Dress up Party Ideas


Dress up party is a great theme for a girls-only bash. Your friends will really enjoy it!
Ideas below are mostly suitable for a teen party, but with minor changes they can work well for preteens as well! Let’s get started…


Be creative with your dress up party invitations.

Go through magazines, and cut out pictures of clothing items that you like. Next, staple two pieces of paper together. On the front page, write “Fashion Weekly” at the top and glue images of outfits below. Include party information on the other page.

Or, use simple invitation cards. Write party information. Then punch a hole at the top corner of the cards, and tie an elegant bow.

Tell the girls to bring one or two outfits to the party with high heel shoes and other fashion accessories. Ask them NOT to wear any make-up.


Decorate your dress up party room in purple, gold and silver.

Drape a few paper streamers and hang balloons in those colors. Tie nice bows to make your place look elegant.

Move some bulky furniture out of the room. Mark a fashion show runway on the floor. At party time, dim the lights and light candles to create intimate atmosphere.

Use purple tablecloth to cover the party table. Sprinkle shiny confetti all around it, and place some fake jewels and sequins.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

Place a red material (for red carpet) on the walkway leading to the front entrance, and take a picture of of each girl posing as they arrive to the party.


For dress up party favors, purchase inexpensive rings, purses, mirrors, cool necklaces and bracelets, lipstick, nail polish and other make-up.

Dress up Party Games

*Match it Together: Spread out several fashion magazines on a coffee table. Have the girls go through them and pick clothes they think would work well together. Have a group discussion where the guests share ideas with each other.

*Manicures and Pedicures: Invite the party goers to get their nails done. It’s ideal that there is a professional nail technician to do the job. But you can also ask a beauty-conscious relative or friend to help out.

*Make-up and Hair: Have a professional beautician assist the girls putting on make-up and doing their hair. They will love it!

*Model Fittings: Have the girls put on their outfits. Check to make sure that the items match well and fit properly.

*Fashion Show: This is when the real fun begins. Have your friends walk the runway in pairs. As they approach the audience they have to stop and strike a pose, when one of the helpers takes a photo. Have them switch outfits backstage as models do at fashion shows. They even can trade clothes with each other.

*Photo Shoot: After the girls had a chance to be podium models, now it’s their chance to be photo models. Have them pose in front of the camera, as a professional photographer takes pictures from different angles.
*Star Interviews: At the end, young “models” can give interviews in front of the camera. And if it’s a birthday party, they can say their birthday wishes, too.

Food and Drink

Dress up Party Food Ideas:

Your party food should convey style and elegance, yet be simple enough to prepare. Here are some ideas:

*Canapés (tiny sandwiches)
*Pizza (cut in small star shapes)
*Caesar salad
*Fruit tray
*Chocolate tarts

Dress up Party Drink Ideas:

Serve your drinks in champagne flutes and martini glasses.

*Mock Champagne: Mix together 4 parts ginger ale, 4 parts carbonated water, and 3 parts white grape juice.

*Cinderella cocktail: Combine 2 oz. of club soda, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1 oz. orange juice, 1 oz. pineapple juice, and dash of grenadine. Mix well and serve.

*Fruit juices