Birthday Favors

Kids’ party favors can make a big difference in achieving overall party success. Children love to receive gifts, and party favors are just enough to send kids home with a smile.

You don’t have to buy expensive favors. A personal touch always works best. Use your imagination. Your goal is to have your guests thrilled about attending the party.

It’s OK to give favors to children of all ages. Just make sure that favors are alike in appeal, color, and size. Involve the birthday child in selecting appropriate favors for the event.

The “favor bag” has become an important part of birthday celebrations. So it’s a good idea to offer favor bags to everyone at the end of the party, as they’re going out the door.

Children’s Birthday Party Favor Ideas

    • Mark favors bags with the kids’ names. Or wrap identical favor items and place them in a large box or bag for everyone to grab.
    • As an alternative, place an open decorated box in the middle of the party table as a centerpiece. Put favors inside the box, with a streamer tied to each favor that leads to every child’s seating place at the table. Before dinner, tell children to pull their steamers to receive the attached favor.

Toddler Party Favors

Birthday favors for toddlers can include such items as ABC blocks, puzzles, balls, small toys, and so on. Just be sure to make the favors memorable.

Take an instant picture of each guest with a birthday child to take home as a keepsake.

You can also staple children’s pictures to their favor bags to make it fun for them to find the bags.

If you don’t have an instant camera, you can use regular digital camera and send the pictures after the party with thank you notes.

Coolest Kids’ Party Favors


*Thread whistles with funky colored shoelaces. Children can wear them as necklaces.

*Fill favor bags with animal crackers, sugarless gum, and wrapped candy. Pens, that look and smell like candy, are great, too.

*You can buy pack sets of such items as small cars, clay sets, and other items. Before the party, divide them among the bags. Purchasing favors this way can save you significant amount of time and money.

*Buy modeling clay and place it in individual plastic bags. Use yarn to tie the bags. The kids can make their own creations at the party or take clay home. Add cookie cutters in various shapes for even more fun!

*Other favor items can include coloring or activity books, key chains, puzzles, magnets, miniature cards, plastic games, yo-yos, stickers, novelty erasers, jump ropes, pinwheels, crayons, markers, flashlights, to name a few!

Here are some extra pointers forĀ children’s party favors.

Pointers for Children’s Party Favors

In most of the party themes I’ve included ideas for children’s party favors for you to pick and choose from.

Use them – and the following tips – and your party guests will be thrilled!

Children's Party Favors

Be Creative Instead of Extravagant

When choosing party favors, use your creativity rather than your money. Include birthday favors that go well with a theme. For example, have eye patches for a pirate party or tiara feather pens for a princess party.

Have the Same Favors for All Guests

Give out the same party favors to everyone, as well as the birthday child. To save money, purchase favors in bulk at party outlets or from catalogs. You can also buy theme sets (e.g., kids’ tea set for a tea party), and then divide them among all children.

Create Your Own Birthday Party Favors

As another option to buying in a store, you and the birthday child can design your own favors. It’s rather more personal.

Create computer-generated coloring books, bake delicious desserts, or make play clay. Allow children to take their party crafts home, too.

Leave Room for Prizes

Instead of packaging favors in bags, give them out as prizes. Kids can win prizes in a game, collect them in a treasure hunt, or scoop them up under a pinata.

Original Children’s Party Favor Ideas

Here are some original options:

*Tackle Boxes: Before the event, spray paint Styrofoam egg cartons. Then make a handle out of a cardboard for each one. Glue it on top of the carton. Put your party favors in a newly-designed tackle boxes.

*Balloon Bags: For older children, place a number of favors inside balloons. Blow the balloons up, and distribute one to each guest at the end of the party.

*Colorful Bags: Why not have a personalized bag for everyone? Simply get paper bags from a craft store and decorate them with stickers or stamps.