Football Birthday Party Ideas


I devoted this page to football birthday party theme. The following ideas work great with boys of age 6 and above. Your child might want to invite boys only to his party, but if you choose to invite girls – they can be cheerleaders


To make your football party invitations cut football jersey shapes out of white paper. Accent the necklines with pencils or markers and draw stripes above the hems.

For a different invitation look, you can make pennants from colored construction paper, and mail them to the guests in large envelopes. The kids can hang them on the walls as party mementos.

Your football birthday party invitations can start with “Are you ready for some football?!” in Monday Night football theme. Then add “You’re invited for football food and play to celebrate (your child’s name) __th Birthday! Game Day: (date) Kickoff: (time) Stadium: (address).”

Thirdly, you can write your party details on sticky notes, and attach them on the backs of football cards, so your football birthday party guests can start a collection.

Tell the kids to wear football jerseys and to bring extra footballs, if they like.


Use the colors of your favorite team for the football birthday party decorations. Play Monday Night theme music (or Jock Jams) in the background.

Create signs like “Go Broncos!” or “(Your child’s name) for Superbowl MVP”, and tape them to the fence or the trees outside the house. Spread footballs, helmets, and football pads around the yard.

Fill the walls of your party room with football memorabilia. Hang pennants, posters of all-star players, jerseys, hats, and other football related items.

Cover the football birthday party table with a paper tablecloth made to look like a football field. Place tiny toy footballs in a bowl for a centerpiece. Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday!” banner in the area.

Blow up many balloons and hang them around the house along with paper streamers.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Helmet Head Art: This is a great football birthday party activity to do while your guests continue arriving.

Cut off the upper half of the gallon-sized milk or water jugs, and use just the bottom half. Provide the guests with stickers, glue, scissors, glitter, yarn, buttons, etc. Let the kids huddle up and come up with various ideas how they can decorate the jugs to look like helmets. Then let the creating begin!

*Design Your Football Jersey: Give each football birthday party guest a white t-shirt. Put a newspaper pieces inside the shirts to avoid the bleed-through. Provide the kids with markers, paints, and other decorative items – so they can create their own football jerseys.

*Football Autographs: Here is how you can create a great memento from the event. Get the official size football. Have the kids sign the ball with a black marker. Everyone will sign except the birthday child. You can “frame” the ball, and put it in your child’s room as a great memory of his birthday party.


Fill your football party favor bags with football cards, pennants, posters, whistles, stickers, or colorful books about favorite football teams.

Football Birthday Party Games

*Name-It Ball: Have players form a circle. Give one child a rubber ball. That player selects a category, such as “candy bars.” He or she then throws the ball to another player in the circle who then must catch the ball, state the item from the category, such as “Snickers,” and keep the ball moving to the next player.

If a player doesn’t name an item, holds the ball too long, or repeats an item, he or she is out.

*Training Camp: Get your football party guests ready before the season. Get them to do push-ups, chin-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches. Then move to sprinting, passing the ball, and running drills around cones or buckets.

*Quarterback Accuracy: Hang a hollow car tire or other target for kids to shoot footballs through. Have each child throw ten times and see who can be the most accurate out of those ten tries.

As a variation, you can split your group into teams and have players from each team throw one by one (do 4-5 rounds). Give one point for each target hit to determine which team has most accurate quarterbacks.

*Funny Flag Football: Instead of playing regular football, let the kids play flag football using colorful flags tucked into the back pockets or sides of the kids’ pants.

*Tag Football: This football birthday party game begins as in tackle football, with a midfield lineup and kickoff. The receiving team tries to move the ball back across the other team’s goal line to score a touchdown.

Instead of tackling the person who’s carrying the ball, players of the opposing team can only tag him or her. If anyone is successful, the play stops and the teams line up again where the player was tagged.

Each team has four “downs” to score a touchdown before the ball passes to the other team.

*Confused Punters: Here is a very fun football birthday party game that will entertain your guests!

Place a balloon in the middle of your party area – this will be a “ball.” Let the first player take a look at where the balloon is. Then blindfold and spin him around 3 times. Next ask the player to kick the balloon and let the other children enjoy the spectacle. The winner of the game is the player who manages to kick the balloon with fewest tries (or kicks the balloon the furthest, if there is a tie).

Football Party

*Pass the Ball: The players sit in a circle with one child holding a soft toy football. When the music starts playing the kids must toss the ball back and forth.

Whoever has the ball when the music stops is out of the game (like in “Hot Potato” game). Continue playing until there is one player left.

*Locker Mix-Up: Before the football birthday party, fill large black garbage bags with various items of clothing and accessories (the bigger and more outrageous the clothes the better.) You should have enough bags for each child.

At the party, have the kids form a circle. Place the garbage bags with clothes inside the circle. Tell the kids that somebody got into the locker room and stole all the players’ clothes, so they have to dress up using “Lost & Found” items.

Let each kid grab a bag without peeking into it. On the command “Break!” the kids open their bags and put on the clothing items on as fast as they can. Whoever gets dressed the fastest wins. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the football birthday party goers!

*Watch a Show: At the end of the football birthday party, you can have your guests watch a show such as “Remember the Titans.”

Food and Drink

Football Birthday Party Cakes:

*Football Cake: Bake a 9″x13″ white cake. Once the cake is cool, cut the corners to make a football shape. Use chocolate frosting for the entire cake, and decorate the ball stripes and stitches with vanilla frosting.

*Football Field Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Frost the cake with green frosting for a football field. Draw all football grid lines as needed. Line up plastic football cake toppers on the field, as though they’re playing the game.

Here is another idea for a football cake.

Football Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Call-the-Shots Sandwiches: Here is a great football birthday party food idea for all the young quarterbacks to call their “plays.”

Before the football birthday party, cut and line up various meats, veggies and cheese on trays (a row of ham, a row of tomatoes, etc.) Assign a number to each sandwich item, and write the numbers on small pieces of paper.

Tape each food item number to a toothpick, and insert the toothpick at the end of each food row. Identify various breads as types of play (for example, regular bread as a “sweep” and pita bread as a “reverse”).

At party time, each child calls an “audible” of exactly what kind of sandwich they’d like (by announcing the numbers of all items they want on the sandwich). One of the adults takes the order and helps prepare kids’ sandwiches.

*Veggie “Plays” Tray: Arrange various veggies in rows on tray. Pull string cheese into thin pieces. Form cheese into X’s on top of veggies (like you might see in coach’s playbook) on one side of the tray. Cut yellow cheese into circles to represent the opposing team, and add to top of remaining veggies on other side of the tray.

*Chicken Wings
*Baked Beans
*Potato Salad
*Chips & Dip
*Ice Cream

Football Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Championship Punch: Combine about 4 cups of fruit punch and about 8 cups of ginger ale in a punch bowl. Serve to hydrate all your football birthday party guests.

*Gatorade & Powerade
*Various Fruit Juices
*Bottled Water