Homemade Harry Potter Costume


arry Potter costume is very popular during both Halloween season and at theme birthday parties, so here we decided to include some ideas shared with us by one of our readers…

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Costume submitted by Julie R. from Fort Madison, IA

Harry Potter Costume

For our “Harry Potter” themed party, I decided to be Madam Hooch (broom flight instructor). One of my sons was Harry, and one was Draco.

I purchased the capes at a second hand store, and the shirts and ties at The Salvation Army. They didn’t have any white shirts in the children’s section, but I did find them in the women’s small sizes. That is also where I found the black cape-like looking shirt I have on.

For the pants, I just had them wear dark colored jeans and I wore a pair of black pants. Shoes were just some dark dress shoes. (Well, this day Harry was being a little stubborn and wanted to wear his basketball shoes-but for Madam Hooch and Draco black shoes it was!)

For the glasses, I found some joke glasses at a dollar store and punched out the lenses so he could see. The shape was perfect.

For the boys, I didn’t need to color their hair, however I have found blond and black hair spray that would have worked if needed. I did slick over Draco’s hair with regular hair gel. And for my Madam Hooch’s hair, I found a can of gray hair spray that worked perfect!

We decided to top it off with our “brooms” for flight class that I found at the dollar store. I believe they were intended to be made decorations for fall. We used them for a great game of Quidditch!

The costumes turned out great – we stayed with theme. It was fun spending time with my sons this way!