Different Types of Basketball Games


Basketball is a very popular game among the masses the origin of which dates back to 1891. The basketball game was initially played as an indoor game and was founded by a physical education professor of International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School James Naismith. In the initial times, instead of the hoop basket was used and the ball used was originally a soccer ball. The invention of the ball for specifically playing basketball came much later on ฟรีเครดิต.

The soccer ball would have to be passed among the teammates and shoot through the basket to score points. Since then, the basketball game has gained much popularity throughout the world. The most popular basketball game is the common men’s international basketball game that we come across frequently. But do you know that there are many other variations of the basketball game too? Hence, through this article, we will explore the different variations of the basketball game that can be found all over the world. 

Thrill and chances in basketball

A lot of elements in the game depends upon chances like correctly predicting the perfect bracket. This element of chances adds to the thrill factor of the game.

The different variations of a basketball game that can be found all over the world

Types based on the activities
  • Water basketball- This is a type of basketball game which is played in the swimming pool thus is a mixture of a basketball game and water polo adding a much more fun element to the game webet thailand.
  • Slam ball- This is a type of basketball game which is played on a trampoline. In this game, four teams can play together and the basketball is played with full contact. The trampoline enables to launch of the players to great heights adding the thrill element to the game.
  • One-on-one basketball game- In this game only two players play and compete against each other. This game is generally played on a small portion of the basketball court. Each player aims at scoring a point by shooting the ball through the hoop. It requires much dribbling skills and skills to steal the ball from the opponent.

Types based on the location or place of the game

  • High school basketball- These basketball games have the same rules as the regular basketball games but are played by high school students. It became so popular among the students that most of the schools of the United States have basketball courts, and high school students participate in the tournaments that are held every year.
  • College basketball- Like the high school students, the college students too were highly attracted to the game of basketball which led to the formation of the college basketball teams. Like the high school basketball teams, college basketball teams encourage many basketball aspirants to enter into this thrilling sport. This is the most popular form of the game and the NCAA tournament is a much important tournament that is held every year.

Every year all basketball enthusiasts wait eagerly for this tournament and one of the most common forms of entertainment is guessing about the brackets of the 63 games that are held in the tournament. On record, no one has ever been able to guess all the 63 brackets correctly but the thrill element attracts millions of basketball lovers to fill up the forms of brackets every year.

  • International basketball- This is a much more professional form of basketball where the game is played between teams of international level. 
  • Types based on the social concern women’s basketball game- With the increasing popularity of basketball games among the masses the need for a basketball game with new sets of rules and regulations appropriate for women was genuinely felt so that women too can indulge themselves in the pleasure of the basketball sports. Women’s basketball was founded by Senda Berenson who was a physical education teacher of Smith College in the year 1892. 
  • Basketball for recreational purposes- This consists of basketball schools as well as academies that provide opportunities for the public to learn basketball games and indulge in the same for the sake of fun and entertainment. Many talented basketball players have emerged from these basketball schools and academies too.
  • Wheelchair basketball- This is a special type of basketball game which has been made keeping in mind the special needs of disabled individuals so that they can enjoy basketball games too.
  • Deaf basketball- Another form of basketball game which is also created taking into view the social concern for the deaf individuals so that they can indulge in the game of basketball too. This game relies on sign language as a mode of communication as appropriate for deaf individuals.
  • Gay basketball- This is a basketball game that includes members of the LGBT community to reduce prejudice and discrimination against them and also to provide fun entertainment to them.
  • Fantasy ball- It is a virtual basketball playing game that is suitable for those who are unable to indulge in the basketball game physically on a court.


Thus, through this article, we have discussed the various types of basketball that one can opt for according to their special needs and requirements. There are many more different types of basketball games too, but it can be assured that all individuals be it physically fit ones, or those specially-abled or anyone wanting to try something different, everyone would find a type of game suitable for them from the list we have given in this article.