Bob the Builder Birthday Party Ideas


Kids have a natural inclination to build things, so your Bob the Builder birthday party will be a huge hit among the guests. This page will help you plan your special occasion!


Print your Bob the Builder party invitations on bright orange paper. Then cut them out in a shape of a traffic cone.

Bob the Builder

As a variation, you can make 5×7″ invitation cards out of blue cardstock. Glue images of Bob the Builder and friends in the middle of the front page with “Can we party? Yes! We can!” written underneath. Put the invitations inside the envelopes decorated with theme stickers and drawings.

The wording of your Bob the Builder birthday party invitations can say “Foreman (your child’s name) is turning (age), which means there’s a lot of work to do. Come party with us at (your last name) Construction site, (day of the week) (date) will be Dynamite!”

“Your shift begins at (time) and lasts until (time). We will have lots of fun! Plan on getting dirty!” Then include the rest of the party details.

Remind your Bob the Builder birthday party guests to wear orange t-shirts and denim shirts, and to bring a change of clothes, just in case.


The best colors for your Bob the Builder party decorations are orange, yellow, and bright blue. Make signs such as “Party Zone”, “Caution: Fun Ahead!”, “Stop for (child’s name) Birthday”, and put them on the fence.

Spread out yellow “Caution” tape around the yard. Decorate your driveway with orange cones. Tie several colorful balloons near the front door.

Hang a sign that says “Welcome to Bob the Builder Birthday Party!” Once inside the house, hang another construction sign that says “Party Hat Required.”

Place toy trucks and Bob the Builder toys around the party area. Hang Bob the Builder poster on the wall. Spread “Caution” tape around the house. If you have some extra plastic construction hats, then hang them around the party area.

Cover your Bob the Builder birthday party table with a theme cloth. Place a toy truck (filled with candy) in the middle for a centerpiece. (You can get a toy cement mixer from a party store.) Hang a personalized “Happy Birthday” banner on the wall near the table. Tie balloons to the chairs. (Make sure that you have Bob the Builder Mylar balloon for the birthday child.)

Guest Arrival and Introductory Activities

*Construction Site Sign-in: Provide all Bob the Builder birthday party guests with aprons (or orange light-reflective vests), hard hats, and badges as they arrive. (Some of the badges can read “Dump Truck Driver,” “Construction Site Supervisor,” “Traffic Guard,” “Cement Truck Driver,” etc.)

*Hard Hat Decorating: Invite the kids to decorate their hard hats with theme stickers (and other decorative items) while they are waiting for others to arrive.

*Construction Coloring Poster: You can get a coloring-poster kit from a party store. Have children color their posters with colorful markers. This becomes an additional favor item that they can take home.


Your Bob the Builder birthday party favors can include such items as toy construction vehicles, Bob the Builder blowouts, balloons, sticker sheets, Play-Doh® containers, and cookie cutters.

Bob the Builder Birthday Party Games

*Build a City: Near a sandbox in your yard, set up boundaries, approximately 8 by 10 feet, for a city-to-be.

Before Bob the Builder birthday party, set out materials and build just enough of the city to inspire the kids to take over. You might begin constructing a cardboard-box building, a wood-chip road, or Popsicle-stick railroad tracks. For a pond, bury a bowl of water in the sandbox.

At game time, invite each child to contribute to the new city. (Allow enough time for kids to build their masterpieces).

*Stick the Tool on Bob the Builder: You can get a game kit from a party store, or make one yourself. You’ll need a full-length poster of Bob the Builder, construction paper “wrench” cutouts and a blindfold.

At game time, mount the poster on the wall. Blindfold the kids one by one, and get them to stick their wrench on Bob where it belongs.

*Brick by Brick Relay: Partygoers race to be the first team to construct a pretend brick wall. In the weeks before the party, save empty cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and other cardboard packaging to use as “bricks.”

Divide the bricks into two piles and have the kids break into two teams. The first players grab a brick, race a specified distance, and lay their bricks down to begin the wall. Each player in line continues until one team completes their “contract.”

*Sandbox/Dirt Time: For this Bob the Builder birthday party game, you’ll need various construction theme toys: dump trucks, loaders, shovels, pails, etc. If you plan to play the game outside, you’ll need sandbox or dirt area. For indoor version, use a large plastic box (or line a box with a plastic trash bag), and fill it with sand from a local home improvement store.

At game time, walk the guests to the sandbox/dirt area to have some time playing with toys in the sand. As a variation, you can hide small toys and favors in the sandbox for the kids to discover as they dig.

*Toppling Tower: For this Bob the Builder birthday party game, you’ll need toy blocks and a toy “monster claw”.

Gather the kids in a circle. Place the first block in the center of the circle. Go around the circle having each player add a block to the tower. When the tower topples, hand “Lofty’s crane” (the toy monster claw) to the child who toppled the tower, and have him or her begin to rebuild it.

Tell the players they must not touch the blocks with their hands, but only with the “Lofty’s Crane”. Go back around the circle having each guest add one block. If you use up all the blocks and the tower doesn’t topple, then go around the circle again, but this time have each player try to remove a block without toppling the tower.

