How to Fix [pii_email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] Error Code in Mail – Updated 2021


Millions of users worldwide use Microsoft Outlook as their key email address. However, today [pii email 37f47c404649338129d6] faces an error while sending emails. 

Unfortunately. Microsoft Outlook is an incredible application that helps you receive emails from different websites and applications with links. However, during emails, people continually report on the issue.

Today we will explain how to fix an error code in your Outlook Mail [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f]. Read this full article to help fix the mail error on your computer. 

Cause For the Error Code [pii mail 37f47c40464938129d6] in Mail

This issue is caused by an ongoing email message [pii email 37f47c404649338129d6] which will be shown in a pop-up box. Here are some of the key reasons the error message occurs all the time during the email transmission.

  1. The key explanation for this error is the use of an outdated version of Microsoft Outlook.
  2. The source of error messages could be cache and cookies.False record settings.This error was caused primarily by the STMP dispute.
  3. The key explanation for this may be the incorrect installation of the software.

Methods To Fix the Error Code [Pii_Email_0cbbda68c705117dc84f] in Mail

The [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f] error code in an Outlook mail can be fixed many times. We have provided several suggestions to help you decide on this error code:

Method 1: Clear all cookies and the browser cache

To clear your system’s cache and clear all cookies, this is the basis and easy solution for fixing the [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f] error.

Method 2: Try Changing Server Port Number 

You will attempt to change your server port numbers if the error [pii email 37f47c404649338129d6] persists throughout the prime hours. Often Outlook users experience trouble sending an e-mail because of miscellaneous server port numbers. You should follow simple steps to adjust the port number of your server.

  1. Open Outlook for Microsoft. Click the option Folders. Click the Setting account button and select Account Settings from the drop-
  2. On the E-mail page, you choose the port number of your email account. Click the Change button then.
  3. A Changing Account dialogue box will appear. Choose the More Criteria option. In the Internet Email Settings, click on the Advanced tab, dialogue box.
  4. Adjust the port number in the box beside the Output Server (STMP). Click Ok. After these steps, the new settings save with another server port number. You can restart the machine now and function without error frustration with Microsoft Outlook.

Method 3: Remove Duplicate Accounts from Microsoft Outlook

  1. If you ever experience an error problem in Microsoft Outlook, your duplicate accounts must be disabled or deleted. The feature of multiple accounts is supplied in Microsoft Outlook simultaneously. 
  2. Click the option Folders. Click the Setting account button and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu. In the Email, you want to delete the duplicate email address.
  3. Click on the button Delete. The box will appear for the final confirmation.
  4. Your Microsoft Office duplicate account no longer exists. You can attempt to send emails now. If the issue still remains, you can proceed to the next quick solution or try to contact the Microsoft support team.

Method 4: Reinstall Microsoft Outlook on your PC  

For the last move, attempt to reinstall your personal computer on Microsoft Outlook. Follow the steps below to deactivate Microsoft Office from your computer.

  1. On your taskbar, press the Start button.
  2. Write and open the panel in the search bar.
  3. Tap on the choice for Programs and Functions.
  4. The option to uninstall a program is given under this option. Click it. Click it.
  5. From the list, select Microsoft Office 365.
  6. Right-click the Uninstall option and pick it.
  7. Follow those dialogue boxes and uninstall. You are set.
  8. You need to reinstall the program on your personal computer once you uninstall Microsoft Office. To try to run Microsoft Outlook, install Microsoft Office. You’re good to go if you’re not struggling with the error again while sending a post.

Steps to Fix [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f] Error Code

There are many explanations why the Outlook mail produces a [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f] error. Follow the steps below to find out how to address this problem:

  1. This error may occur when several accounts in one browser are used, i.e. all the accounts that are present are signed off. Then clear the browser cache and try registering for only one account again. The [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f] error will most likely be solved.
  2. If you still attempt to uninstall and replace the [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f] app, you can be asked why the outlook is not fully installed and why the installation could not be broken.
  3. The use of Microsoft Outlook versions instead of PC applications is another way to correct [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f].
  4. In this age of the internet and free software, there is a massive risk of piracy, and you might have installed a pirated software version. Try updating the programme to correct the error code  [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f].
  5. An alternate choice is to use the Windows 10 Troubleshooting Center to patch the outlook application.
  6. If all of these options do not work, try to contact Microsoft Support for more details.


We hope that the above instructions enable you to solve the [pii email 0cbbda68c705117dc84f] error in Outlook. But suppose the error goes on. We, therefore, recommend that you directly contact Outlook for maximum support.