Fashion Show Birthday Party Ideas


Fashion show birthday party theme is a great choice for “girls only” entertainment. Let young ladies turn themselves into Divas for one day with the following party ideas.


For your fashion party invitations, get children’s photos from parents. Photocopy each picture twice. Make cards from construction paper. Glue one picture on the outside of the card and one on the inside.

Write “Before…” as a heading for the outside picture. Then add warts, bad hair, freckles, and all sorts of funny face additions. Write “After…” on the inside picture with the dress up party details on the opposite page. Then add fancy makeup and hair to the inside picture using felt-tip pens, to create a “makeover.”

For a different invitation idea, look through magazines and cut out pictures of outfits that you like. Next, create a fashion magazine by stapling two pieces of paper together. On the front page, glue your outfits and write “Fashion Weekly” or any other title.

On the inside you can write “Dress up in you coolest fashions and head on over to (your child’s name) Birthday Party!” Then add all your fashion show birthday party details.
Remind the girls to bring several outfits along with fancy accessories for the fashion show.


For your fashion makeover party decorations, the best colors to use are pink, gold, lime, and silver.

Hang a banner on your fence (or wall) saying “Welcome to (your child’s name) Beauty Parlor!” Place flower pots with colorful flowers in front of the house.

Put pink balloons in the shape of the arch around your front door. Play upbeat party music in the background.

You can make your fashion show birthday party pretty special by blowing up lots of helium balloons. (Rent helium tank from a party store in advance.) Hang streamers, leather bows, and other cool fashionable items.

Have a couple of coffee tables covered with pink tablecloths around your makeover party room. Place fashionable items on the tables (e.g., lipsticks, mini-mirrors, fashion magazines, hair combs, makeup, lip gloss, etc).

Set out some portable mirrors around the room so the kids can see the makeovers take place. Hang pictures of famous models and other fashion theme posters. Display all the makeup and hair care products you’ll be using for the makeovers.

Cut out pictures of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and purses from magazines and catalogs. Attach them to paper table cover with a glue stick. Make placemats using fashionable pictures: simply glue them onto construction paper and then laminate them.

Fill a pretty vase with water and add a fresh bouquet for a centerpiece. String beads on a 12″ piece of elastic. Tie the ends together. Wrap the beads around a napkin to create a ring. Tie or hang pretty hats on the backs of your guests’ chairs.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Greet your fashion show birthday party guests as they arrive. Take “Before” pictures of all the girls. Tell them to report to a receptionist (one of the party helpers) at the front desk.

*Model Transformations: Have the guests sit in front of a mirror. Spread out fashionable items on the table: nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, glitter, etc. Let the girls do their hair and makeup. If you have a young crowd, then provide help with their transformations.

As a variation, have a beautician come to your fashion show birthday party to teach the kids how to do their own makeovers.

*Flip-Flop Party Craft: You can get a very cool party activity craft kit from a party store. Girls would love the idea of decorating their own flip-flops with paints and glitter. They will make fabulous fashion show birthday favors!

*Fashion Coloring Pages: If you have young girls attending your party, then provide them with pencils and crayons. Get them to color fashion coloring pages.


For fashion show birthday party favors, you can give out these items: hair brushes, makeup, barrettes, fake fingernails, small mirrors, ribbons, etc.

Fashion Show Birthday Party Games

*Beauty Shop: Cut out fashion items form beauty magazines, omitting the names of the products. Glue the pictures onto construction paper, with the names of the products written lightly on the back.

Have the kids sit in a circle. Hold up one picture at a time and have the girls write down the names of the products (tell them to keep the answers secret). When all the pictures have been displayed, read the answers out loud to see who got the most correct ones.

*Design Your Own Fashions: Give each fashion show birthday party guest a white t-shirt, markers, paint, etc. Put newspaper pieces inside the t-shirts to prevent the bleed-through.

Have the girls design their own shirts. At the end of this activity, let the kids put on their shirts and model them for others to see.

*Magazine Scavenger Hunt: Before the party, create a list of fashionable items of clothing and accessories. Provide fashion magazines, and let the girls go through them to find and record the items (and magazine page numbers) they find. The first person to find all the items wins the game.

