Golf Party Ideas


If your child likes golf, then throwing a golf party for him is a great idea! Invite his friends to participate in various golf challenges. They will not only have a lot of fun, but also get a great workout.


When designing golf party invitations, use your creativity to the fullest.

First, you can take a picture of the birthday child wearing a golf outfit and holding a club. Then print that image on the front of white invitation cards. Write “It’s a Miniature Golf Birthday Party, and you’re invited!” below the image.

Then inside the cards write, “Hit the links with us in honor of (child’s name) __th birthday! We’ll tee off at (time) on (date).” Provide the remainder of party information.

As a slight variation, you can glue a picture of your child’s favorite golfer on the invitation cards instead.

For a different idea, you can design a brochure representing a famous tournament golf course (e.g. Augusta, Pebble Beach, etc.). Find a picture of the course you like, print and glue it onto a sheet of white paper. Fold the paper in half, and write party details on the blank side with a colored pen.

Ask the guests to wear golf polo shirts and shorts. And be sure to mail your invitations about 3 weeks in advance.


For golf party decorations, use as much green color as you can. And add some yellow and red. Have Golf Channel on your TV set.

Create a banner that says “Welcome to Golf PAR-TEE!” and place it near the front entrance. Create golf flags out of wooden dowel rods and red material. Scatter them around the yard.

You can make professional golf player standees, and spread them all around the party scene. For that, check with a local print shop, if they can enlarge and print an image of a player. Staple the image carefully to a large piece of cardboard (or other sturdy material), and create a base so the figure stands up.

If you’d like a challenge and have some extra time, then you can design a mini golf course in the backyard.

First, create a plan on paper. Use rocks, baseball bats and hockey sticks as borders for different holes. That way the golf ball doesn’t fly from one hole to another.

Use chairs and other objects for obstructions as well as items for deflecting shots. Create tunnels out of cardboard boxes, and place them around the course. Use leaves and grass clippings as hazards.

Inside the house, decorate walls with images of golf courses and professional golf players. Spread out golf score cards on furniture. Put golf clubs, bags and other golfing accessories on the floor.

Cover the party table with a green cloth. Place a bucket filled with golf balls (real or chocolate ones) for a table centerpiece. Tie green and white balloons to the backs of the chairs.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Guess How Many: Place golf tees in a clear jar as you count them. When the guests arrive, get them to guess how many tees are in the jar. The person who guesses closest to the actual amount, gets a jar with the golf tees as a souvenir.

*Golf Jigsaw Puzzle: As an alternative to the previous activity, you can get an inexpensive theme jigsaw puzzle and invite the kids to put it together.

*Coloring Pages: For younger group of children, you can spread out coloring pages on the floor. Give the guests pencils, markers, and get them to color the images.


Fill the goodie bags with such golf party favors as golf tees and balls, visors, sunglasses, divot repair tools, towels, sports notebooks, pencils and so forth.

Golf Party Games

*Dig for Golf Balls: Fill a kiddie pool with sand. Put a number of golf balls in the sand. At activity time, give the children toy shovels and get them to dig for balls. Use a watch to see who can collect the most balls in 30 seconds.

*Golf Players in Training: Explain to the group that Tiger Woods trains very hard to stay in top shape. Here is a great chance to introduce the kids to a golf-specific exercise regimen.

Have the guests form a circle. Get them to do a set of jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, stretches, and so on.

*Visor Decoration Activity: Purchase inexpensive foam visors from a dollar store. The children can decorate their visors by gluing letters, attaching pipe cleaners and small pom-pom balls.

*Golf Lesson: Invite an experienced adult golfer to teach the kids some golf basics. He or she can show a proper golf swing, give tips on using correct clubs, and teach how to putt.

*Ride the Golf Cart: Rent a golf cart. Take the children for a spin around the neighborhood. This golf party activity will be a hit with the young kids.

*Caddy Race: Divide the group into 2 teams. Give each team a golf bag filled with clubs. (Make sure the bags are roughly the same weight.)

Have the teams compete in a race with players carrying bags as fast as they can.

Stick golf tees in the ground on the opposite side of the area. The players must retrieve one tee each with a divot repair tool and race back to the starting line.

Then they must pass the golf bag to their team members who repeat the process. The team to cross the finish line first, wins!

*Golf Challenges: For a pre-teen group of kids you can create challenges such as hitting a ball with a club through a hanging tire, getting the ball out of a sand-trap, and so on.

And if you have a pool in your backyard, you can place a floating green in the water as a target. Have the kids participate in a chipping contest, with the first player to land his or her ball on the green winning the competition. (Be sure that everyone gets a turn.)

*Putting Practice: Set a putting mat on the ground. Have the children practice putting the ball from various distances.

*Miniature Golf Course: For an extra fun, have a game of mini golf in your backyard. (See Decorations.) Have a scorecard for each player to see who can hit the lowest score. Award prizes to all the players.

Food and Drink

Golf Birthday Cake:

*Golf Cake: Bake a regular sheet cake. Decorate the cake with green icing.

Have a darker area to represent the “green”. Use a stick pretzel and piece of a fruit roll-up to make a golf flag.

Create a “sand trap” out of graham cracker crumbs. Use blue icing to create a “water hazard.” Place a figurine of a golf player swinging in a direction of the flag.

Mini Golf Party Food Ideas:

*PB&J; sandwiches
*Hot dogs
*Grilled quesadillas
*Pop corn
*Ice cream (served in cones)
*Chips & salsa
*Chocolate golf balls

Mini Golf Party Drink Ideas:

*Root Beer
*Ginger Ale
*Fruit Juice