First Birthday Party Themes

First birthday party themes can be a source of great fun as well as frustration. With a little out-of-the-box thinking and some planning, however, everyone can have the time of their lives and carry home good memories that last forever.

 While it is easy to get carried away with the number of party props available, the key to a successful first birthday party remains simplicity. First birthday party themes have to accommodate the most important person – the birthday baby.

It is good to remember that the baby is too young to enjoy a really complex theme. Using a simple theme that can be incorporated into the baby`s daily routine will ensure maximum participation from the baby and tantrums can be successfully avoided.

First Birthday Party Themes
First Birthday Party Themes

 Some simple first birthday party themes include planning a party around a favorite cartoon character, a favorite color, a favorite soft toy or an activity that the baby enjoys. Comfortable soft clothes depicting the theme, a cake in a similar shape, coordinating tableware and crockery and goodie bags will make the party even more memorable.

 It is important to consider the baby`s daily routine before launching into any grand plans. A well-fed and well-rested baby is least likely to be cranky and the party has to be planned accordingly. If the baby is surrounded by familiar people and things, it will definitely participate with gusto!

 A theme like a favorite activity is another formula for success as first birthday party themes. Babies as young as one love to explore and allowing them some freedom with safe paints, activities involving water, clay play, or even simple musical instruments like drums can make a party rock.

 Simplicity is again the key while planning the menu. Simple treats like crackers, cookies, fresh fruit juice, and cake generally suffice. The baby`s food preferences must be kept in mind and any food the baby is allergic to must be avoided, no matter how attractive it may appear.

 Although it may seem like a good idea to invite several people since you are taking the trouble to create first birthday party themes, you must remember that small babies can be cowed by large crowds. It is safer to limit the guests to a small and intimate group, whom the baby knows well. Inviting too many baby guests may again be a recipe for disaster because babies being babies have their own little quirks, which cannot be pandered to in large gatherings.

Birthday Party Themes
Birthday Party Themes

 While thinking of first birthday party themes, it is to be remembered that most one-year-olds do not like sudden and loud noises. So, the music should be soft and familiar and loud bangs from firecrackers and bursting balloons should be avoided. Rattles, soft toys, large crayons, softballs, etc. all make for attractive things to put in goodie bags and will be much appreciated by the small guests, as well as their parents.  With a little creativity, mixed with canny common sense, coming up with your own first birthday party themes will no longer seem a daunting task.

have balloons if your baby hates them, avoid loud music if it bothers him and get food that he can eat too. It is always a good idea to invite friends who are young parents and their babies and some or all of your nephews and nieces. Don’t forget to invite both set of grandparents as usually, they are the ones who look forward to a birthday party for babies, the most.

Plan some games that your baby can enjoy too. If he loves dancing let the music play continuously but at a volume that is comfortable for sensitive eardrums and join him on the dance floor. Dress him comfortably and don’t tire him by clicking photographs all the time and making him pose.

 Whether you have a big or a small party is not going to make much of a difference to your child. Even if you invite just your closest relatives and have a small gathering, your baby would be just as happy. He really doesn’t care if the cake is big or small or what flavor it is. The most important thing about birthday parties for babies is that it should be happy and stress-free for the baby and the parents. That is the greatest measure of its success.

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