Hotel Party Ideas


Would you like to have tons of fun, and let others clean up for you afterward? Then hotel party is a perfect choice!

Here you will find all the information you need to prepare. Have an awesome party!


Before creating your invitations, determine how many guests and adults you’ll have at the party. Most hotels have a limit on adult-to-teenager ratio, so ask hotel staff in advance.

Make hotel party invitations using hotel stationary: letterhead and envelopes. Use colorful marker to write your party details. Be sure to mail your invitations in advance.

Tell your friends to bring sleeping bags and other sleepover accessories, and swimsuits.


For hotel party, use very basic decorations. Tie helium balloons and scatter around some paper streamers.

If you’re expecting a large group, then bring a folding table to serve your snacks. If that’s the case, then cover the table with a funky-looking cloth.

Remember to bring paper plates and cups. Have a stereo or an iPod playing your favorite songs.


What you choose for your hotel party favors will totally depend on the guests you have and their interests. For generic favors, I recommend handing out keychains, mini flashlights, picture frames, pens, towels, CDs, hats, and gift cards to favorite stores.

Hotel Party Games

When you arrive to the hotel, inform the guests about hotel and personal rules.

*Dance Freeze: Have some fun with this activity. Put on some upbeat dance music, and have the guests dance while the music is playing.

When you stop the music, everyone must freeze instantaneously. Those who are still moving, go out of the game.

*Friendly Trivia: Organize a game where you test guests’ knowledge of their friends in attendance. Ask questions about hobbies, interests, favorite sports, accomplishments, and so on. See who can come up with the most correct answers.

Use common sense, don’t ask questions that would reveal information that is too personal.

*Truth or Dare? 

*Go for a Dip: At this time, you and your guests can change into swimsuits and have fun in the hotel pool. You can play such games as Marco Polo, Splash Tag, and so on.

*Who am I?: Put celebrity pictures on guests’ backs. Get them to ask questions that can be answered “yes” or “no” to determine who they are. For example, they can ask “Do I sing?”, “Do I star in movies?”, etc.

*Pillow Fight: For this activity, you might want to bring extra pillows.

Divide the group into 2 teams and have a pillow fight. Have the teams stand on opposite sides of the room and toss pillows trying to hit a player from opposing team. The last team intact, wins.

*Movie Time: You can stay up late and watch a movie or two with your friends.

Food and Drink

There is going to be plenty of food available at the hotel, but you might want to have some extra snacks.

Hotel Party Food Ideas:

*Hot dogs
*Fruit tray (strawberries, grapes, apples, etc.)
*Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
*Oreo cookies

Hotel Party Drink Ideas:

*Variety of sodas
*Chocolate milk
*Virgin margaritas