*Fashion Relay: Divide the group into two teams. Give each team a suitcase filled with oversized pants, a shirt, a jacket, necklaces, bracelets, a purse, and a pair of shoes.

On the command “Go”, one person on each team opens the suitcase and puts on all the items, runs to the other side of the party area, around the chair, and back to starting line. She then takes her items off, and the next person in line continues in the same manner. The team to finish first wins the Fashion Relay.

*Match ‘Em Up: Before the fashion show birthday party, find the clothing styles of different generations (e.g., 40s, 50s, and so on). Cut the pictures out, and put them into 2 envelopes (so you have a mix of various clothing styles in the envelopes).

Divide children into two teams again. Give each team an envelope. They have to match the style with the generation. For example, a picture of a girl wearing a poodle skirt would go with 1950’s. The first team to match them up correctly wins.

*Beauty Trivia: Test how well your guests know the facts about beauty and fashion. Have them sit in a circle and ask them various questions. If they know the answer, they must raise their hand before saying it out loud.

The questions can be “Name 3 famous makeup brand names”, “Where was Naomi Campbell born?”, or “What is the world’s best-selling fragrance for women?” (Answer: Chanel No. 5), etc. The girl with the most correct answers receives a title “Fashion Queen”.

*Dress-Up Mirrors: For this fashion show birthday party craft, you’ll need: small hand mirrors, craft glue, sequined trim, jewels and glitter.

Put a thick coat of glue over entire back of the mirror (keep the edges smooth). Outline outside edge of the mirror by laying a string of sequins on the edge. Trim off any extra.

Place the jewels wherever you want them. Sprinkle glitter over the entire glued area until covered. Shake off the extra glitter. Let it dry thoroughly. Repeat steps for each mirror.

*Spa Retreat: Involve other moms in this activity if you can. Set up tubs with water and hand towels on the table. Help the girls get their nails done.

Cut cucumber slices for “facial treatment” and allow the kids to use moisturizer creams. You can spread out scented candles in the ‘spa area’ for authentic atmosphere.

Makeover Party

*Fashion Show Runway: This is the main event for your party. Put all the clothes, jewelry, and makeup in a changing room that has a mirror and a makeup table.

Hang a white sheet as a backdrop, and set up chairs around the room. The guests take turns being the models, helpers, and presenters. Have two guests in the changing room at a time so the model has a helper.

The presenter describes the outfit the model is wearing, and then becomes the next model. Your guests can score each model on style and creativity.

*Watch the Show: At the end of your fashion show birthday party, let children watch pre-recorded Fashion TV program or a movie (e.g. Legally Blonde).

Food and Drink

Serve the food on your best dishes and use champagne glasses for beverages.

Makeover Party Cake:

*Mirror Cake: Bake a round cake or rectangular cake. Find a hand mirror that’s smaller than the cake. Wash it and place it on top. Frost the cake all around the mirror and down the sides.

Add candles around the mirror and light them to create a “lighted mirror.” Let the kids look into the cake and see their own reflections. Then blow out the candles, remove the mirror, and eat the cake!

Fashion Show Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Cookie-Cutter Sandwiches: Use cookie cutters of various shapes to cut bread, meat, and cheese.

Arrange bread, meat, and cheese on a tray with apples. (You can also have strawberries and cream cheese.)

*Pink Popcorn: Boil 2 cups sugar, 1 cup light corn syrup and 2/3 cup margarine together for 3 minutes. Stir in 1 tsp soda and 2 packs of flavored pink (or red) powder drink mix. Pour over 6 quarts of popcorn. Bake at 225Ā°F for 45 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Remove from oven and break-up immediately.

*Fancy Parfait: Put a layer of yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit into plastic cups. Repeat layers once or twice in each cup. Top with whipping cream.

*Fruit Tray: Prepare a nice fruit tray with cut fruit, cheese, etc.

*CanapƩs (tiny sandwiches)
*Pizza (cut in small star shapes)
*Ice Cream

Fashion Show Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Pink Lemonade: Prepare pink lemonade mix according to directions. Serve the drink in pretty punch glasses to your dress up party guests. Garnish each drink with a cherry or strawberry on the rim of the glass.

*Bubbling Apple Juice: Mix apple juice with club soda or ginger ale.