorable birthday party for your child

Before you can host a memorable kid’s birthday party, you must plan it. If you are planning a birthday party for your kid and do not know what to do, here are some birthday party ideas that you can use. Whether a kid’s birthday is simple or quite elaborate it must be unique and unforgettable. It is advisable to begin planning a birthday party about 4 weeks in advance.

The first step to planning a great birthday for your child is to pick a theme. It is best to let the child pick the theme since it is their birthday party and you want them to have fun. The theme determines the birthday party supplies required for the party. Party games and decorations must correspond with the chosen theme. Children are more likely to remember what they did at a birthday party more than what they ate. So it is better to keep the food simple rather than preparing very elaborate meal. Some great birthday party snacks include pizza, ice cream, chips, cookies, fruit, juice and candy.

The best time to have a birthday party is in the afternoon or early evening. This way one won’t have to serve a meal and snacks will do just fine. However toddler birthday parties can be between 10:00 and 11:30 so that it does not interfere with nap time.

After deciding the theme and time of the party, the next step is to send out the birthday party invitations. If one has a hard time deciding how many people they will invite, they can use a simple formula. The number of guests should be equal to the age of the child plus one. However, even when applying this formula, one must consider their budget and how many kids they feel they can keep under control in their home without feeling overwhelmed. Who to invite solely depends on the child’s age. Young kids will usually have family members and siblings at their birthday party while older kids have their friends.

After sending invitations, come up with a list of party supplies required and buy them one by one until you have them all. This is why it is important to begin planning the party early. Birthday party outdoor games might require one to rent inflatables. Indoor party games may include crafts, mummy wrap, and copy cat. Traditional indoor birthday party games can be adapted to fit the theme of the party. The key is to select cooperative rather than competitive games so that everyone is a winner. Make sure it is enough for the kids to do so as to keep the kids occupied and out of trouble.

Kid’s Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes

Cakes are usually the centre piece of the whole party. It is what the birthday kid and theguests look forward to the most. Themed birthday cakes are usually the best for kid’s birthdays. Finding a birthday cake theme is not very difficult. It should take into account the child’s likes and interests. The theme of the birthday cake ranges from a favorite superhero, cartoon character, animal or toy. It is best to have the child’s input when deciding the theme of the cake. After deciding the theme, you can go on the internet and look at various pictures that are related to the chosen birthday cake theme. If you are making the cake yourself the picture you chose will depend on your technique and the amount of time you have on your hands especially if you are also planning the party.

Examples of birthday cake themes may include a dragon cake, fire truck cake, dinosaur cake, Thomas the tank engine cake, Lego cake and toy story cake. The internet is full of birthday cake ideas, recipes and instructions on how to make such cakes. While picking the theme of the cake one must decide who is going to make the cake. Themed birthday cakes can be store bought or home made. If the cake’s design is very elaborate, it might be better to have it made at the bakery. This will leave you with more time to plan the party. A store bought cake requires some advance planning. This is because you need to have an exact idea of what you want well in advance since you must pass on these instructions to the bakery. However, if you have the cake made at the bakery it will be difficult to customize or add a personal touch to it. If you decide to make the cake yourself, you should know that a cake with more colors and detail will take longer to make.

The next step is to decide the flavor of the cake. This will depend on the guests that you are serving. Kids will prefer a simple vanilla or chocolate cake with butter cream or chocolate icing. If you decide to make the vanilla cake, you can add food color to it to make it more interesting. The decision of what food color to use can be based on the theme of the birthday cake. However if there are other guests at the party, you may want to make a cake with a filling such as mousse or pudding. Such cakes require refrigeration and much more attention to keep the layers form slipping and sliding.

After deciding the flavor of the cake one must decide on what decorations they are going to use. Birthday cake decorations are very important since they are what everybody sees. You can use cake toppers and edible cake images that match the theme to make the cake more interesting. Chocolate, gum paste and royal icing birthday cake decorations can be made before hand to make the task of decorating the cake even easier. 

During the actual birthday party, it is best not to try to do everything alone. Ask for help from some adults including some of the kid’s parents. The other adults can pour the punch, pass out the cake and help with the games. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed so that you can also enjoy the party.