Cookie Bouquet – The Perfect Birthday Gift For Any Age

The Perfect Birthday Gift
Birthday Gift For Any Age

Is there anything more delicious than a batch of homemade cookies? It’s so much fun to share the joy of cookies with someone special on their birthday. Sure, you could run over with a plate of cookies.

But if you want to really make an impact, send them a goodie basket filled with long-stemmed cookies that are artfully arranged to look like a floral bouquet.

Cookie bouquets are a great idea for birthday boys and girls from one to 100. Everyone loves getting cookies. And the surprise of a cookie basket awaiting them at their doorstep makes anyone’s birthday more festive.

There are many places that will deliver cookies for you in the form of a bouquet. You can get relatively cheap undecorated chocolate chip cookies all the way on up to supreme (and expensive!).

Decide on your budget and then select the cookie bouquet that you think your friend will like. Here are some sites that deliver cookie bouquets for birthdays. This company’s cookies are masterful works of art. You’ll have to look twice to make sure they are really cookies! You can order a birthday bouquet complete with hand-decorated sugar cookies that look almost too good to eat.


Their festive colors and realistic designs make them photo worthy and also quite delicious. Surprise someone special today!

Gourmet Cookie Bouquets: This company specializes in the unusual. You can get long stemmed cookie bouquets that look like a professional artist painted them.

You can also find decorated Oreos, a big birthday cookie cake, individually decorated cookies, giant decorated fortune cookies, and personalized cookies for any occasion. Find them at

Corsos Cookies: This bakery does cookie bouquets in every shape and color imaginable. Go for a baby cookie bouquet for a small child’s birthday or a happy birthday party animal bouquet for that partier on your list.

There are balloon cookies, stylish heels and purse cookies and more. You can get a special Sweet 16 bouquet or an over the hill bouquet.

All are freshly baked to order and decorated with vivid colored icing that hardens so it won’t smear.

Cookie bouquets can be ordered from many bakeries in your town as well as all over the Internet. Be sure you are getting fresh cookies and that you’re able to select the delivery date.

Choose within your price range and don’t forget to allow for shipping charges, which can run pretty high since the items are perishable. Shop around before deciding on a birthday bouquet.

You may opt to make one yourself when you see how easy it is.

Just bake up a batch of oversized cookies, place them on long lollipop sticks that you can get at a craft store, stand them up in a box that’s fitted with floral foam or Styrofoam and you’re done.

Add a pretty ribbon and a card. Sure, your cookies may not be ornately decorated but they will be delicious if you baked them yourself. And you’ll save yourself a bundle of cash by doing it on your own.

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