2020 School Bag Designs

2020 School Bag Designs
2020 School Bag Designs

In the era of modish flairs, who wants to go to school with the old-fashioned or so called antique bags? Neither you nor your kids would want to continue with the same backpack for years especially if they are based in the 21st century. School Bag Designs

Thus, we are here to make things effortless for you by endowing you with a plethora of astounding and mind-boggling options. From backpacks to side bags, you can buy any of them, but that should be worth your money. Coupled with this, there are lots of things that need your keen eye to be paid. 

How to choose a good school bag for your child

While choosing school bag for your child you must take care of following points:

  • The Weight of products that is to be carried by the school bag is of great importance. Before buying any school bag, always keep in mind for much weight do you need that school bag.
  • Once you considered the weight, always go for the school bags that are made up of very strong and good fabric such as leather, polymer, polyvinylchloride etc. All of these fabrics are of very high quality and can carry weight easily.
  • The school bag must come with some warranty of like 1 or 2 years.
  • Last but certainly not the least, buy a school bag at an affordable price.  Even if it is bit costly from the affordable price, it must be value for money product.

Latest Designs of School Bags for kids

Dear mother, are you hustling to look for that perfect school bag for your child? Then hustle no more. We are here with the latest 2018 school bag designs for your child. Scroll down for the different options that are available for you to choose the best school bag for your little honey bunny:

1. Cool 3D School Bags: Boys always love stylish bags that portray their favorite superheroes.  This 3D bag is in the shape of iron man and has got two pockets at both sides to store your belongings like a water bottle. The 3D effect makes this bag fashionable and most wanting among children.

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2. Multiple Pocket Bags for Children: Children always love bags that contain a lot of pockets. A bag must contain at least six or seven pockets, 2 major sections with zipper closure in order to store books and notebooks, 2-3 pockets in the front section of the bag to store pencil box and stuff and 2 pockets at each side of the bag to store water bottles. 

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3. Cartoon Printed School bags: If you are looking for school bags for your child who has just started his or her school journey, then this is the best one for you. Both girls and boys equally love cartoon printed bags. Buy your child a bag with his or her most favorite cartoon personality.

Image result for cartoon printed bags

4. Side Shoulder School Bags: This stylish shoulder bag is perfect to carry during examination as it is very easy to carry. It makes you look cool and is perfect for both boys and girls. You can also carry it to school when you only have to attend celebrations such as teacher’s day, annual function, etc. basically when you don’t have to carry more load in your bag, it is perfect for such occasions. 

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5. Barbie School Bags for small girls:  If you little angel is obsessed with Barbie dolls, then this is a must buy for you. These bags have an image of their favorite Barbie dolls and are made up of very light fabrics that make it very easy for your little ones to carry it. Do surprise you little angel by buying a Barbie printed school bag for her. 

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6. Emoji Embossed School Bag: These bags will be perfect options for your young teenage boys and girls. The different faces and moods embossed on the bags will definitely bring laughter among your friends. It looks very stylish and smart at the same time. 

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School Bag Designs

7. One-shoulder Schoolbag:  Among the trending bags, it is one of them. These bags are can be carried on one shoulder which looks very stylish and trendy.  This bag is again perfect for occasions in school when you don’t have to carry all of your books and notebooks. It will provide you enough space to carry your important belongings. It is perfect for you teenage boys and girls.

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8. Branded School Bag: Most of the kids, nowadays are more concerned about the brand of the bags than any other thing. You can get branded bags from many renowned brands such as Liberty, Skybags, American tourist, Nike, etc. Branded bags are made up of very high-quality fabrics and can carry weight very easily. Branded bags are more costly than normal ones, so these sometimes can go out of your budget.

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9. Sporty Looking School Bags: Teenage mostly love to carry bags which reflects their love for sports. These bags come with number of compartments with zippers and are also made up of strong material so as to act as a safeguard for the materials kept in it. 

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10. Fluffy School Bags for children: The small ones get always attracted towards bags which look like toys. These fluffy bags are perfect for them as they resemble the soft toys. The bags are made up of very soft material and have got enough space to store items such as Tiffin and a bunch of books of your little ones. 

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So these all were the options of latest designer school bags from 2018 that you can buy for your children. From teenagers to small ones we have categorized all of them that your child needs. One must select the bag according to their use and comfort.

These all bags are available in different color options and also in various kinds of fabrics, so you always have a choice to select your perfect one that will make you look stylish and fashionable. You can buy all of these bags offline as well as online. So go and check them out to surprise your children.