Fear Factor Party Ideas


Teenagers love challenges, especially those where they need to show their courage. So, why not throw a Fear Factor party for them?

Invite your friends over and dare them to participate in your party activities! But don’t push the limit — you’re responsible for safety of your guests!

Plan your party using theme ideas below…



You can simply use theme picture to create Fear Factor party invitations. Download the show logo off the internet, and print it on index cards. Then write party details on the blank side.

Fear Factor Logo

Write “If fear is not a factor for you, then join us…if you dare!” Next, include date, time, and other party details. Remember to tell your guests to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting a bit messy.

As an alternative, you can create spooky party invitations in Halloween style: with images of spiders, bats, scary eyeballs, and so forth.


Yellow and black are best colors for Fear Factor party decorations. Spread out balloons and paper streamers in those colors around the backyard. Play theme music from the TV show.

Decorate living room with black lights, cobwebs, plastic rats, cockroaches, and flies. Tie a yellow “Caution” tape in the area.

Cover party table with yellow tablecloth. Place some more plastic creatures on it.


Give out such cool Fear Factor party favors as chocolate covered insects, glow-in-the-dark accessories, gummy eyeballs, skull keychains, and so on.

Fear Factor Party Games

Split the group into pairs or teams. Create a point structure where first finishers get most points in each challenge. Count total points at the end of the competition, to see which team is the Fear Factor champion.

*Test of Endurance: Invite the guests to test their physical endurance.

Get them to take one of the harder yoga poses (e.g. bridge or downward facing dog pose) and see who can stay the longest in the pose without moving their bodies.

*Eating Challenge: Here is a fun theme activity with a twist.

Before the party, empty a can of dog food and wash it thoroughly. Then fill the can with edible potted meat, and put a lid on a can. That way the participants think they’re about to eat dog food.

Place equal amounts of meat in bowls, and get the guests to eat the meat as fast as they can. The person who is the fastest in this challenge, gets the most points.

*Unlock to Win: For this challenge, you’ll need identical locks and a few extra keys.

Tie one person from each team to a chair with a rope, and handcuff them. Set up one kiddie pool per team. Fill it with cold water, and place several keys in each pool: the real key for the lock and several fake ones. Fill the pools with water and place bags of ice so the water is very cold.

The team that manages to unlock and untie its team-member the fastest, wins. Players may only take one key at a time. Then they run to the person who’s tied, and if they have the wrong key — they must repeat the process.

*Is It Gross or Not?: For this activity, each teams gets a pail. Place coins inside the pail, and cover coins with worms, or any other insects. Get the participants try to get as many coins out of their pails as they can in 30 seconds keeping the worms in the pails. The team with the most coins out — wins.

*Unusual Relay: Organize a team relay where the participants have to crack the eggs, pour the yolks into their mouths, run to the other side of the area and spit the yolks out into a separate bucket.

Then they run back to tag their teammate, who repeats the process. The team with the most yolks “transferred” in a given time, gets the most points.

Food and Drink

Fear Factor Party Cake:

*Fear Factor Cake: Bake a rectangular cake. Let it cool. Draw a center line with a toothpick. Use Fear Factor image as a guide to decorate your cake.

Frost one side of the cake in yellow, and the other side in black. Then draw letters: “Fear” in black on yellow side and “Factor” in yellow on black side of the cake.

Fear Factor Party Food Ideas:

*Snake sandwich: Make a long sandwich out of French baguette bread, and decorate it. Make fangs out of carrot pieces, tongue out of red pepper slice, and so on.

*Worms on a bun: Cut hot dogs in thin slices, and boil (or microwave) them until they curl like worms. Serve on a bun.

*Bat wings (chicken wings)
*Tuna salad
*Chips and salsa
*Chocolate covered bugs

Fear Factor Party Drink Ideas:

*Swamp water: Add raisins in ice cube trays with water and freeze. At serving time, add green food coloring to lemonade, apple juice or lemon-lime soda. Then place ice cube trays with “flies” (raisins) in drinks.

*Root beer