Criteria For Successful Niche Websites

Criteria For Successful Niche Websites
Criteria For Successful Niche Websites

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m infected with the virus of making niche websites.

In fact, right after I finished my challenge, I started doing researching keywords to make four additional niche websites. People like Spencer Haws and Pat Flynn are really inspiring me and that they show that it’s possible to earn money with niche sites. What makes me most excited about niche websites is that the possibility to form 100% passive income!

Since the keyword research is crucial to seek out a profitable niche, i made a decision to furthermore reveal the precise criteria I’m getting to use for my next niche websites. you would like to understand that the keyword research is deciding whether you’ll make money together with your site or not.

I started making money with Google Adsense and it did quite well. But I could earn a minimum of the double amount of cash if I considered keyword targeting right from the start.

Since i would like you to duplicate my success and to start out earning money online, I’ll guide you thru the method I’m using once I do keyword research in preparation for niche websites.

You might say, damn you created just one niche website, what causes you to an expert for keyword research?

Ranking for my first niche websiteWell, you’re right once you only consider the quantity of my niche sites. But that niche site is on Google’s #1, as Carlie Hamiltons comment beneath my review post proves. Not only that, my Yodelay iPhone app also shows, that I’m ranking #1 for my main keyword.

You can see several interesting facts during this graphic that I’m getting to explain during this post. except for now that screenshot should show to you, that I successfully ranked that page at favorite in Google.

If you’re still not convinced, I revealed my methods to extend website traffic for this blog. 60% of my current traffic comes from search engines, which are exactly 2.996 visitors from Google thus far during this month!

Niche Websites Need Free Traffic!

Especially niche websites need free traffic from search engines. There are many strategies for driving traffic to your websites, you’ll use blog hopping, social media, videos, paid ads, and in fact traffic from search engines.

And the latter one is most vital for building money-making niche websites!

First of all, traffic from program result pages (SERPs) is completely PASSIVE! Since you’re targeting keywords with a quite low competition, you won’t need many SEO efforts to form your sites rank well in Google. you are doing the SEO stuff once and than let it rank, it’s no magic here.

It’s actually simple, the upper your website ranks in Google, the more traffic you’ll get.

Every other method listed isn’t passive – and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Would it add up to constantly discuss blogs, use social media or publish videos once you want to urge passive income? in fact not!

And even worse, why would you ever buy ads to drive traffic to your niche websites? The sites shall EARN money, not force you to spent money.

So free Google traffic are going to be the most traffic source for my niche websites and that i recommend that you simply plan your niche websites similar.

We’ll use Long Tail Pro, that tool will make it easy for you to research the SEO competition in Google.

Criteria Of My Next For Niche Websites

You might know, that I’m currently creating a mentoring program for young entrepreneurs.

This program will include an in depth blueprint to make successful niche websites, with step by step guidance and success proven evaluation criteria for successful niche websites.

For that purpose I did keyword research to make four additional niche websites to my existing one.

I already told you, that I used broad keyword research for my first niche website which I would like to use exact match research for subsequent niche websites – to point out the differences.

But Long Tail Pro got a replacement update that disabled the differentiations between the varied search types. Google will disable the Keyword Tool for a few months and replace it with a replacement tool called Keyword Planner.

Read Here:

Search Volume

So once I create niche websites, I always look for keywords with an area search volume of a minimum of 3.000 monthly searches, preferably higher. My new keywords have 12.100 to 27.100 monthly local searches within the US.

This way I can assure to urge many traffic, once I manage to rank those niche websites high. It’s important that you simply only consider the local search volume and don’t get distracted by the worldwide searches. Google ranks sites differently supported your location, that’s why you usually should specialise in one single country and take traffic from other countries.

I calculate with 60-70% of the CPC and that i only target keywords with a CPC above 1€. The new niche websites will have CPCs between 1€ and a couple of .50€, in order that they should earn an honest amount of cash .

One problem I even have on this blog is that the really low, and this manner I don’t make the maximum amount money as I could. I didn’t consider the CPC once I wrote my first posts and my most visited post displays ads, that earn a mean of but 0.60€ per click.

To be honest, it really maddens me that I didn’t realize this factor earlier. Please consider the CPC once you write a replacement post, in order that you don’t leave money on the table!


Competitiveness is most vital and decides whether your niche website will rank within the top three or not. Here is that the function that I actually love about Long Tail Pro, it automatically analyzes the competition in Google’s Top Ten. You don’t get to worry about all pages that focus on your keyword, you are just competing with the highest ten!