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Costume submitted by Janet K. from Endwell, NY


My daughter asked to be a Hermit Crab for Halloween because she has three of the real critters at home. Since I couldn’t find one in any stores or online, I decided that I should try to make one – the only problem is that I don’t sew.

I bought a yard and a half of red felt that was on sale (and it was more than I needed). I held it up to my daughter so that it came down to where she wanted in both the front and the back and cut a hole for her head and trimmed the sides down.

With the leftover felt, I put a wire in the middle and just rolled up long pieces and glued them closed for legs. I used safety pins to attach the legs to the felt body. I made two legs on each side. I bought her a red shirt and red hat at Kmart. I glue-gunned the eyes (which are white and black fuzzy balls from a fabric shop) to the hat.

For the claws, I cut them out of cardboard and covered them in felt. I glued on two felt bands that she slides her hand into to keep it on her wrist and hand. For the shell, I found a pillow at Target and turned it sideways. I pulled the ends in and hand stitched it down.

I took some more leftover felt and made straps to attach it to her back. I hand-sewed it at the top and used safety pins for the bottom, so I can adjust it if needed. I bought some stick on Velcro to close the red felt top on the sides. The project really wasn’t hard and was a lot of fun to make. Happy Halloween Hermit Crab Loving Friends!

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