*Bob’s Mobile Phone Search: Hide toy cell phones (one per guest) throughout the party area. At game time announce, “Oh no! Bob lost his cell phone again! Could everyone please look to find Bob’s cell phone?”

For special effect, if you have a cell phone or other ringing device, have it ring at the start of the game. When kids find cell phones, they will keep them but will go out of the game – so everyone will end up with one cell phone at the end.

*Wheelbarrow Race: Play a traditional wheelbarrow game. Pair up Bob the Builder birthday party guests. Have one child in each pair get on his hands and knees. Have the other child pick up the kneeling child’s legs from behind. (If children are having a difficult time, recommend they grab from the thighs.) Next, have the children race to the finish line.

*Bean-Bag Rock Toss: For this Bob the Builder birthday party game, you’ll need gray rock-color bean bags (or gray socks filled with dried beans) and toy dump truck. At game time, have players stand in line. Each child gets several chances to toss a “rock” (bean bag) into the bed of the dump truck.

*Foreman Says: Use the same rules as in Simon Says, but have the child in charge call out construction commands. For example, he might say, “Dig with a shovel,” “Use a hammer,” “Mix the cement,” or “Drive a Truck.”

*Construction Race: Break up Bob the Builder birthday party guests into two teams. Hand each team a bucket of plastic building blocks and other construction toys. Challenge each team to build the best-looking Muck the Dump Truck. Give the teams ten minutes, then have them race to make Lofty the Crane, Scoop the Scooper or Dizzy the Cement Mixer.

Food and Drink

Bob the Builder Birthday Cakes:

*Bob the Builder Cake: Bake a regular sheet cake. Place a picture of Bob on the cake, and then carve around the image with a knife. Next, ice each section and pipe it for detail.

*Construction Chocolate Cake: For this Bob the Builder birthday party cake recipe, you’ll need: 2 chocolate fudge cake mixes, chocolate fudge frosting (or dye vanilla frosting to look like brown dirt or orange clay), 3 small toy construction vehicles (e.g., Muck dump truck, Dizzy cement truck and Lofty crane truck), several construction zone candles, 10 chocolate-covered graham crackers or brown cookies, 4 pieces of candy corn, 10 small pretzel logs, 1 large package of chocolate shell candy with peanuts, 3 large green gumdrops, 1 tube white frosting, 1 round cookie cutter or biscuit cutter.

Prepare 2 chocolate fudge cake layers according to recipe. Frost bottom cake layer with chocolate fudge frosting, then place the second layer on top. Frost the top and sides of the cake.

Lay chocolate-covered graham crackers across the middle of the cake to make a dirt road. Near one corner of the cake, carefully cut out a small construction pit from the cake and make a dirt pile of cake crumbs next to it. Place the dump truck toy near the pit. Fill the pit and Muck dump truck with brown chocolate shell candy with peanuts (for boulders) and place candy corn (for traffic cones) around the pit.

On the opposite corner of the cake, attach pretzel logs together with frosting to form a square shape similar to the bottom of a log cabin. Place Dizzy cement mixer on the cake near the dirt road. Squeeze some white frosting onto the back of the cement mixer so it looks like cement is pouring out of the end of the cement truck and onto the dirt road.

Roll the green gumdrops flat. Put a small sprinkle of cornstarch on them so they don’t stick. With a cookie cutter, cut each piece into a circle. Put a dab of frosting on the ends of three pretzel logs and place the flattened gumdrops on top of the pretzels to make trees. Stick upright into the cake. Place remaining chocolate shell candy with peanuts around the base of the cake to make a border. Top off the cake with a construction zone candles.

Bob the Builder Birthday Party Food Ideas:

*Construction Worker Brown Bag Lunch: Use brown lunch bags to prepare lunch for each guest, just like real construction workers. One peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bag of chips, apple and juice box makes a basic lunch. (Use cookie cutters to turn sandwiches into fun shapes.)

*Lofty Wheels: You’ll need: one English muffin (per guest), a package of hotdogs, one 16-oz can of baked beans and 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese.

Split English muffins in half and arrange them on a cookie sheet. Spread a thin layer of baked beans on top of muffin halves. Sprinkle cheese on top of beans. Cut hotdogs into thirds, and then cut each third length-wise into four strips. Arrange 6 hotdog strips for wheel spokes on top of each muffin. Bake at 375°F for 10-12 minutes, or until cheese melts.

*Brownie Boulders: Prepare brownies according to a recipe. Instead of cutting the brownies in equal rectangles, cut them in random messy shapes and serve them in the bed of a new toy dump truck, so the brownies look like boulders of dirt.

To add “grass” to the dirt brownie boulders, dye shaved coconut with green food coloring, then sprinkle on the brownie boulders.

*Bob & Wendy’s Tea and Biscuits: Serve tea and biscuits, just like Bob and Wendy do on the show.

*Veggies & Dip
*Mac & Cheese
*Trail Mix
*Ice Cream

Bob the Builder Birthday Party Drink Ideas:

*Construction Crush: For this Bob the Builder birthday party drink, you’ll need one 12-ounce can of frozen juice concentrate, 3 cups of nonfat milk and 1 pint of low-fat orange sherbet. Combine all the ingredients in a blender, whirl for about 20 seconds and serve. (You may have to halve ingredients to prevent blender from overflowing.)