Game Show Party Ideas


Game show party theme is fantastic for a child who loves and secretly wishes to participate in a TV game show. Here you’ll find all the ideas you need to plan a great celebration.


You can make your invitations out of cardstock in a shape of game show tickets. (Do a Google image search on the internet to see what they look like.)

Decorate your tickets to make them look authentic. Add a name of a TV station, studio number, address, date and time. The invitation wording can start with “Congratulations! You have been selected to be a contestant on The Game Show (child’s name) Birthday Special.” Then provide the rest of the party information.

As a variation, you can print pictures of famous TV game show hosts on the front of the invitations cards. Then write “It’s a Game Show Party!” and provide party details on the inside.

Lastly, you can use an image of wheel of fortune board, and spell out “You’re Invited to (child’s name) Birthday Party!” Put the invitations in envelopes with shiny confetti, and mail.


Gold and silver are best colors for game show theme party decorations. Play music from various TV game shows.
Put up banners in the backyard that say “Cast and Contestants Only” and “VIP Parking”. Tie balloons in bunches around the yard. Mount “Studio A” sign near the front door.

Hang body-length images of Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Howie Mandel, and Alex Trebek on the walls inside the house. Tape logo images of famous game shows. Hang paper streamers from the ceiling.

Scatter around photo lighting equipment, tripods, a couple of cameras, TV screens to give your game show party area a TV studio look.

Cover the party table with a theme cloth. Download and print copies of wheel of fortune images. Laminate and use the pictures for placemats at each setting. Hang a “Happy Birthday” banner nearby.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Name Tag Decoration: As the guests arrive, have them sign in at a special registration table where they receive name tag cards. (Pre-cut the cards beforehand.)

Have the kids write their own names on the cards and then decorate them with crayons and markers.

*Sandy Candy Activity: Get a Sandy Candy kit from a party store. Invite the children to create their own colorful candy that they’ll eat for dessert.


For game show party favors have such items as sunglasses, game show posters, removable tattoos, pens, yo-yos, cool T-shirts, and so forth.

Game Show Party Games

*Contestant Introduction: When everyone has arrived, get the “contestants” to introduce themselves to the studio audience. They can state their name, hometown, and then tell everyone their favorite food, color, band, hobbies and interesting facts about themselves.

*Wheel of Fortune: Cut out a circular piece of cardboard, and paint it in wheel of fortune style: with dollar amounts, “bankrupt” and “lose a turn” signs. Prepare word puzzles in categories that the kids would be familiar with.

At activity time, have one of the adults act as Vanna White and the other as Pat Sajak. Have the guests spin the wheel, call letters, and try to guess the word in the puzzle.

Have the play proceed from one child to the next so everyone has an equal number of opportunities to guess. Get an adult to keep score for each contestant. The person with the most “money” at the end, wins.

*Deal or No Deal: Place cards with dollar amounts in envelopes (or shoe boxes), and give each “case” a number. Have two adults: one playing the part of Howie Mandel and the other as a model opening the cases. Use the same rules as on the show.

After each player completes his or her round, secretly switch “money cards” inside the cases. Keep track of each person’s score on a piece of paper.

*The Price is Right: Look through different catalogs and flyers before the party. Cut out pictures of about 10-15 items. Have a list with corresponding prices for all the products.

At game time, gather the kids around and state incorrect price for every item. Have the kids guess if the real price is higher or lower than the one you mentioned. The person with the most correct answers, wins.

*Jeopardy: Tape cards with category names on the wall. Attach envelopes with dollar values – $200, $400, $600, $800, $1000 – under each category. Put category questions inside envelopes increasing in difficulty as the dollar amounts go up.

Each player gets to select a category and a number in that category. An adult helper reads the question, and the children must buzz to answer. The person with the most prize money at the end of the game, wins.

*Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Prepare questions related to Disney shows, music, common knowledge facts, and so forth.

Each guest gets a turn being a contestant. The players get 3 lifelines: they can poll the audience, ask a friend in attendance, and phone a teacher from school (pre-arrange with a couple of teachers before the party).

Food and Drink

Game Show Theme Party Cake:

*Wheel of Fortune Cake: Bake a round cake. Outline sections with a toothpick using an image of wheel of fortune as a guide. Frost the sections in various colors. Write a dollar amount in each one, and include a “Happy Birthday” message on the side.

Game Show Party Food Ideas:

*Game Show Sandwiches: prepare sandwiches using various fillings, and cut them with star-shaped cookie cutter.

*Hot dogs
*Macaroni & cheese
*Chips & salsa
*Ice cream

Game Show Party Drink Ideas:

*Ginger ale
*Iced tea
*Fruit smoothies