Bing and Yahoo Search – Points of Real Interest to Internet Marketers

Bing and Yahoo Search – Points of Real Interest to Internet Marketers
Bing and Yahoo Search – Points of Real Interest to Internet Marketers

Apologies for not blogging for quite a long while now. There’s been so much happening behind the scenes that I’ve not had the energy to then get on and write up blog posts too. Bing and Yahoo Search

However, all is not lost. Due to the fact that I have been very much hands-on in the trenches so to speak, I’m still able to offer up some personal observations from my own experience about how things are panning out with regards to rankings in search and various other important matters that concern all of us as internet marketers.

First off though and briefly. You may remember I wrote a post a few weeks back about shark fin soup. I read a long article in a local Malaysian paper just the other day which had me really pissed. No names to name here but the fact is that folks are still totally ignorant and stuck up their own assessment where animal cruelty is concerned.

These particular individuals being interviewed in this article were indeed Chinese – wealthy Chinese from Hong Kong, who may be a different kettle of fish (pardon the pun) than other Chinese living in other countries (my girlfriend is Chinese so I had to take care of how I worded that).

And their main point was that westerners are too much in love with animals to realize the real truth behind the matter of shark fin soup. One very dumb assed lady went on to say how much fine health attributes shark fin soup offered and how she loved eating shark fin soup because it was a way of showing off her wealth.

A restaurant owner in Hong Kong made it clear that although the demand for shark fin soup was dropping in Hong Kong because the younger generation was more aware of the negative side of it, its the westerners to be blamed for their lack of real knowledge behind what goes on when the sharks are being “harvested”.

He went on to say that we as humans should be killing all these sharks or they would kill us. OMG! Are these people real?

However, one thing I have noticed is that Bing and Yahoo S do use the same meta as does Google, which will not come as any surprise to many people. With Google, if you are using WordPress as your platform of choice, you can use plugins such as All in One SEO and Platinum SEO to enter the meta that you want to show up when people are searching.

Bing and Yahoo Search – Points of Real Interest to Internet Marketers
Bing and Yahoo Search – Points of Real Interest to Internet Marketers

The meta being the sentence or two that you enter into the box just below where you write your post. This is very important actually because many folks do read that part before clicking through to your website. So it’s worth making an effort with.

In Bing and Yahoo S, they use the same meta – about 25 words in all, which is about 160 characters, which is the same as Google. This does not mean you have to use all 160 characters. I think that many people make this mistake – it’s far better to make the meta short, punchy, and highly relevant. If you can do that in 130 characters, then that’s great!

Another thing I have noticed is that for sure – Bing and Yahoo S are ranking exact match domains (emd’s) as Google do – fairly fast and high too. In fact, I would go so far as to say that B and Yahoo S appear to be putting more emphasis on the exact match domain.

Having said that, however, I have some med’s that are ranking well in Google and not well in B and Yahoo S. I don’t know why that is, but these domains are fairly new so maybe they need a bit more time.

On another point, however, I have noticed that Bing and Yahoo S are actually ranking webpages faster than previously. For example, I purchased an exact match domain about 6 weeks ago and it’s already ranking top page – about 9th, in Bing, albeit not in Yahoo where it is mid-second page.

It’s a fairly competitive niche – well okay, not overly competitive. But put it this way, I’ve been backlinking to this website every day now for the past 6 weeks (albeit gently) and although the end is rising nicely in Google, still just outside the top 10 rankings (11th today).

Where in Bing it is 9th. This appears to be something new because Bing used to be much slower than Google when ranking new websites. It appears they are catching up.

Something else I have noticed. Bing and Yahoo S appear to rank keyword rich domain names more quickly than do Google. By keyword rich I mean using a combination of keywords that make up your top keyword phrase – the one you want to rank for most. Thus for example – say my top keyword phrase was “jelly fish aquariums”. That is not going to be available as a dot com, dot net or dot org domain name.

If I had this domain in Google it appears that it would take quite some time to rank and it would not react like an exact match domain name which still gets faster rankings in search than does a no need. But it would appear that in Bing and Yahoo S, they rank it almost as if it were an end.

Now I cannot say this and be 100% sure but yesterday I found that a domain I am currently trying to rank in Google is ranking well in Yahoo and Bing. In fact, this term gets over 22k global searches a month according to Google stats, and it’s in a hotly contested niche.

This particular web page is now ranking 4th in both Bing and Yahoo S (dancing a bit this morning but still top 10) while it is trailing down mid 3rd page or so in Google. Very interesting indeed!