10 Home Remedies for All Period Problems – Natural Treatment

Taking More Fluids
Natural Treatment

For a women menstruation cycle is the fact of life which is although a regular phenomenon after the attainment of puberty and cannot be ignored.

For 60% of women, the period is a time of discomfort, pain and menstruation cramps which adds up to the difficulties.

As menstruation is also very important for the reproductive system one cannot avoid the cycles and the pains backed by it.

For a few woman, unbearable menstruation pain forces to take colleges, school, and office unpaid leave to crawl on the bed where they also spend a lot of money in pills and often useless suggestions by doctors, just to reduce the period problems.

However, there are several remedies that can be performed for three- seven days of the month to reduce the period problem and ease your pain.


walking is the best exercise

It is said that exercises are the solution to most of the physical and psychological problems, so similarly to reduce the period problem one should also do exercises for quick relaxations.

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Exercises improve the blood circulation in the pelvic area and therefore it is very effective in reducing menstrual pain fast. We don’t suggest to do heavy exercises, you can just try a few to be fit.

However, one should do exercises daily but for reducing the discomfort at this time the best exercise is to walk and jog.

Moreover, swimming is also very effective to reduce the menstruation pain, as this releases endorphins which are said to the natural painkiller.

Now, stretch your arms to the side and let the palm remain flat.

Next, swing your stomach slightly up and down for few minutes by taking a short and quick breath.

taking more fluids to reduce period problem

Being hydrated all the time, or drinking plenty of water throughout the month is very important.

However, during the three to seven days of the monthly cycle, it is necessary to take enough water to reduce the period problems and discomfort.

Taking a high amount of fluid quickly runs through your body and thus, help in relaxing from menstrual cramps and bloating.

Apart from plain water one can also take other types of liquids but strictly cut down alcohol, carbonated drinks, and coffee.

Coffee which rich in Caffeine makes the blood vessel constrict and increase the discomfort at this time. However, Green tea, fruits, and vegetable juices are helpful.

Hot or Cold Packs

walking is the best exercise
Natural Treatment

hot packs for abdomen

More of heat in the body ease the flow of fluid during the menstruation cycle. To reduce the problem in those days of discomfort the best solution is to take the heated packs or the hot bottle on the lower abdomen for 5-10 minutes.

Heat packs help the fluid to flow out of the uterus with ease and hence provide a lot of comforts and relieve from period cramps.

You can also dip the towel in hot water and then place it in your lower abdomen.

However, most of the women also believe that cold packs are also very effective way to reduce period’s problems immediately.

Cold packs constrict the blood vessels which therefore helps in providing relief from cramps.

Place this pack on the abdomen for 20 minutes.

Hot Showers

Hot water shower to reduce period discomfort

If you feel discomfort at the time of periods due to cramps and heavy pain, the best and fastest remedy that can deal with the problem is taking a hot bath.

When you take hot showers at this time the body temperature tends to rise and therefore increases the flow of blood. The heat relaxes the abdominal muscles and hence you get relief from heavy stomach cramps.

Take hot shower bath during menstrual cycle for 2-3 times in a day.

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