Dirt Bike Birthday Party Ideas


If your child likes being active, then throwing a dirt bike birthday party for him is a great idea!

Invite his friends over to have a great time outdoors. This page will show you how!



Design dirt bike birthday party invitations in a shape of a checkered flag. Create a black-and-white ‘square’ pattern on one side, and write your party information on the other. Start off with “It’s a Motocross Party! Race over and celebrate with us ______ (child’s name) __th birthday!” Then provide the remainder of the information.

As an alternative, you can cut out and glue pictures of motocross bikes on the front of white invitation cards. (Make the cards out of heavy card stock paper.) Write party specifics and have your child decorate the invites with theme stickers.

Ask the kids to bring their bicycles to the party.


When decorating your dirt bike birthday party scene, try to be as theme specific as you can. If you’re having your party in the park, then adjust your decorations accordingly.

Tie black and white balloons in bunches near the entrance to mark your party spot. Enlarge and laminate a picture of a motocross biker and put it up on the fence.

Create “Start” and “Finish” signs, and post them near the driveway.

Hang a few checkered flags around the yard. Mount some posters of motocross bikers and bikes. Borrow a real dirt bike, if you can, and set up in the area.

Cover the party table with a checkered table cloth. Laminate motocross images, and put them at each setting for placemats. For a table centerpiece, you can use either a birthday cake or a racing helmet. Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday” banner near the scene.

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Guess How Many: Fill a jar with colorful M&Ms; (or any type of candy). Count the number as you put the candy in the jar.

When the guests arrive to the party, invite them to guess the number of candy in the jar. The person who guesses the closest to the actual amount, gets the jar full of candy.

*License Plates: Have sheets of craft foam (pre-cut to license plate size) for all the children. Give them sticky foam numbers and letters (available at craft stores) along with markers, paints and other decorative materials (e.g., sequins, glitter, etc).

Have the kids create their own license plates.


For motocross party favors, give out such things as stickers, key chains, inexpensive gloves, checkered flags, little dirt bike toys, removable tattoos, pull-back cars, and so on.

Dirt Bike Birthday Party Games

*Neighborhood Treasure Hunt: Here is a very cool activity to get your party to a great start.

Hide an item such as helmet, a glove, license plate, etc. in a safe place (e.g. your neighbors’ house, backyard, etc.). Create a route that the kids would follow in the neighborhood to get to the item. Try to make it as safe as possible: away from traffic, road crossings, and so on.

Make clues that would lead the children from one location to the next, until they reach the final destination. You can write clues on index cards and attach them to tree branches, or draw chalk arrows on the road. Tip: Enlist an adult to keep an eye and assist the group, if necessary.

*Name the Sponsor: Cut different theme related company logos (e.g., Honda, Suzuki, Fox, etc.) out of a motocross magazine. Glue the logos on white index cards. Present the cards one at a time, and get the kids to guess the name of the company. Whoever guesses the most logos, wins.

*Red Light Green Light: Play this fun game, just change the leader of the game from the Police Office to the Flagman.

*Biker’s Olympics: Set up an obstacle course for the bikers to go through. You can use such obstacles as cones, chairs, boxes, and so on. Have the kids complete the course one by one, and time them to see who can go the fastest. Award prizes to all the participants.

*Hot Helmet: Play a theme version of Hot Potato game where the kids pass a racing helmet around the circle.

*Dueling Speedsters: Here is an indoor activity for the time when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Design a racetrack straightaway on the floor in your living room. Have the guests race their pullback toy cars (see favors).

*Tire Toss: Place a tire on the ground. Invite the kids to toss tennis balls inside the tire from distance for points.

*Real Bike Experience: If possible, ask a friend or a family member to bring a dirt bike to the party. He or she may show the guests how to change tires, check oil levels, change filters, and so on. Take photos of kids standing next to the bike.

Food and Drink

Dirt Bike Party Cake:

*Dirt Bike Cake: Bake a regular sheet cake, and frost it green. Then crush chocolate cookies to create a dirt track. Place a toy motocross bike with a biker on the “track.” Finally add some figurines for spectators.

Dirt Bike Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Motocross Sandwiches: Prepare regular sandwiches or subs using your child’s favorite fillings. Then cut them with cookie cutters.

*Race Day Snacks: Fill Ziploc bags with such snacks as pretzels, trail mix, dried fruit, nuts, and so on.

*Grilled “Tires” (Burgers)
*Bolts and Screws Salad (add nuts and raisins to the salad)
*Sundae Ice Cream

Dirt Bike Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Energy Drinks (e.g. Powerade)
*Sodas (in plastic bottles)
*Bottled Water